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Wrinkle Neck Mules – Catfish & Color TVs (vid)

Really good vid of the Wrinkle Neck Mules performing the song Catfish & Color TVs on air last Thursday. This song is from their latest Let The Lead Fly.

Album Review: Wrinkle Neck Mules – Let The Lead Fly [10/20 Lower40 Records]

Well here is probably my most anticipated album of the year. You guys have heard me talk about for a few months now, ever since I found out about it no less. Well I’m here to tell you, if you are already a fan of Wrinkle Neck Mules this album does not let down! It is everything a Wrinkle Neck Mules album should be….teemed to the brim and overflowing with sweet americana (or whatever they are calling it nowadays) sounds that are as unique as they are familiar.

Now this may not be the most objectionable review, fact is I love the Wrinkle Neck Mules. I think they should be at the top of the american/alt-country whatever heap, and the fact that they are not still baffles me. These guys, and this album is a damn fine representation of that….they should win awards for this album! Get some wider recognition at the very least. The instrumentation, the songwriting, the arrangements, all of it top notch.
Now let’s talk about the songs a minute here. The tracks alternate pretty consistently between what I like to call smooth twangers and rugged twangers. I wish I could tell you who’s singing what songs, but I just don’t know. The one guy has the rugged southern drawl, and the other has the smooth southern drawl, and I’m pretty sure there is a third guy in there too. Regardless, the sequencing plays like a great boxer continuously hitting you with one-two punches. Let The Lead Fly picks up where 2007’s Wicks Have Met left off, while also bringing back some of the more traditional aspects of 2006’s Pull The Brake. The result is a damn fine album, with songs like “Fortune Fades” recalling “Cadillac Limosine”, “Catfish & Color TV’s” recalling “Okeechobee”, and “Before The Rise and Fall” recalling “The Wicks Have Met”. But that is greatly simplifying things. Fact is this is a band consisting of many talented individuals who somehow manage to pull themselves together as a single band and make albums that keep getting better.
I said earlier in this review that this album is everything a Wrinkle Neck Mules album should be….I would like to recant that and say that Let The Lead Fly is everything an AMERICANA album should be! So if you are a fan of classic alt-country like Uncle Tupelo & Son Volt, a fan of good old fashioned country rock like the Byrds and The Burritos, a fan of bluegrass and country that’s not afraid to rock, or just a fan of damn good music in general…..this album is for you. It’s a damn fine album and I’ll stand by that!
Buy Let The Lead Fly here (out tomorrow, first 100 pre-orders get a special “lead-ed” edition)
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Listen to Wrinkle Neck Mules – Waters All Run Dry here
Listen to Wrinkle Neck Mules – One Hand In The Furnace here
Listen to Wrinkle Neck Mules – Before The Rise and The Fall here

McMurtry winner, Ray Wylie Hubbard movie, Wrinkle Neck Mules, new Scott Miller track, Carolyn Mark & NQ Arbuckle, etc

  • jridgeway was the winner of the McMurtry CD/DVD. Thanks all for commenting and entering. Some great lyrics posted, some I have overlooked and will now be listening to more closely
  • Wrinkle Neck Mules latest album Let The Lead Fly was pushed back to to October 20th release date. That’s next Tuesday. It says in that story that it’s a great album for fall driving through the mountains…..true statement, as I have come to the same conclusion.
  • Scott Miller has a new track that will be available for download on his site and help fund his upcoming album. I don’t have the specifics cause dammit I lost the email. In the meantime, enjoy some of the killer vids he has made on his site.
  • Just wanted to give a heads up for the Carolyn Mark and NQ Arbuckle album Let’s Just Stay Here which comes out tomorrow. Carolyn is half of canadian supergroup The Corn Sisters (with Neko Case), and as you know, NQ Arbuckle made one of my favorite albums of 2008. The album also features an unexpected cameo from fellow canadian Corb Lund.

Random news….No Depression archives, Wrinkle Neck Mules, Brian Henneman comments

Big news for alt-country (whatever that is) fans, and music lovers in general today as No Depression has put all of it’s past articles, reviews, letters, pretty much the whole of the magazine minus ads, online today in the No Depression Archives. I bet I spent 3 hours this afternoon looking through old articles (some really interesting V-Roys articles in there for Scott Miller fans). Can’t wait to dig in some more.

In other news, A Truer Sound favorites Wrinkle Neck Mules have announced their new album titled Let The Lead Fly will be released on Sept. 22nd on Lower 40 Records. Read about it here
And finally, here is a forum post (in which someone commented he was going to have a shit fit) from Brian Henneman regarding the Bottle Rockets demos I posted over the weekend
No shit fit here.
Go git it.
I have no idea what they sound like, but, if I did it, it’s ’cause I wanted somebody to hear it.
That ain’t stealin’ it’s sharin’, ’cause none of this was ever for sale, or, intended for sale…

News: Todd Snider, Scott Miller, Wrinkle Neck Mules, etc…

Well there’s a lot of stuff to talk about here. First off, that Ribbonpigeon album from the last post, well they emailed me to let me know that they just changed their name to The Only Sons and are working with a label for a distribution deal with that album and the one prior. Can’t wait for that.

How about some Todd Snider news? Todd’s new album The Excitement Plan is now available for pre-order. Due out on June 6, the $40 dollar deluxe pre-order box set features some cool items. Like each set will be signed and numbered by Todd (limited to 500), a DVD of the Peace Queer movie, a bonus disc of songs, 3 stickers, and even a Todd Snider flag! Pretty sweet.

Now on to Scott Miller. Those of you like myself who got the Appalachian Refugee demo CD AND pre-ordered the new album back in december (or was it november?) may have noticed a glaring omission from the album…..that omission was the sublime song Appalachian Refugee. Well Scott has heeded his fans call and decided to include the song on the street version of the album (due out Next Tuesday). Now here is the cool part, since the folks who pre-ordered the album did not get this track, he made it available for download on his site. This is a highly recommended download. Also while you are there check out his new site, he finally updated it to reflect the computer age :P

Wrinkle Neck Mules….I know there are a few fans of them out there :) . Well good news as they have recorded over 30 songs and are thinking of releasing possibly a double album or some kind of box set sometime this year. Read about it here.

Some odds and ends. The new Steve Earle album kicks all kinds of ass, The Steeldrivers are in the studio working on their followup, Magnolia Electric Co. have a 7″ EP coming out April 18th featuring 4 unreleased songs, and Jimbo Mathus just put out a new album called Jimmy The Kid that is somehow impossible to buy but you can listen to samples on his myspace page.

Re-Post: Wrinkle Neck Mules 2-for-1 SPECTACULAR!!!!

That’s right, a 2-for-1 RE-POST-TACULAR!!!

I pulled these off their official site a while back, made some artwork and posted em up here. Well now I’m re-posting them. Why, well mostly for Vaughn…..but also because they are a great band who put out an excellent album this year called “The Wicks Have Met“. If you like rootsy, acoustic driven music….you will dig this. If you like the acoustic side of Uncle Tupelo, you will surely dig this.

Get their stuff here

Mason & Andy Acoustic
Cinco De Mayo

Some Youtube vids

Been checking out youtube, thought I’d post some. Remember when MTV used to actually show videos, and they were worth watching. Maybe we can call this TTV…..I dunno one too many t’s in there.

up first: Wrinkle Neck Mules – Mecklenburg Country (Live at Cinco De Mayo Festival, Richmond….I posted a bootleg of this earlier)

Next up, one of my fave songs by one of my fave unheards: Corb Lund – Roughest Neck Around (this is some homemade video cause they took down the real one…..which is a shame cause it was a damned good video)

Here we have the official video of depression era-metal head Scott H. Biram’s “Hit The Road”

Stones revivalist The Deadstring Brothers with their video for “Sacred Heart”

and let’s finish this set out with something mellow…..Cat Power – “Lived in Bars”

Wrinkle Neck Mules – Mason and Andy Acoustic (Alley Katz Richmond, VA 12-06-06)

Here’s a nice little acoustic set from my latest musical obsession. It’s a damned good recording….really intimate, like acoustic shows are supposed to be. Recorded at Alley Katz in Richmond as the opening act for DBT frontman Patterson Hood. Fans of Uncle Tupelo’s “March 16-20″ album will surely dig this, it’s got the same vibe as that. Some of my favorite cuts off this are “Push The Pedal”, “Pale Colored Hue”, and “Okeechobee”. Definitely check this out guys if you are into Uncle Tupelo’s acoustic side.

They have a new album that just came out. It’s called “Wicks Have Met” and you can buy it here (I haven’t heard it yet….but that’s just becuase I haven’t bought it yet). (That’s where I got these live shows BTW, gotta love a band that puts there music out there for you……and thanks to willy99 @ wild safari for pointing them out to me.)


Wrinkle Neck Mules – Cinco De Mayo Live (at Brown’s Island Richmond – 5-5-06)

A recent discovery for me here (thanks to willy99 @ wild safari). I’m really diggin’ these guys, they have a great rootsy sound that incorporates equal parts Dillards, Uncle Tupelo, & Neil young (with Crazy Horse of course) with a dash of punk attitude thrown in… least that’s my take on it. This was recorded at Brown’s Island in their home base town of Richmond VA. It’s a pretty good recording, and gives you a great overview of the band. Fans of DBT, Slobberbone or Lucero will probably dig this. Songs to check out are “Liza”, “Big Dipper”, “No Consolation”, “Okeechobee”, one of the better covers of “Eastbound & Down” I’ve heard, and the true tale of an explosion of a Wild Turkey factory “17 Miles of Bourbon. So if you like twang, gruff vocals, great instrumention (these guys can flat out play their guitars, mandolins & banjers), and a good story song…..check these guys out.

Forgot to mention….they have a new album coming out this week. Check it out here, should be good.