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A Truer Sampler 08 – Whiskeytown

As promised a while back, alt country’s darling Ryan Adams’ first (and best) band, Whiskeytown. Whiskeytown was centered around Ryan Adams and Caitlin Cary and the sweet harmonies they made have yet to be recreated. Based out of the Chapel Hill, NC area in the mid 90’s, they quickly rose to the top of the crowded scene that was happening there (it was a killer scene back then too) picking up where Uncle Tupelo left off. I think ol’ Ryan summed it up best with the lyric “So I started this damned country band, cause punk rock is too hard to sing”.
Whiskeytown split up after only 3 official albums with Ryan Adams going on to pursue his solo career and Caitlin doing the same (though not as high profile). What they left us with though remains essential alt country and this is a good overview of this seminal band.
Buy some albums here and some here
ATS08 – Whiskeytown

Gram Parsons All Star Tribute Sessions

This is a great recording of TV special that was made for the gram parsons tribute album “Return of The Greivous Angel”. Featuring Emmylou Harris as the anchor point around a revolving door of Alt-country & Roots music superstars playing Parsons’ greatest hits, this is a must hear for any fan of Country Rock & Alt Country alike.

Return of the Grievous Angel – Emmylou Harris & Ryan Adams
High Fashion Queen – Chris Hillman & Steve Earle
dialog – John Hiatt & Emmylou Harris
Hickory Wind – Gillian Welch & David Rawlings
Hot Burrito #1 – The Mavericks
dialog – Hiatt & Harris
Sin City – Earle & Welch
100 Years From Now – Wilco*
dialog – Hiatt, Harris, & Chris Hillman
Juanita – Sheryl Crow & Harris
dialog – Hiatt, Harris, Hillman
Wheels – Hillman & Jim Lauderdale
dialog – Hiatt, Harris, Hillman
A Song For You – Whiskeytown
In My Hour of Darkness – Victoria Williams w/All

House band:
Bernie Leadon (mandolin, elec. guitar)
Greg Leisz (guitars, lap and pedal steel)
Buddy Miller (bass)
Paul “Wix” Wickens (keyboards, accordian)
Ethan Johns (drums)


Whiskeytown – Those Weren’t The Days

I don’t have much info on this, just that it was recorded sometime between Faithless Street & Stranger’s Almanac and never released. I read somewhere that Ryan Adams wanted it released when Faithless Street was re-released but that never happened for whatever reason. I could not find any artwork online so I just whipped something up real quick.

Part 1

Part 2



Whiskeytown – Rural Free Delivery

Released in 1997 fresh on the heels of Stranger’s Almanac, this now out of print E.P. is a collection of early recordings and was released by their first record label to try to capitalize on their major label debut. It also features some of Whiskeytown’s (and Ryan Adam’s) most “alt-country” songs to date. What that means is there’s alot of punk in this here country (think Uncle Tupelo). Featuring 8 songs, a couple are alternate versions of songs available on the essential Faithless Street (Tennessee Square & Angels Are Messengers From God, which became the title track off Faithless Street)

1. Take Your Guns To Town
2. Nervous Breakdown
3. Tennessee Square
4. Captain Smith
5. Macon, Georgia County Line
6. Pawnshop Ain’t No Place For A Wedding Ring
7. Oklahoma
8. Angels Are Messengers From God



Whiskeytown – Acoustic

This is a nice little acoustic set from Whiskeytown’s acoustic tour supporting “Stranger’s Almanac”. That’s about all the information I have on this, but it’s a good set of tunes. The highlight of this disc are the Mountain Stage songs at the end….perfect sound quality, and great, great performances. Also worth Mention is an excellent cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”.

Download Whiskeytown Acoustic here