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more stuff I dug in 2011: Jason Isbell, Hayes Carll, Todd Snider

This is the post where I talk about a few of the big/well known albums from last year that most of yall likely already know and love (2011 sure was a great year for our kind of music).

First up is Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit’s excellent album album Here We Rest.

What more is there to say about this album that hasn’t been said better by others? Just know it’s a damn good album and Isbell continues to grow by leaps and bounds with each album. I actually caught Jason and band twice last year, once that I already wrote about, and more recently in Roanoke, VA. Both shows were excellent but the band was certainly at the top of their game for the October show in Roanoke. Playing a double headliner bill with James McMurtry I must say that as good of a show as McMurtry puts on (and he puts on a hell of a show) Isbell and co. topped him. Enjoy the video below of Codeine from Here We Rest from said show, and also be sure to watch this blistering version of Try in which the band breaks into Led Zep’s No Quarter mid song also from said show. Dig that awesome cover art from former 400 Unit member Browan Lollar too.

Next let’s talk about Hayes Carll’s equally impressive album KMAG YOYO (and other american stories).

Again what is there to say about this album that hasn’t been said better elsewhere? It’s a great album and one you likely already own. My favorites off this include the subterranean homesick blues on meth sylings of the title track, the rousing Bottle In My Hand (featuring Todd Snider and Corb Lund), Stomp and Holler, Another Like You (featuring the lovely Cary Ann Hearst), Hard Out Here…hell every song is great. I’m especially fond of the video for Another Like You as seen below.

I actually caught Hayes last year in Nelsonville, OH and it was a damn fine show. The show was shortly after Bill Morrissey died and he did a touching tribute (Bill Morrissey wrote the song Live Free Or Die off Hayes’ first album). Sorry no video from that show, but enjoy this bonus video of KMAG YOYO acoustic

Now let’s talk about Todd Snider’s live Storyteller album/DVD from last year

I am particularly fond of the DVD, as it’s the only full Todd Snider performance DVD there is. However…as good as it is, I am going to be a little critical of it. Critical because the thing I love most about Todd Snider is his frantic energy, and it seems to be tamed down somewhat with this Storyteller set. As a fan it is essential, but I still prefer the massive Moondawg’s Tavern bootleg. That said, it’s not bad, it’s really cool to see/hear him with a backing band, especially one as skilled as Great American Taxi, I just don’t feel it captures his live energy as well as say Near Truths. Check out an example from the DVD below

Now listen to this version of Is This Thing Working (where he is damn near channeling Chuck D) from his March 5th show at the wonderful V-Club in Huntington, WV.

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Todd Snider – Is This Thing Working (Huntington, WV 3/5/11)

Talk about energy…the V-Club is a place where I’ve never seen a bad show, and Todd was feeding off the crowd and the crowd was feeding off him in a perfect performer-fan symbiotic relationship. I will actually be seeing Todd again next friday and I’ll let yall know how his new songs off “Agnostic Hymns” sound

Winner of the V-Roys contest… Travis Hill, congrats! Thanks everyone for commenting, the answer of course was the band’s original name was The Viceroys but they had to shorten to The V-Roys due to the reggae band with the same name. I had never heard the Viceroy cigarettes story though…could it perhaps be a combination of both?

Really I think the V-Roys is a much better name so I think it worked out. To tie it back to reggae, enjoy this video of The V-Roys backing Steve Earle doing their version of  The Slickers classic song Johnny Too Bad.

V-Roys Contest

Wanna win an autographed copy of the just released V-Roys compilation Sooner Or Later (as shown to the left there)? It’s easy, all you gotta do is leave a comment below with your best answer to the following question: Why was the the first V-Roys album titled “Just Add Ice”?

The winner will be chosen at random, but the first person to answer the question correctly will receive adulation, personal satisfaction, and your name will get thrown into the hat twice. [EDIT: Scott Erickson has answered correctly and firstly, consider this your adulation. If anyone has any stories about the v-roys they want to share...please, do so in the comments. Also I should have mentioned, contest will run until next friday, Oct. 7th]

Good luck, and while you’re at it check out this killer video of Mary | facebook

V-Roys compilation and one night reunion (plus a bonus rare track)

This weekend I started hearing rumblings about some possible big announcement from The V-Roys and my mind instantly went to “reunion!”.  Now I’ve made it no secret on here that The V-Roys were, and remain one of my favorite bands. Matter of fact if my house was to burn down I think Just Add Ice would be a CD I would have to run back in the house to rescue despite the danger.

Well the announcement came early this morning, and while not a full reunion (yet) what we will get is a New Years Eve reunion show at the Bijou Theater in Knoxville, and a brand new compilation titled Sooner or Later featuring remaster versions of old songs and 5 unreleased songs due Sept. 27th.  The unreleased songs are mostly covers, but also 2 Mic Harrison originals. View the track listing here
Watch this video…

Needless to say, very excited to hear these songs, and I am already making plans to attend that New Years Eve Show. Enjoy the remastered version of Sooner or Later below, and as a special treat, a true V-Roys rarity which is their cover of Roger Miller’s Long Time Leavin’ which was featured on a compilation called Cowpunks back in 1996.
V-Roys – Sooner Or Later (Remastered)

V-Roys – Long Time Leavin’ (Roger Miller Cover)

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Vintage V-Roys vids

As you guys know, I’m a huge V-Roys fan from way back. Matter fact I was telling someone the other day that I bet I played “Just Add Ice” more in the 90’s than any other album and it remains one of my favorite albums to this day.  So when I found these vintage V-Roys clips on youtube (posted by Scott Miller no less) I about shit a cinderblock.  Check them out, you got Mary, and the most interesting to me (because it’s never made it’s way to an album) is the Cold Cruel World clip.

While I don’t know if the V-Roys will ever get back together (I wish they would), fans in East Tennessee can get the next best thing as Scott and Mic will be playing a one of their legendary New Years Eve shows at the Bijou Theater in Knoxville. Coincidentally, the same night Virginia Tech plays Tennessee….bring it Scott!!!

The V-Roys – Live In Austin 1998

Been diggin’ on this boot for the last few days. As most of you know I’m a big fan of these guys right here, and this is an audio capture of them at the top of their game. If there are any Scott Miller fans out there that don’t know, this was his band prior to going solo. They were the first band on Steve Earle’s label E-Squared (whatever happened to that label?). This is good sound, good show. They play just about every song off both their albums, a Replacements cover, a V-Roys version of Scott’s “I Ain’t Coming Home Tonight” and one song (Can’t Shake Knoxville) that has still yet to make an official album.

MP3 @ 192
V-Roys – Live In Austin

Steve Earle & The V-Roys – Johnny Too Bad (Video)

Now see, this is how you mix country and reggae. Not that aweful Willie Nelson album….what the hell was he smokin….oh wait.

The V-Roys – Are You Through Yet? (Out Of Print)

This was the V-Roy’s farewell album, the aptly titled “Are You Through Yet?”.
Now I am a huge Scott Miller fan and this album does not disappoint. Some of my favorite tracks off this one are the superb covers: Neil Young’s “Motion Pictures”, The Replacements’ “IOU”, The La’s “There She Goes”, and Louden Wainwright’s “Out of this World”. This album is also a great overview of The V-Roys, one of my favorite bands.

Scott Miller’s Website
V-Roys Website

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