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The end of the world is coming, are you ready?

According to a small but advertising savvy group of people, the Rapture is going to happen this coming Saturday, May 21st. Which begs the question, Are You Ready For The Great Atomic Power?

Coffee Creek – Cicero’s Basement – June 11th, 1992

It’s time for the site to get back to what it does best, which is post killer bootlegs, and this Coffee Creek is one I’ve been meaning to post for a long time.

If you are not familiar with Coffee Creek, they were the side project of Uncle Tupelo & Brian Henneman of The Bottle Rockets (of course this was before he formed that band). The band went by the name Coffee Creek so they could play their favorite dive Cicero’s again, as Uncle Tupelo had become such a draw they had outgrown the venue. The band played all covers, and mostly classic country. Vocal duties were primarily handled by Henneman and Farrar, with Tweedy singing the CCR song “Wrote A Song For Everyone”. The band only played 4 shows over the course of 3 years and the project dissolved when Uncle Tupelo itself dissolved in 1993. As we all know, Tweedy formed Wilco, Farrar & Heidorn formed Son volt, and Henneman formed The Bottle Rockets. According to Uncle Tupelo fan site, the band was thinking of recording an album prior to the split, but the only official recording is a cover of Hank Snow’s “Movin’ On”¬†for the compilation 20 More Smash Hit Explosion something or other.

If anyone has a copy of that, I would love to hear it!

MP3 @ 320
Download Coffee Creek – Cicero’s 6/11/92 here

The Bottle Rockets – Brian Henneman Demos (1991)

The second Bottle Rockets demo of the trilogy I will be posting. Kind of a followup to the Uncle Tupelo demo trilogy. This one is Brian Henneman backed by Jay and Jeff from Uncle Tupelo. Really cool banjo version of “Wave That Flag” on here with what I’m assuming to be Jay Farrar on the banjo.

MP3 @ 192
Bottle Rockets – Brian Henneman Demos

Uncle Tupelo – Colorblind & Rhymeless (1987 Demo Tape)

In hindsight, I should have probably bundled these three together and called it The Demo Trilogy or some such nonesense. But really where is the fun in that (OK, I’m just covering my ass!)
Big thanks to DownSouth for this one, and thanks to the others who offered. I really appreciate it when you guys “heed the call” so to speak….and so quickly too! DownSouth also provided me with scans from the UT Anthology of the covers of this one and the “Not Forever Just For Now” demo (I have included it in that post for posterity’s sake). The artwork was pretty small, so I just incorporated it into the common artwork I did for the other two (hey, I’m lazy like that….wait I mean efficient) .
Not a lot to say about this one except that it was their first demo, and it’s actually pretty developed. Can’t really find a lot of info on this online either, so I will leave you with a quote from one of the articles over at (there he goes again with that!)

“To us,” Tweedy said, “hard-core punk is also folk music. We draw a close parallel between the two. We’ll play both in the same set if we get a chance. We don’t have any biases as far as music is concerned.”

“We have just as much fun playing acoustic guitars with a whole bunch of people singing along, as we do playing a noisy instrumental.”

MP3 @ 127
Uncle Tupelo – Colorblind & Rhymeless (1987 Demo)

Uncle Tupelo – Live & Otherwise (1988 Demo Tape)

Well hell, DownSouth came through on the request for UT’s Colorblind & Rhymeless demos and requested this demo tape here. This was Uncle Tupelo’s second demo tape. Half of it live and the other half studio, kind of like an Alt Country version of GnR’s Lies :P
Listening to these demos are great! Reminds me of how important UT really were. I could only imagine what it was like back in those days in Belleville to see these guys at this era. And while listening to these demos (which are heavier on the punk influence the further you go back) it occurs to me that these guys found the PERFECT blend of country and punk. Other groups tried it in the 80’s (you know what they call COWPUNK) but UT really figured out how the two could actually blend, instead of simply playing Hank Williams with powerchords. Just listen to the cover of Black Flag’s Gimme, Gimme, Gimme for the prove ;) With this they clearly show that there is not much difference between honest to God country and honest to God punk…..the fundamental commonality being they both rely on three chords and the truth….as the old adage goes.
Anyway, I have rambled on now….I will also say I really like the version of There Was A Time on this one with the harmonica intro. Reading through some of those articles over at one of them they state they dropped the harmonicas out of some of their songs so as not to sound too “heartland”. Really interesting articles over there….especially check out the one about their mothers.
MP3 @ 192
Uncle Tupelo – Live & Otherwise (1988 Demo)

Uncle Tupelo – Not Forever, Just For Now (1989 Demo Tape)

Here’s a slice of music history right here. Uncle Tupelo’s last demo tape, assumably the one that got them signed to Rockville (formerly Giant). If anyone has the elusive Colorblind & Rhymeless…..please email me!

So this is very similar to the first UT album, a lot of early versions of those tracks on here. Only a little less polished, a little rougher around the edges. I really like the version of Whiskey Bottle and Screen Door on this thing. I tried and tried to find a picture or something of the original artwork (if there was any) but came up empty handed. I got the pictures used in the artwork from the excellent If you want to waste some time peep into the articles section and check out some of the early articles on Uncle Tupelo in there. Also got to love the beer rating article (I liked it so much I put it on the back artwork!).

MP3 @ 192
Uncle Tupelo – Not Forever, Just For Now (Demo Tape)

Thanks to DownSouth who provided me with a scan of the original artwork for this guy, there it is right there. Also want to point out that this demo was the one that got UT labeled Best Unsigned Band in America by CMJ.

Uncle Tupelo – Live at The Blue Note 7-22-88

Man I love this show, thought I would throw it up here to make up for all the missed days (well I wouldn’t say I was missing them Bob :P ). This is a very early Uncle Tupelo show….mostly covers…..but killer covers. What they are doing here is paying their dues…..”if I only had a dollar…….. for every time I had to play while people sat there drunk” kind of stuff. Sound on this is almost official release quality…infact with just a little mastering this would make an excellent addition to the UT catalog (wink, wink…nudge, nudge).

MP3 @ 192 (80MB)


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