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Truersounds – Spring ‘11

Here we are spring (on the damn dime!), and with a new Truersounds comp. This one is for all the folks out there with CXCW withdrawl. If you missed CXCW, just know you missed the best online music festival to date.  Go check out the killer vids of artists performing on their couch (including one Neko Case who serenades her dog Liza from her bed).

This one’s a bit more on the rock side with some great ballads dotted throughout, lot’s of good new stuff

01-The Civil Wars-Barton Hollow [Off their new album of the same name]

02-Middle Brother-Blue Eyes [new "supergroup" that combines members of Dawes, Deer Tick, and Delta Spirit. This is off their self titled debut]

03-Moondoggies-Tidelands [I like to call these guys "stoner country", this is the title track off their latest album]

04-Rodney DeCroo-Sorrow On The Mountain [off his latest album Queen Mary Trash]

05-Joey Kneisser-William, The Mountain, and Me [Joey Kneisser from Glossary with this song off the amazing compilation Music For The Mountains, to raise awareness of mountain top removal in the Appalachias . Look for more on this soon]

06-Ted Russell Kamp-California Wildflower [off his latest Back To The Land]

07-Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil-Prove Me Wrong [off their latest Victims, Enemies and Old Friends. You gotta check out his CXCW session]

08-Drive By Truckers-Everybody Needs Love [sweet soulful Eddie Hinton cover off their latest Go-Go Boots]

09-Leeroy Stagger and the Wildflowers-Hell Of A Life [live version of the Easton Stagger Phillips song off his 2009 live album]

10-Kasey Anderson & The Honkies-The Wrong Light [Kasey now with a band and rocking the eff out on the album Heart Of A Dog]

11-Jessica Lea Mayfield-I’ll Be The One You Want Someday [The album version, off her latest Tell Me. Really dig her ethereal voice with that portishead like reverbed guitar]

12-J Roddy Walston & The Business-Pigs & Pearls [off their self titled debut]

13-Peter Cooper & Lloyd Green-Gospel Song [off The Lloyd Green Sessions, dig that pedal steel.]

14-Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit-Codeine [killer song featuring Amanda Shires off the killer upcoming album Here We Rest]

15-Gurf Morlix-Oh Darlin’ [off his latest Blaze Foley tribute album Blaze's 113th Wet Dream]

16-Robyn Ludwick-Out Of These Blues [the best song I've heard all year off what is my favorite album so far this year]

17-Hayes Carll-Bottle In My Hand [KMAG YOYO is another strong contender for album of the year, this song features Corb Lund, and Todd Snider....all these guys on the same irish drinking song....bad, ass.

18-Mike Ethan Messick-Whiskey Colored Eyes (featuring Meagan Jones) [WOW! great damn song. off his latest The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday]

19-Malcolm Holcombe-Where I Don’t Belong [off his latest To Drink The Rain]

20-The Wood Brothers-Pay Attention [off their upcoming Smoke Ring Halo]

21-Joe Purdy-Highways [off his latest album This American]

22-Shannon McNally-Memory Of Ghost [off her latest Western Ballad]

Download it here

Truesounds – Fall/Winter ‘10

Well I know this is long overdue, and fall is pretty much over so I just called it fall/winter (this is still the 4th mix of the year, so settle down!). This one…it being winter and all…is a little more on the mellow side, not mellow like those weak christmas interpretations that are raping everyone’s earholes right now, but mellow in a “not blasting your earholes open” kind of way. Lot’s of throwbacks to folk rock from the 70’s such as The Moondoggies, Ray Lamontagne and Truth and Salvage Company. I love the hell out of this mix, so I hope you guys do too. Dig the new streaming option at the bottom…

EDIT: So this mix has been described as being heavy on the “pyschedelic country”, or my favorite description “stoner country” by one of my fellow bloggers, and I love that title. If there can be stoner rock, there can certainly be stoner country.

The Moondoggies – It’s a Shame, It’s a Pity
Dig that 70’s Neil Young-ish country rock sound. Off their latest: Tidelands

The Main Street Gospel – Love Will Have Her Revenge
Dig the hell out of this track off their latest album of the same name

Truth and Salvage Company – Welcome to LA
Jayhawks-ish harmonies and country rock lyrics. Off their self titled debut

Truckstop Darlin’ – Down
Also off their self titled debut

Ray Lamontagne And The Pariah Dogs – Beg Steal Or Borrow
Killer throwback to Bob Dylan/The Band 70’s type of stuff. Love the pedal steel on this one. Off his latest: God Willin’ And The Creek Don’t Rise

The Fox Hunt – Lower Than I Should Be
off probably my favorite album of the year: Long Way To Go

Guthrie Kennard – My Mind Rolls Like A Wheel
from another of my favorite albums this year: Matchbook

American Aquarium – Meredith
really great song off their latest: Small Town Hymns

Trampled By Turtles – Help You
another of my favorite albums this year is Palamino

Kasey Chambers – Georgia Brown
off her latest album (which I don’t think ANYONE knew about): Little Bird

Peter Case – New Old Blue Car
digging the hell out of Peter Case’s latest ultra bluesy and dirty album Wig!

I Can Lick Any Son Of A Bitch In The House – Hallelujah
off their latest: Sounds of Dying

The Sadies - Tell Her What I Said
I think songwriting wise, this is the best song the Sadies have ever done. Off their latest: Darker Circles

Chase Fifty Six – Goodbye Princess
dig the hell out of the Cooley-inspired barroom honky tonk of this song. Off their latest Allatoona Rising

Chip Robinson – Started
the mighty Chip Robinson, formerly of The Backsliders. This is off his latest: Mylow

Over Mountian Men – Angola
the mighty David Childers, accompanied by members of The Avett Brothers to form the Over Mountain Men. Off the album Glorious Day

The Tallest Man On Earth – Troubles Will be Gone
from his latest album: The Wild Hunt

Justin Townes Earle – Slippin’ and Slidin’
JTE gets a little help from Jason Isbell on guitar on the soulful and killer track. Off his latest Harlem River Blues

357 String Band – The Days Engrave
off their latest: Lightning From The North

Two Cow Garage – Angeline
off their latest: Sweet Saint Me

John Moreland – Stoned
off his latest: Hope Springs Ephemeral EP

Download Truesounds – Fall/Winter ‘10 here

Truesounds – Summer ‘10

By popular demand, the summer installment of the Truesounds seasonal sampler. This being such a hot summer it’s heavy on the rock and bluesy type songs. Lot of new and notables on this one (that’s the point of this thing right), but also some old favorites with new albums like Alejandro Escovedo and Fred Eaglesmith. Everything off this one is from a 2010 release. Enjoy.

  1. Guthrie Kennard – Cross That Line
  2. From the album Matchbox. Great f’n song, and one of my best discoveries this year

  3. Alejandro Escovedo – This Bed Is Getting Crowded
  4. From the album Street Songs of Love. Probably his most rocking album to date. Songs co-wrote with Chuck Prophet and Chuck’s playing is all over the thing

  5. Fred Eaglesmith – I Would
  6. From the album Cha-Cha-Cha. Fred continues to add unique twists to his music. Love this psuedo-soul type of sound on this one

  7. Peter Case – Dig What You’re Putting Down
  8. From the album Wig! A great super bluesy album that kicks all kinds of ass

  9. I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In the House – Swear To God
  10. From the album Sounds of Dying. This album was recorded in 2004 but never released, read the story here.

  11. Deer Tick – When She Comes Home
  12. From the album Black Dirt Sessions. I find Deer Tick hard to peg and I’m especially cold on this album…but this song is killer

  13. Glossary – Through the Screen Door
  14. From the album Feral Fire. You guys know how I feel about this album. Love this song

  15. Otis Gibbs – Kansas City
  16. From the album Joe Hill’s Ashes. I’m really digging the hell out of this album, I should probably do a full review of it for you guys

  17. Mic Harrison and The High Score – I’m Still Lost
  18. From the album Great Commotion. Always been a big fan of Mic, love this song

  19. Magnolia Mountain – Redbird Green
  20. From the album Redbird Green. Great title track from Cincinnati’s finest

  21. J. Shogren – Younger
  22. From the album Birds, Bones and Muscle.

  23. Stone River Boys – Think I’m Gonna Make It
  24. From the album Love On The Dial. From the ashes of The Hacienda Brothers rise The Stone River Boys who are keeping the country soul flame burning

  25. Jim Lauderdale – Winnona
  26. From the album Patchwork River. Love this burner off Jim’s latest

  27. Kevin Welch – Come a Rain
  28. From the album A Patch of Blue Sky. Longtime Kieran Kane collaborator releases his own album this year

  29. Shinyribs – Country Cool
  30. From the album Well After Awhile. Gourds frontman Kevin Russell releases his side project. Horrible cover art, but Gourds fans will love it. (that sounded kind of dickish…what I mean is it sounds like a Gourds album, so if you like them…you will like this)

  31. Danny Barnes – Caveman
  32. From the album Pizza Box. Former frontman of The Bad Livers and famed Austin sideman takes his banjo playing to new levels on this one

  33. Red Molly – Troubled Mind
  34. From the album James. This song reminds me of Deadwood

  35. Pieta Brown – Wishes Falling Through the Rain
  36. From the album One and All. Pieta will be touring with John Prine this fall, hope she gains a lot of new fans from that exposure.

  37. Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan – You Won’t Let Me Down Again
  38. From the album Hawk. Two legends from the 90s, Isobel from Belle and Sebastian, and Mark from Screaming Trees team up for another folky album. Really love the hell out of this song.

  39. Mark Erelli – Hemlock Grove
  40. From the album Little Vigils. Such a haunting and beautiful song

  41. Oblio’s Arrow – End of the Burning Moon
  42. From the album Plain Old American Mess. New group out of Denver creating some interesting music

  43. Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three – Bag of Bones
  44. From the album Riverboat Soul. This album has been kicking my ass for the last couple days. Reminds me a lot of Jimbo Mathus…and I LOVE Jimbo Mathus so….

Download Truesounds – Summer ‘10 here

Truesounds – Spring ‘10

Welcome to the new place! What better way to launch the new site than with a Truesounds comp. I promised this, and I have had it ready for about a week, but I was afraid to post it on blogger because of the recent rash of DMCA takedowns. So I spent the last few days trying to figure out how the hell to make this site, and with a lot of help from google, and a whole lot of help and resources from Romeo Sid Vicious….here we are. Hope you guys dig the new site, and if you see things change over the next few weeks it’s because I’m still moving in!

Now, onto the music….the reason this site exists. This seasonal sampler is WAAAY overdue…but hey, it’s still spring…just LATE spring. I decided to make this a double disc to make up for the lack of recent posts, but also because there has been a lot of great music already released this year. Usually I spend a lot of time making links and such forth, I will not be doing that for this one just because I am still getting used to this layout. What I will say is almost everthing is from a new release except for the Earl Scruggs song (which is from the Three Pickers PBS special), and the Trio Pinto song (which is from the 2005 album Parallax View). Trio Pinto is Pinto Bennett, the guy who did all the songs on the new Reckless Kelly (which for some reason I forgot to include a song from on this here comp….just know it’s a killer album!). If you do happen to want more info about a particular song, just leave a comment. I’ll likely end up doing reviews for most of these albums anyway.

So without further delay…

Disc 1:
Otis Gibbs – Twelve Men Dead In Sago
The Fox Hunt – It Suits Me
The Sadies – Another Year Again
Glossary – Bend With The Breeze
Moreland & Arbuckle – Bound And Determined
Kasey Anderson – Sooner/Later
Will Kimbrough – Wings
Trio Pinto – Ballad of El Vasco (Devil’s Right Hand)
Over Mountian Men – Looking For Dr. Caligari
Chip Robinson – Mylow
Ray Wylie Hubbard – Loose
Jeffrey Foucault & Mark Erelli – Powderfinger
Jeff Bridges – Hold on You
Kingsley Flood – Roll of the Dice
Trampled By Turtles – Victory
Carolina Chocolate Drops – Cindy Gal
South Memphis String Band – Jesse James
Earl Scruggs – Doin’ My Time
Jacob Jones – So Long Woman
Jon Dee Graham – God’s Gonna Give You What You Need
Stace England & The Salt Kings – Lying Lips

Disc 2
Luke Redfield – Down the Line
Hey Negrita – Cold
American Aquarium – Gone Long Gone
Joe Pug – Messenger
State Champion – Keeping Time
Deadstring Brothers – It’s a Shame
Have Gun Will Travel – Wolf in Shepard’s Clothes
Drive-By Truckers – After The Scene Dies
The Washers – Devils Name
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – Jack O’Diamonds
Hurray For The Riff Raff – Slow Walk
Tim Barry – Downtown VCU
Tallest Man On Earth – Troubles Will be Gone
Phosphorescent – Heaven, Sittin’ Down
Danny and the Champions Of the World – Restless Feet
Blitzen Trapper – The Man Who Would Speak True
Johnny Cash – Redemption Day
Jack Rose – Luck In The Valley
David Olney – Hey Sha La La La
Mary Gauthier – Another Day Borrowed

Download Truesounds – Spring ‘10 here

Truesounds – Winter ‘10

Ok, so here’s the latest Truesounds comp. This one features a couple of new names, most notably Michael Dean Damron. I’m really late to the party on this guy, but well…it happens right. My excuse was I thought his former band “I Can Lick Any Son Of A Bitch In The House” had a horrible name so I never checked them out. Damn.

1. Dustin Bentall Outfit – Three Thousand Miles
Off his latest Six Shooter. This song makes me smile

2. Mark Stuart and The Bastard Sons – Gone Like A Raven
Formerly known as The Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash, this is off their latest Bend In The Road.

3. Michael Dean Damron - Father’s Day
Former lead singer of I Can Lick Any Son Of A Bitch In The House, this is the title track off his latest

4. Carolyn Mark and NQ Arbuckle – Downtime
Great little country rocker off their latest Let’s Just Stay Here

5. Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit – Soldiers Get Strange
My latest favorite off their latest self titled album. So good

6. Kasey Anderson – Nowhere Nights
Title track off his upcoming Feb. 16th release. Pre-orders available now!

7. Wrinkle Neck Mules – One Hand In The Furnace
Laid back country rocker off their latest Let The Lead Fly

8. Chuck Ragan – Don’t Say A Word
Off his latest, Gold Country

9. Sam Baker – Cotton
Title track off the latest Sam Baker album. Hey ho hor

10. Malcolm Holcombe – A Bigger Plan
Really, really love this song off the latest album For The Mission Baby from national treasure Malcolm Holcombe

11. Kieran Kane – Way Down Below
Love, LOVE this song….hell the whole album, last year’s Somewhere Beyond The Roses

12. Ben Gibbard and Jay Farrar – Breathe Our Iodine
Was not very familar with Ben Gibbard, but the Big Sur soundtrack album this is off of, titled One Fast Move or I’m Gone, is killer

13. Bettysoo – Get Clean
You guys know I love Bettysoo, just another killer song off Heat Sin Water Skin

14. The Band Of Heathens – Golden Calf
Off their latest, One Foot In The Ether

15. Truckstop Coffee - Ghost Or Angel
Man, I just love this fricken song. Off their latest For Dear Life, which they are still offering on a “name your own price” basis

16. Jon Snodgrass – Fast In Last
From the solo album Visitor’s Band of this Drag The River member

17. The Kill Devil Hills – Rosalie
Apparently this band is pretty big in Australia. I had never heard of them, and I dug this song off their latest Man You Should Explode

18. Headwater – Never Going Back
Another laid back country rocker, this time from canadian outfit Headwater. Off their latest Lay You Down

19. Blue Rodeo – One More Night
A FUNKY laid back country rocker. Off their latest double album Things We Left Behind

20. Drag The River – Best and Worst
Really could not think of a better song to end us out with. Off their latest Bad At Breaking Up

MP3 @ 192
Download Truesounds – Winter ‘10 here

Truesounds – Fall ‘09

Allright, so let’s get back to the music here. You guys had to endure not one, but TWO posts about FLAC files so I hope this more than makes up for it! Lots of new but plenty of familiar on here. Hope you guys enjoy.

01. BettySoo – Who Knows
Off her excellent new album Heat Sin Water Skin. See my review here
02. Jimbo Mathus – Fallen Angel
Got a Jimbo post coming up in the near future. This twanger is off his latest Jimmy The Kid
03. Corb Lund – Horse Doctor, Come Quick
Off Corb and guy’s latest Losin’ Lately Gambler. See my review here
04. Chuck Prophet – Hot Talk
Funky song of Chuck’s latest Let Freedom Ring. An album Chuck calls “protest music for people who hate protest music”
05. DADDY – He Ain’t Right
Tommy Womack + Will Kimbrough = DADDY, off the album For A Second Time
06. Kieran Kane - More To It Than This
Americana legend Kieran Kane snuck in an amazing album this year called Somewhere Beyond The Roses. This song is off it
07. Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles – Ride With Me
Great song off her new album The Stars Are Out
08. Drive-By Truckers – Rebels
DBT’s take on an obscure Tom Petty tune. Off their excellent latest The Fine Print
09. Sons of Bill – So Much For The Blues
I promised more on these guys, and I still intend to follow through with a whole post dedicated to VA bands. Until then enjoy this song off their latest One Town Away
10. Mud, Blood, & Beer – Lucy
Off this NYC band’s self titled debut. Read a review here
11. Gabriel Sullivan – Tip Back The Bottle
Press release describes him as Tom Waits meets Black Keys. That’s a good place to start, but I hear a little bit of William Eliott Whitmore in there too. Off his debut By The Dirt
12. Chuck Ragan – Let It Rain
Former Hot Water Music frontman returns with new album Gold Country
13. Tom Russell – Mississippi River Running Backwards
Others are calling Blood and Candlesmoke the album of the year. I am inclined to agree. Read Tom’s Blog with insights into the album here
14. Scott Miller – I’m Right Here My Love
Scott gets a little help from Patty Griffin on this song from his latest For Crying Out Loud. Here is a good interview explaining the inspiration of the song
15. The Pines – Spike Driver Blues
Off their latest release Tremolo
16. Chris Unck & The Black Roses – Rosalina
Lower 40 turned me on to this album Ridiculous!! Ridiculous!! to tide me over till the new Wrinkle Neck Mules album comes out. Really liked this song
17. Dexateens – New Boy
Off the new Dexateens disc Singlewide
18. The Devil Makes Three – For Good Again
Cool song off the new Devil Makes Three album Do Wrong Right
19. The Avett Brothers – Tin Man
A song off the highly anticipated I and Love and You
20. Slaid Cleaves – Cry
The lead off track from Slaid’s newest Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away
21. The Bottle Rockets – Solitaire
Alt Country institution The Bottle Rockets return this year with one of their finest albums since the 90’s, Lean Forward
MP3 @ 160
Truesounds – Fall ‘09

Truesounds – Summer ‘09

Ok, so this quarter you guys get a double dose. There’s was just too much new music I wanted you guys to hear and it was impossible to whittle down to one disc.

Disc 1
1. Tim Easton – Northbound
Reworking of the Doc Watson classic “Southbond”, off his latest Porcupine
2. Son Volt – Jukebox of Steel
Off Jay and the gangs latest offering American Central Dust. Check out their awesome Tour Blog
3. Charlie Robison – Reconsider
One of the brothers Robison releases one of the finest country albums of the year, the excellent Beautiful Day
4. The Only Sons – We Will Get By
Formerly known as Ribbonpigeon, these guys are still offering their album Steel Hearts free via download off their site
5. Justin Townes Earle – Can’t Hardly Wait
JT figures out just what one of the greatest college rock songs of all time needed….MANDOLIN! Off his latest Midnight At The Movies
6. Drive By Truckers – Play It All Night Long
Warren Zevon cover off the upcoming B-Sides collection The Fine Print reminds me why I fell in love with this band in the first place
7. Sons of Bill – Never Saw It Coming
One of my new favorites, this song is off their excellent latest album One Town Away
8. The Devil Makes Three – Aces and Twos
Another new favorite, these guys make it sound so easy. Off their latest album Do Wrong Right
9. Scott Miller – Feel So Fair To Midland
10. Scott Miller – Double Indemnity
Okay, so I had to put these songs together…I mean it would be like playing Zep’s Heartbreaker without Living Loving Maid….it’s just not right. Off Scott’s latest For Crying Out Loud
11. Ha Ha Tonka – Hold My Feet In The Fire
Off these guy’s latest album Novel Sounds from The Nouveau South
12. Jason Isbell – However Long
Jason is keeping the soul alive with another soulful cut off his latest self titled album
13. Chuck Ragan & Austin Lucas – Bloody Shells
This one is actually off the album Bristle Ridge from last year…but hey, I just discovered it and thought you guys should too
14. Those Darlins – Wild One
Off the debut album from these three women who somehow sound like a mix of The Runaways and Anita Carter
15. Wayne Hancock – Moving On #3
Off honky tonk revivalist Wayne Hancock’s latest Viper of Melody
16. Dave Alvin & The Guilty Women – Marie Marie
Dave Alvin revives an old Blasters song with a little help from his friends. Off his latest Dave Alvin & The Guilty Women
17. Owen Temple – I Don’t Want To Do What I Do
From his new album Dollars and Dimes…which is a big hit in Europe apparently
18. Chuck Mead – A Long Time Ago
Former member of BR5-49 releases his first solo album Journeyman’s Wager….this song is from it
19. Mark Jungers & The Whistling Mules – Remorse Waltz
Off his latest live album called Whistle This
20. Houston Marchman – Long Gone
Bluesy title track from Houston Marchman’s latest
21. Buddy & Julie Miller – Smooth
Just a song off Americana’s reigning King & Queen’s album Written In Chalk

Disc 2
1. Scott H. Biram – Sinkin’ Down
Off Scott’s latest Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever
2. Gurf Morlix – One More Second
Buffalo native and producer extroidanaire Gurf Morlix returns with the easy on the ears Last Exit To Happy Land
3. The Dexateens – Grandaddy’s Mouth
Grandaddy’s say the darnedest things, off their latest (and maybe their best) Singlewide
4. Magnolia Electric Co. – Whip-Poor-Will
Jason Molina and company are back with one of the most refined albums of the year, the epic and soulful Josephine
5. Steve Earle – Rake
Steve Earle’s take on one of Townes Van Zandt’s most haunting songs. Off the aptly titles Townes
6. Cody Canada – Shades Of Gray
Cross Canadian Ragweed frontman’s take on one of Robert Earle Keen’s most haunting songs. Off the Undone Tribute to REK
7. Todd Snider – Money, Compliments, Publicity
Todd pulls a Terry Allen impression with this one off his latest The Excitement Plan. Go buy it to help Todd achieve more of the title of this song
8. Patterson Hood – Graddaddy
Drive By Trucker co-frontman is ready for the good life of the elderly with this song off his latest solo album Murdering Oscar
9. Steppin’ In It – The Long Haul
Maybe Michigan’s best kept secret, off their excellent album from last year Simple Tunes For Troubled Times
10. Jessica Lea Mayfield – I Can’t Lie To You
Off last years Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) produced album With Blasphemy So Heartfelt
11. Sarah Jarosz – Song Up In Her Head
Title track of Bluegrass prodigy and phenom Sarah Jarosz’s first album
12. The Fox Hunt – Train On The Island
Off their latest tribute to old time appalachian music America’s Working Hard So We Don’t Have To
13. William Elliot Whitmore – Johnny Law
Old blues man in a young mans body doesn’t like getting arrested. Off his latest Animals In The Dark
14. The Felice Brothers – Run Chicken Run
Rousing number off their latest Yonder Is The Clock
15. Levon Helm – Growing Trade
Off the living legend’s latest album Electric Dirt
16. Ryan Bingham – Wishing Well
Off the former rodeo rider’s second major album, this year’s Roadhouse Sun
17. Slaid Cleaves – Green Mountains and Me
Off Slaid’s latest masterpiece Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away
18. Deano Waco – Maid Of The Mist
Going over Niagra Falls in a barrel is always a great idea. Off the Deano Waco/Meat Purveyors collaboration album Deano Meats The Purveyors (available for free download)
19. Bonnie Prince Billy – Beware Your Only Friend
Prolific Will Oldham gets in touch with his countrier side, off this years Beware
whew…that was a lot of typin’ and linkin’. Hope you guys enjoy.
MP3 @ 128
Truesounds – Summer ‘09 (Disc 1)
Truesounds – Summer ‘09 (Disc 2)

Truesounds – Spring ‘09

Man, that cover makes my neck itch just looking at it! Here we have our quarterly Truesounds compilation. Featuring music of the mostly newly released persuasion. As noted in one of the comments of an earlier post….with Flameupload, you have to wait a minute for the downloads to appear. Here be the tracklist:

1. Steve Earle – White Freight Liner Blues
Off his new ode to Townes Van Zandt album aptly titled Townes. A fine collection of tunes I must say, and Steve’s best album in years

2. Iris Dement – Big City
well, there seems to be alot of cover albums/songs being released this year, so I thought I would throw this excellent Merle Haggard cover on here to show how it’s done. Off the 1994 Merle Haggard tribute album Tulare Dust

3. Todd Snider – Stuck On A Corner (Prelude To A Heart Attack)
If you listened to that Marilyn’s on K show then surely you know the story behind this one. Off last years Peace Queer EP

4. Deano Waco – Box Store
Surely you watched the video of this 3 posts down….right….Off the free and good album Deano Meats The Purveyors (look three posts down!!)

5. Slaid Cleaves – Beautiful Thing
I think Slaid is being a tad cynical and sarcastic in this song….well he brings it back around at the end. Off his latest Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away……it’s good.

6. The Gourds – Country Love
Funky little song off their latest Haymaker!

7. Tim Easton – Stones Throw Away
“Girls who drink whiskey can charm you out of your mind”….Love that line, off his latest album Porcupine

8. Scott Miller & The Commonwealth – Appalachian Refugee
Well I’ve already espoused my love for this particular song…..I had to include it on here. Off his latest For Crying Out Loud

9. Doug Paisley – We Weather
Off his latest self titled debut

10. John Doe & The Sadies - The Cold Hard Facts of Life
Cover of the Porter Wagoner classic off the newly released collection of classic country songs Country Club

11. The Fox Hunt - Hang Me
Off their latest album titled Americas Working Hard So We Don’t Have To, expect a review of this album sometime soon

12. Gurf Morlix – She’s A River
Buffalo’s finest and producer extraordinaire Gurf Morlix returns with an album of his own this year called Last Exit To Happyland….it’s good…..this song is a good example of why it’s good

13. Easton Stagger Phillips – She Was Gone
Alt Country “supergroup” so to speak consisting of Tim Easton, Leeroy Stagger, and Evan Phillips of The Whipsaws. From last years One For The Ditch

14. The Deep Dark Woods – Nancy
Off the newly released Winter Hours

15. The Wood Brothers – Loaded
I think I talked these guys up last year….do not recall….anyway I’m still digging it. Off their 2008 album of the same name

16. Richard Shindell – Get Up Clara
Cool song from folk legend Richard Shindell. Off his latest Not Far Now

17. Old Crow Medicine Show – Tennessee Pusher
Off last years album of the same name, those boys sure do love to sing about drugs

18. Son Volt – Dust of Daylight
Jay Farrar & Co. are back with an incredible album titled American Central Dust due out in July

19. Justin Townes Earle – Halfway To Jackson
Effortless country crooner Justin Townes Earle is back this year with another album of throwback country goodness titled Midnight At The Movies

20. The Felice Brothers – Penn Station
The Felice Brothers also return with a new album titled Yonder Is The Clock

21. Phosphorescent – Reasons To Quit
Did I mention a lot of folks are putting out tribute and cover albums this year? Well this is off one of them titled To Willie, which is….you guessed it, a tribute to Willie Nelson. Pairs great with Chuck Prophet’s album from last year Dreaming Waylon’s Dreams

22. Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – Cigarettes and Wine
Jason & Co. carry the torch for classic memphis soul with their latest self titled release

MP3 @ 192
Truesounds – Spring ‘09

Truesounds – Winter ‘09

Well I haven’t logged in in a while and I see I have 19 comments that need moderating….wow! Sorry guys. I have it set to only moderate comments older than 2 weeks, which I guess is about how long I haven’t posted anything. Also haven’t checked the ol’ email in a while either….so bear with me.

Here we have the first quarterly Truesounds comp. of 2009. Now I know it’s almost spring and the weather is warming up but it’s Technically winter….right :)

01-Mic Harrison & the High Score-Mighty Good Wine
—–The other guy from the V-Roys (the one who ain’t Scott Miller)…..He ain’t too shabby either
02-Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson-The Devil’s Inside My Head
—–Off their latest Rattlin’ Bones from last year
03-Blue Mountain-Rainy Day
—–Off their latest Midnight in Mississippi
04-The Gourds-Shreveport
—–Off the brand new Gourds album Haymaker!
05-Scott Miller-Sin In Indiana
—–Off Scott’s forthcoming album For Crying Out Loud
06-Todd Snider-The Ballad of Cape Henry
—–Todd is backed by Patti Griffin on this track off last years Peace Queer
07-Buddy & Julie Miller-Ellis County
—–Lead off track off their soon to be released album….bout time.
08-Ben Nichols-The Kid
—–Off his just released (or has it been officially released yet…who knows) concept album Last Pale Light In The West
09-Tim Barry-222
—–This killer song is off his latest album….the superb Manchester from last year
10-Rust Kings-Winter Wind
—–A local group from West Bygod. Off thier 2006 album Hotel West Virginia
11-Kane Welch Kaplin-Mr Bones
—–This instrument workout is off 07’s album Kane Welch Kaplin
12-Two Cow Garage-Folksinger’s Heart
—–Off the Latest Two Cow album, 08’s Speaking in Cursive
13-Chuck Ragan-Wash My Feet In the Waves
—–This is off the album Revival Road 08, but is probably on his latest album too
14-Old Crow Medicine Show-Alabama High-Test
—–Off their latest from last year
15-Eliza Gilkyson-Runaway Train
—–Off her latest album from last year
16-William Elliot Whitmore-Old Devils
—–New track from WEW’s soon to be released album Animals In The Dark
17-Drag The River-Lizzy
—–Off their 08 album
18-NQ Arbuckle-Huntsville Affair
—–One of my fave new bands, off last years XOK
19-Tift Merritt-My Heart Is Free
—–Off her latest
20-Jason Isbell-Good
—–New soulful Isbell cut off his upcoming album Seven Mile Island
21-Shaver-The Earth Rolls On
—–Off the album of the same name….great way to end it.

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Truesounds – Winter ‘09

Truesounds – Sept. ‘08

Another month, another comp….This one has some damn fine songs on it. Lot’s of new releases and a couple old goodies. Featured on here are a lot of newly released tracks; from Mudcrutch (AKA Tom Petty’s 35th class reunion), Blue Mountain (the killer title track to their latest), Old Crow (they found a new drug to sing about), Reckless Kelley (stealing their lyrics from Jeremiah Wright :P ), Chris Knight (his new album is classic Chris Knight), Bruce Robison (sounding just like Bruce Robison), a bizarre one from Fred Eaglesmith, new band Band of Heathens (no it’s not the Black Crowes), a track from the new Kasey Chambers duet album with Shane Nicholson, and so one and such. I got lazy this month and just took a screen shot of the track list. Enjoy

MP3 @ 192