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Townes Van Zandt & Blaze Foley – Snowing On Raton (Vid)

I’m pretty certain this is from the Tribute To Clyde Buchanon show I’ve posted before. It’s an incomplete vid but incredible, wish there was more Townes and Blaze footage of them performing together out there somewhere

Updated Lyrics #1

Updated lyrics: where I take famous lyrics and update them for these modern times

He wore his phone outside his pants, for all the honest world to feel

Townes Van Zandt – Pancho & Lefty

Townes Van Zandt – Be Here To Love Me (Complete Documentary)

Well, Saturday night is movie night here at ATS, and I’m a big fan of documentaries, especially when they are on a subject of interest. This one I actually have the DVD of and was surprised to find you could watch the whole thing for free on Hulu. Great documentary, watch it below (click the little box in the lower right to go full screen). Great scene where he performs “Waitin’ Around To Die” in his kitchen.
EDIT: Apparently you can only watch this if you are in America. I’m sure there is some way around it if you are really interested in sticking it to the man

Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Bobby Rambo – Live At The Three Teardrops Tavern 5-8-92

Someone left a comment asking where to start with Townes Van Zandt and if I have any shows of his….well of course I have some shows, and here’s a brand spankin’ new one. All I have to say about this one is DAMN!! The sound on this one….EXCELLENT, the performances on this….EXCELLENT!!
This is basically a Townes and Guy show with Ray Wylie and Bobby Rambo thrown as a bonus. After listening to this a couple times, I’m honestly surprised this hasn’t seen official release yet….it’s that good. The version of Townes’ “Marie” on here kills me. Other bonuses on here….learn a little back story to Guy’s L.A. Freeway, learn why they call it the Three Teardrops Tavern (now a Duccati dealership). Highlight is by far the Townes and Guy singing trading songs off and singing together at the end.
This is the first I’ve ever heard of Bobby Rambo, but I’m very impressed by what’s on here, an artist I will have to find more about. Oh and if you still want to know where to start with Townes, get Live at The Old Quarter (especially if you like this)

MP3 @ 192 (206MB)
Download Three Drops Tavern here

Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, and Robert Earl Keen – Boulder, CO 8-29-90

Sorry for the lack of posts guys. Dec. was a busy ass month for me, and I just didn’t have the time. Hope to make it up this month, so to start it off here’s a cool little boot of 3 well known texas troubadors. Two legends, and one noob (relatively speaking). All of this is good, and if you’ve never felt Robert Earl Keen was worth your time, this might just change your mind, as his songs are just as captivating as Townes’ and Guy’s. Hope you guys enjoy

MP3 @ 192
Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt & Robert Earl Keen (Part 1)
Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt & Robert Earl Keen (Part 2)

Townes Van Zandt – The Whole Coffeehouse, Minnesota University 1973

This is a great TVZ boot….of which there are many, but his voice really seems to shine on this one. If you have been wanting to get into Townes but have been intimidated by his vast catolouge or some such other reason, this is for you. This makes a very good intro to the genius known as Townes Van Zandt. Of course, you fans will probably want this too (if you don’t already have it).

1. Intro 0:29
2. I’ll Be Here in the Morning 3:09
3. Cuckoo Song 3:17
4. Hobo Bill 3:06
5. Where I Lead Me 3:13
6. Broke Down Engine Blues 5:12
7. For the Sake of the Song 5:02
8. Nothin’ 2:46
9. Talkin’ Thunderbird Blues 2:22
10. Pancho and Lefty 3:40
11. Mr. Mudd and Mr Gold 2:35
12. Tecumseh Valley 4:26
13. The Ballad of Irah Hayes 3:58
14. (Quicksilver Daydreams of) Maria 4:21
15. Tying Ten Knots in the Devil’s Tail 2:27

Townes Van Zandt – Whole Coffeehouse

Townes Van Zandt & Blaze Foley – Tribute To Clyde Buchanan 5-20-1984

Had some interest in Blaze Foley after the Blaze documentary vid, so here is a cool little recording of Blaze and his best friend Townes Van Zandt. The best I can tell is this was either a radio show, TV show, or just a benefit concert for Clyde Buchanan who was an Austin songwriter (and that’s about all I know about him). What’s cool about this is the little interviews in between the songs. Townes tells a nice story about Pancho & Lefty and a couple of cops. This also features one of my favorite Blaze tunes “Oval Room” which is as relevant now as it was then.
Download Tribute To Clyde Buchanan here