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Todd Snider & Nancy Griffith – In Touch With The Devil You Know

Here’s an interesting recording, Todd Snider being interviewed by Nancy Griffith about his 2006 masterpiece “Devil You Know”. The real highlights here though are the duets they do together….man, I wish they would collaborate together on an album sometime…..really sweet harmonies coming from these two. Just listen to their take on “You Got Away With It” & Griffith’s “It’s A Hard Life”…..superb.

Todd Snider – Ohio River Valley Folk Festival 5-19-07

You want more Todd, you’ve got it. This is one you can listen to with the kiddies, probably the cleanest Todd Snider show I’ve ever heard. He cleans up all the songs and even comments on it during a couple of songs (“if worms had daggers, birds wouldn’t….act so overly aggresive towards them”). Makes for an interesting listen, and doesn’t really take that much away from the songs. I actually respect that he cleaned his show up due to the large portion of children in the audience…..I think that shows alot of class. There are some pretty good stories on here too, and the sound is fantastic.
Todd Snider – Ohio River Valley Folk Festival

Todd Snider – Tales From Moondawg’s Tavern (Stories Compilation)

Now this is a fan-fucking-tastic bootleg. Probably the best Todd boot I have come across, if not the best of any artist. First I need to give proper credit to the guy who collected, compiled, sweated over, and mastered this (that’s right, he actually did some mastering to get all the tracks sounding perfect)…….Rich Willis…..everybody thank Rich (THANKS RICH!). There is a good write up from him in the accompanying text file where he tells his story about this excellent compilation. If you’re not a Todd Snider fan, DOWNLOAD THIS! If you are a Todd fan…..DO NOT HESITATE! DOWNLOAD THIS! If you like good music, specifically story songs and in the vein of John Prine, Kris Kristofferson, Loudon Wainwright III, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, etc…(that’s some heavy hitting company right there)…DOWLOAD THIS! If you just like good stories told by a master DOWNLOAD THIS! Hell, if you just like good bootlegs download this… will not be regretted
MP3 @ 192

Todd Snider – Live At Headliners Louisville Kentucky Jan. 26, 2007

Here’s another Todd Snider boot for your hearin’ ears. This one was recorded this past January 26th at Headliners in Louisville Kentucky. The sound quality is decent, but it’s worth it to get a recording of one of his recent shows. In my opinion Todd is at the top of his game right now….his last couple albums have been the best of his career. Featured on this set are some of my favorite Todd cuts, like “Ballad of the Kingsmen”, “The Devil You Know”, “Can’t Complain”, the George W. diatribe “Tale of Two Frat Brothers”, “Statistician’s Blues” (which has my favorite Todd lyric in it), the toungue in cheek “Conservative, Christian, White Wing….”, “If Tomorrow Never Comes”, and one of my favorites “Just Like Old Times”.

Todd Snider – Live at The Handlebar 10-18-01

This is a nice little Todd Snider boot from a 2001 show at The Handlebar in Greenville, SC. He runs through alot of his old standards here, and tells some good storys too. He also plays a John Prine song (Illegal Smile) and a couple of Neil Young songs to finish it off. Sound Quality is not the greatest, but just turn it up……it’s just really low volume. I forgot to include the artwork with the file, so you can either save the pictures above, or download the artwork by itself….sorry.

The Handlebar


Todd Snider – A Tale of Two Frat Brothers (You Got Away With It) (Video Clip) & DVD Trailer

I love Todd Snider, he just put out a collection of outtakes and rarities (Peace, Love, and Anarchy, released this week) and has a DVD coming out in a few weeks that’s going to kick all kinds of ass. From the trailer (see down below) it’s looks great, and includes lots of good footage similar to this clip here from Grimey’s in Nashville(which may or may not be on the DVD….hopefully it will be). I just found out there is also limited edition live album from Grimey’s that just came out as well!!!! Nice!! Todd is giving us lot’s of good stuff this month!

Trailer for upcoming DVD

Todd Snider – Near Truths & Hotel Rooms (Live)

So yesterdays post was just a primer of things to come! Here we have Todd Sniders fantastic 2003 live album “Near Truths & Hotel Rooms”.

This is a great album and a great introduction to Todd Snider if you are not familiar with him. He is one of the best songwriters around today and also an excellent storyteller, and this album showcases both of those traits. This is Todd at his best, just him a guitar and an occasional harmonica. Standout tracks include: D.B. Cooper, I Can’t Complain, Beer Run (which you may have heard on the horrible Bob & Tom Show), Statistician’s Blues….but the absolute highlight of the whole album is The Story of the Devil’s Backbone Tavern. Give it a listen

Buy It Here

EDIT: Download Link Removed

Storytime with Todd Snider

So I still haven’t been able to up anything new…..I tried but after it spent 3 hours uploading it said “Filesize too large”. You think they would tell you something like that upfront.

anyway, to tide you over is a great performance by Todd Snider where he explains the inspiration for his song “If Tomorrow Never Comes”.