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Todd Snider & The Nervous Wrecks – Devil You Know (Vid)

just watch the damn thing!

Random news: Ransom Pride Trailer, Todd Snider Book, Chris Knight Pre-Order, etc…

Just some random tidbits here:

  • Last Rites of Ransom Pride (outdated and non-representative of the real movie) trailer is now online and viewable, this is the movie that stars Kris Kristofferson, Dwight Yoakam, and script by Ray Wylie Hubbard (more info on the site) EDIT: According to Judy Hubbard this is not the trailer for the movie, rather a scene that was shot last year to drum up support for the movie. The real movie is set to debut at this year’s Toronto Film Festival in September. More info here. Here’s to hoping an official trailer comes out soon.
  • Todd Snider divulged in a recent interview with Paste that he is working on a book based on his infamous stories. Said he gave the writer Dennis Cook a copy of the Moondawg’s Tavern boot, a few phone numbers, and told him to find the “real story”. Book is going to be called “Almost Everything I Say Is True
  • Chris Knight announced The Trailer Tapes II will be released this September, but….BUT!…you can pre-order now and get an immediate download & get the physical CD in the mail (some have already gotten their’s, and early reviews are that this thing is as good as the first Trailer Tapes)
  • Good news for you Backsliders fans out there. Chip Robinson (lead singer of The Backsliders) has a new one coming out in November on Red River Records called Mylow, which can also be pre-ordered and they will feature custom packaging, signature, and early shipment
  • Speaking of, Red River Records is run by Kasey Anderson, who has announced an EP of four additional songs taken from the session for his Way Out West album released earlier this year. EP will be available on August 25th, and pre-orders get access to an exclusive bonus track

Todd Snider – Marilyn’s On K – Sacramento, CA – 2/15/09

“I found a four leaf clover in my yard today, it had one leaf missing off it but that was OK”. That’s how Todd Snider opens this show, and what a show folks. Superb, superb sound quality, great set list, great stories, Todd’s taking requests, great variations on the old songs, and best of all NEW SONGS! This this is worth downloading just for the story about Slash and his “wastelets”. It’s been awhile since I posted anything new, so I hope this makes up for it folks.

BTW, I spent a few weeks exploring the so called “blogosphere” and I agree with you guys….sharebee sucks….matter of fact when I tried to use it I got a virus warning pop. Nice! So here is my new policy for uploads, if it’s under 100mb, it will be mediafire. If it’s over 100mb it will be something else….right now I’m trying this Flame Upload site which seems nice to me DL & UL wise. Don’t know what the shelf life on the files there will be though….we will see, let me know what you think. Another thing is I always prefer .zips over .rars, only reason I use .rars is when I have to split the files to suite the upload site……Flame Upload allow files up to 200mb, which should take care of most of the things I up.

anyway, enjoy the new Todd, cause I’m enjoying the hell out of it

Read about it over at Eighteen Minutes

MP3 @ 192
Todd Snider – Marilyin’s On K

News: Todd Snider, Scott Miller, Wrinkle Neck Mules, etc…

Well there’s a lot of stuff to talk about here. First off, that Ribbonpigeon album from the last post, well they emailed me to let me know that they just changed their name to The Only Sons and are working with a label for a distribution deal with that album and the one prior. Can’t wait for that.

How about some Todd Snider news? Todd’s new album The Excitement Plan is now available for pre-order. Due out on June 6, the $40 dollar deluxe pre-order box set features some cool items. Like each set will be signed and numbered by Todd (limited to 500), a DVD of the Peace Queer movie, a bonus disc of songs, 3 stickers, and even a Todd Snider flag! Pretty sweet.

Now on to Scott Miller. Those of you like myself who got the Appalachian Refugee demo CD AND pre-ordered the new album back in december (or was it november?) may have noticed a glaring omission from the album…..that omission was the sublime song Appalachian Refugee. Well Scott has heeded his fans call and decided to include the song on the street version of the album (due out Next Tuesday). Now here is the cool part, since the folks who pre-ordered the album did not get this track, he made it available for download on his site. This is a highly recommended download. Also while you are there check out his new site, he finally updated it to reflect the computer age :P

Wrinkle Neck Mules….I know there are a few fans of them out there :) . Well good news as they have recorded over 30 songs and are thinking of releasing possibly a double album or some kind of box set sometime this year. Read about it here.

Some odds and ends. The new Steve Earle album kicks all kinds of ass, The Steeldrivers are in the studio working on their followup, Magnolia Electric Co. have a 7″ EP coming out April 18th featuring 4 unreleased songs, and Jimbo Mathus just put out a new album called Jimmy The Kid that is somehow impossible to buy but you can listen to samples on his myspace page.

Todd Snider – Countryfried

Well hell, I’ve had this one ready to go for about 2 weeks now but haven’t had a chance to sit down at a computer and post it. I could have swore actually that I had posted it sometime in the past….but I’ll be damned, I hadn’t. So here it is. This is probably the most interesting Todd rarity thing I have. Imagine if you will if Todd’s main sources of inspiration were not Kristofferson & Prine, but instead Waylon & Hank Jr. That would give you a pretty good idea of what to expect here. Some really good stuff here, though you can tell it’s demo quality. Also a few hiccups here and there that I hope don’t bother you guys too bad cause this is the best version I got. Highlight on here is the ode to the princess of country music Emmylou Harris….titled of course Emmylou….where Snider belts out “I hope them angels sing as good as Emmylou”.
See what Eighteen Minutes has to say
MP3 @ 192
Todd Snider – Countryfried
PS: To the guy who said he couldn’t get sharebee to work and the other anti-sharbee-ites (:P) sorry about this and the next few still being in sharebee, I am looking for a suitable replacement but the search continues.

Todd Snider – Viva Satellite Demos

As promised, the Viva Satellite Demos. The shining star on this set (in my opinion at least), is Got That Feeling Again. There are some other great cuts on here, like I Want Out, Wide Awake, Fine Tune (a welcome addition to any Todd Snider collection) and I really dig the version of Godsend on here. Just like Viva Satellite this thing has a real Tom Petty vibe to it.
For more info on this and other Todd Snider info, refer to Eighteen
MP3 @ 128
Todd Snider – Viva Satellite Demos

Todd Snider – Todd Sings Jerry Jeff

So here’s the sister album to Todd Sings Kris. Basically it is of the same caliber, studio recordings Todd made available for his listserv/fan club the year following his Kristofferson tribute. Now Mr. Snider has stated many times that Jerry Jeff is a huge influence on him. In fact he has stated in one epic story how Jerry Jeff is actually the artist who influenced him to become a singer songwriter. Again not much to say about it, just a great tribute by an artist paying homage to one of his musical heroes. See Eighteen Minutes for more info. (Side note: 18minutes said there was artwork already, but the links were dead so I made new ones (love how this one turned out BTW). Also thanks to all the folks who sent this to me.)
MP3 @ 160
Todd Sings Jerry Jeff

Todd Snider – Todd Sings Kris

Todd Snider, always one to wear his influences on his sleeve, recorded this collection of Kristofferson songs in 2005 and made them available to members of his listserv/fan club. What you get here are sparse, studio quality, earnest tributes to one of Todd’s musical heroes. There is really not much to say here, just that it’s good, and if you don’t have it you should. For more info see Eighteen Minutes.
MP3 @ 160
Todd Sings Kris

RE-POST: Todd Snider – Tales From Moondawg’s Tavern

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….this is potentially the greatest bootleg of all time, and certainly the best thing to ever grace the pages of this site. Had a request for this so it’s about time I re-upped it. This thing is phenomenal….if your not already a Todd Snider fan then just listen to this. If this doesn’t capture your fancy, then i don’t know what the hell you’re doing here.
MP3 @ 192

Download from Mediafire
Todd Snider – Moondawg’s Tavern Disc 1
Todd Snider – Moondawg’s Tavern Disc 2
Todd Snider – Moondawg’s Tavern Disc 3
Todd Snider – Moondawg’s Tavern Disc 4
Todd Snider – Moondawg’s Tavern Disc 5
Download the FLAC files here

Todd Snider – Colorado Demos

Couldn’t find much info on this one here. Near as I can tell, it was recorded sometime between “Step Right Up” and “Viva Satelite”. That would put it in the 1997 time frame. Makes a nice little linker between the two albums. If you dig old Todd, this is right up your alley.

Todd Snider – Colorado Demos