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Looking Backwards: 2010 (Tim Barry)

here is a killer vid of Tim Barry performing 500 Miles off 28th and Stonewall

Show Report: Tim Barry @ Highland Park – Roanoke, VA 10/2/10

When I first heard that this show was moved to the dog park in Roanoke and was a dog and kid friendly show at 4 in the afternoon….I wasn’t sure what to make of it. What I and the 40 or so other people in the park were treated to was one of the coolest and most laid back music experiences I think I’ve ever been witness to.

When I got there, Marcus Hodges of Roanoke’s own Red Clay River was playing. He had his dog Jackson tied to his beltloop, there were other dogs walking around, small toddlers were running around chasing dogs and riding bikes,  people littered all about the hillside listening to the music. I found me a spot on the hill and settled in. I have heard of Red Clay River but never actually heard them. I was pretty impressed by Marcus’s set. Sadly I learned later that Red Clay River is on something of a hiatus due to theft of most of their gear earlier in the year. That is a shame, and I hope they can get back to playing again soon.

After Marcus, Josh Small came up to play a set with Tim Barry helping out. Now Josh is another who I have heard of but never heard. Was really impressed by him too. Especially his playing on his resonator. Some great blues slide thing going on. When it switched almost seamlessly from Josh with Tim helping out to Tim with Josh helping out, Tim got down on the grass and asked everyone to come in closer and form a circle around. This was really cool and just stepped an already laid back picnic style show into an almost gathering of good friends hanging around a campfire.

I’ve been writing this post for days it seems, not cause it’s difficult but just because I haven’t felt like writing anything…so I will leave it at this. It was great, Tim was great, and it was one of the coolest shows I’ve ever been to. Now watch the vids:

Here is crappy vid I took with my cell

Here is another vid from someone else who was there (I love this song!)

Also, thanks to Haley for the pic used above, and for these two vids: Tim Barry – This November, Josh Small – Somebody’s Queen

More free albums….Suburban Home Records & The Ladysails

and you thought it was over! Well I guess that should say I thought it was over.

Well I couldn’t NOT tell you about the amazing deal Suburban Home Records is offering right now. In celebration of their 14th anniversary they are offering just about any album in their catalog FREE! Any album you choose. Just go to the Suburban Home Free Album page, enter your email and choose the album you want. Simple as that…and AWESOME!
Might I recommend some things to check out..the killer new Austin Lucas for old time and bluegrass fans (check out ninebullets recent review), Drag The River, Two Cow Garage, for those who like a little punk mixed in with their twang, the underrated Tim Barry. Myself, I will be checking out the new Jon Snodgrass (of Drag The River) and Cory Branan (the guy name dropped in Lucero’s “Tears Don’t Matter Much”) new self-titled collaboration album. If only because it has the most kick ass album cover I may have ever seen!
Ok, so in addition to that, I thought I would also mention that The Ladysails are also offering their new album, and previous album for free here. I haven’t listened to it yet, so I can’t vouch for it. But it was brought to my attention (thanks kimmytw), so I thought I would bring it to yours.

Revival Tour At The Church (Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry, Ben Nichols, Jesse Malin)

So here are a few names alot of you might not recognize, though I’m willing to be alot of you will (all except Ben Nichols and Malin were recent discoveries for me). The Revival Tour is basically a bunch of punks getting in touch with their more heartfelt side. I think a guy we all know said it best when he said “I started this damned country band/cause punk rock is too hard to sing”. This is great stuf folks….the sound can be a little iffy, but the content more than makes up for it. If you like your folk/country a little on the punk side this is right up your alley. What we have is Ben Nichols from Lucero, Chuck Ragan formerly from Hot Water Music, Tim Barry from Avail, and Jesse Malin formerly of D Generation and a frequent Ryan Adams collaborator. If you like this I would recommend picking up each of these artists most recent solo albums. Ben Nichols excellent concept album Last Pale Light In The West (inspired by the book Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy….read this book too if you haven’t), Tim Barry’s Manchester from last year, Chuck Ragan’s Bristle Ridge, and Jesse Malin’s covers album from last year On Your Sleeve (though you would certainly do better to pick up one of his earlier albums).

Also worth getting is the compilation Revival Road 2008 which features selections and live cuts from Nichols, Barry, and Ragan and is a great introduction to all three.

Revival Tour Part 1
Revival Tour Part 2