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Southern Culture On The Skids – Biscuit Eater (vid)

Man this is some amazing footage. For a brief period in my life this was the only band that mattered…and this is a good example why. If you ever get a chance to see SCOTS live. DO IT.

A Truer Sampler 01 – Southern Culture On The Skids

Ok, so here’s the first sampler… of my favorite groups….Southern Culture On The Skids, or as the fans call them SCOTS. Now let me just preface this by saying that when I was around 12 or 13 I used to steal my sister’s hair metal tapes, and tape over them with my boom box that sat in the headboard of my bed. Now I would always just tape stuff off the radio that I thought was cool, and typically I would end up taping stuff off the local college station. This was always late at night too and if you’ve ever listened to college radio you know that they play some pretty weird stuff, especially late at night. Well I had a bunch of these tapes, and my favorite was a taped over Night Ranger tape that had this bad ass song about a mexican wrestler who was also a super hero at night.

Fast forward a few years, and I had completely forgotten about those tapes. I hear this cool song on the radio (different station this time) about little debbie cakes and snack crackers. So I search it out and find out it’s a group called Southern Culture On The Skids. I go buy the CD “Dirt Track Date” and loved the hell out of it…used to cruise around to it in my old LTD with the discman plugged into the tape deck. Naturally I start collecting their back catalouge….and find stuff that just keeps getting better and better….songs about wrestling bears & eatin’ biscuits and chicken shit. Then I get a newly released EP of some early tracks, it was called Viva Del Santo….I walk out of the local record shop (RIP) plop it in my discman…and holy shit! it’s that song I taped off the radio about the mexican wrestler! Pretty Cool I thought.

They became one of my all time favorite bands, and if you’ve never seen them live you really need to, one of the (if not the) best shows I’ve ever seen.

Now the way I’m gonna do these samplers is to try my best to put at least one song from every album an artist or group has. On this one though I did not include a song from their very very early first album (from 1985) cause they weren’t really the same band then, and I didn’t include one from the “Zombified” EP cause well….I kinda ran out of room and the songs weren’t as strong as others. Also, the songs I pick are based purely on my tastes, and nothing else… if you think something is missing or don’t like what I picked, well…..they are just songs I like and think other people should hear.

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MP3 @ 192
ATS01 – Southern Culture On The Skids

Sleazefest ‘94

Ok, this one is for RYP @ Twighlightzone. If you haven’t checked his sight out, and you like trashy, surfy, twangy, garage rock sounds…..then you really need to check it out. Anyway, this is the official CD recording of the inaugural Sleazefest in Chapel Hill, North Carolina which took place late August 1994. Organized by Rick Miller of Southern Culture on The Skids as an answer to all the “lollapalooza” and “woodstock ‘94″ type festivals happening that year, he assembled a who’s who of trash rock, rockabilly, and garage rock, called it Sleazefest, and held it at a local BBQ joint. Just listening to this you can tell this must have been one hell of a party, and I guarantee you there was more than one guitar neck covered in BBQ sauce fingerprints before this was over. Here is a link to more info, pics and the liner notes.

  1. Hang Up – The Strychnines
  2. Hitch – Chrome Daddy Discos
  3. I Got Your Number – The Woggles
  4. My Baby Likes To Boogaloo – The Woggles
  5. Boo Boo The Cat – Hasil Adkins
  6. Head On The Wall – Hasil Adkins
  7. Class With A Capital K – Hillbilly Frankenstein
  8. High Class To Trailer Trash – Hillbilly Frankenstein
  9. Intermission
  10. Red Roses – The Subsonics
  11. Shady Side Of The Street – The Subsonics
  12. I Made You A Clown – The Subsonics
  13. Pneumonia – The Bassholes
  14. You’re Never Gonna Be Alone – Dexter Romweber
  15. Hurricanes A-Comin’ – Dexter Romweber
  16. Vamp Camp-Patina In Em – Family Dollar Pharoahs
  17. Shake It Some More – Santo’s Helpers
  18. Mudbuggy – Southern Culture On The Skids
  19. Hubcap Hunch – Southern Culture On The Skids & Hasil Adkins
  20. Leaves In Autumn – Hasil Adkins

MP3 @ 192


Bubbapalooza Vol. 1: Chronicle of The Redneck Underground

Here’s an old out of print album for you, and a rare one at that. Bubbapalooza was an annual concert held in Atlanta, GA and was organized by Gregory Dean Smalley. Now you may be wondering who Gregory Dean Smalley is, and some of you big DBT fans may even know. I’ll get to who he is in a minute, but first more about this album. Now back in the early to mid 90’s there was a scene around the Atlanta and Athens areas of Georgia that was dubbed (by Deacon Lunchbox) the “Redneck Underground”. See this was back before anyone knew what to call this type of music, so there were all kinds of names floating around…..”no depression”, “insurgent country”, “redneck underground”, “cow punk”, etc… Anyway, the Redneck Underground specifically included bands from Athens, Atlanta, and Chapel Hill, NC (which had it’s own killer scene back then). So in 1995 Gregory Dean Smalley decided they needed a festival…..and what better name than Bubbapalooza…..a play on the then new and still credible Lollapalooza. This is the recording of that first festival.
Now you’ll see a couple familiar names here…..mostly Scott Miller (pre V-Roys) and Southern Culture On The Skids. But there are others here like Kelly Hogan who was in Deacon Lunchbox’s band. Oh, and Gregory Dean Smalley….who I promised I would get to. I’m sure alot of you have heard of him, he is the subject of DBT’s song “The Living Bubba” and this album is one of his few recorded moments with his band “The Diggers”. Here is a link to an article written by Patterson Hood about Smalley and his song “The Living Bubba”, check it out.

Standout tracks are “Loweena”, “Mama Was A Dancer At The Clermont Lounge”, Scott Miller’s sublime “Napoleon”, “George Jones (Has Never Sung About My Girl” and of course the highlight of the whole album…..The Diggers’ “She’s Breakin’ My Heart (While I’m Drinkin’ Her Beer)”
  • 1. Loweena, the Urban Redneck Queen – Deacon Lunchbox
    2. Fakin’ It – The Vidalias
    3. Mama Was a Dancer at the Clermont Lounge – Redneck Greece Deluxe
    4. George Jones (Has Never Sung About My Girl) – Slim Chance and The Convicts
    5. Can’t Find a Place to Stay – Steam Donkeys
    6. Outta Town – Jennie B and the Speedbillies
    7. Rockabilly Show – Blacktop Rockets
    8. 2 Pigs in a Blanket/She’s My Little Biscuit Eater – Southern Culture on the Skids
    9. Cabbagetown – Delta Angels
    10. Napoleon – Scott Miller
    11. Candy Kisses – Greasetrap
    12. She’s Breakin’ My Heart (While I’m Drinkin’ Her Beer) – The Diggers
One other thing to mention is that Bubbapalooza stills goes one every year at the Star City Bar in Atlanta GA.
MP3 @ 192

Southern Culture On The Skids – Live at El Sol

This is an incredible live album. If you are unfamiliar with Southern Culture On The Skids, then download this….it’s a great intro to them. Recorded during the peak of their career at El Sol in Madrid Spain on December 6, 1997….SCOTS are in typical form here….in all their garage-surf-white trash-chicken eatin’ glory. Key tracks are….well all of it….SCOTS throw one hell of a party when they play live…..go-go dancers (girls from the audience invited up), chicken tossin’, mexican wrestlers, and some of the best damned guitar playing since they took the genes of Link Wray and spliced them with Tony Joe White…..well they never actually did that but if they did it would sound just like SCOTS guitarist and frontman Rick Miller. Give this a listen folks, you won’t be dissapointed.
MP3 @128

Southern Culture On The Skids – Eight Piece Box (Video Clip)

One of the greatest live bands ever