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Son Volt – Acoustic Radio Sessions ‘95-’96

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. Son Volt in their prime, live on the radio. This is one of my favorite discs and I recently stumbled back upon it so I just had to throw it up here. Some of these cuts have appeared in other places (like the fantastic Retrospective) but this disc has a real solid flow to it that just takes you back. Hope you guys enjoy it.


Son Volt – EP Collection

Here we have a few now out of print Son Volt EP’s. Switchback, Straightface and Afterglow 61.

Switchback EP from 1997

1. Back Into Your World
2. Tulsa County
3. Drown (Live)
4. Going, Going Gone

Straightface EP from 1998
1. Straightface (Radio Version)
2. Holocaust
3. Last Time Around
4. Straightface (Live)

Afterglow 61 from 2005
1. Afterglow 61 (Radio Mix)
2. Joe Citizen Blues
3. Bandages and Scars (Live)
4. Medication (Live)
5. Ipacac (Live)
6. Gramaphone (Acoustic)

I’ve been on the lookout for the bonus tracks to The Search, the ones that are only available through iTunes, not the bonus disc from Best Buy. And am I the only one who finds it ironic that on a disc where Farrar is railing agains commercialism he has these sweet deals that screw the fans with iTunes and Best Buy?

Anyway, if any of you fine readers know where I might find these extra tracks, please post.


MP3 @ 320 & 192
Son Volt – EPs Part 1
Son Volt – Eps Part 2

Some more great boots over at Hear Rock City

Lots of Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, and a little Wilco. check ‘em all out here

Live at The Blue Note 4.29.94

Acoustic Uncle Tupelo July 29th, 1990

(Don’t miss this one folks!!!)

Son Volt – St. Petersburg 2-9-99

The Tupelo Report (lots of good links and 2 good shows…Son Volt – Atlanta 99 & Uncle Tupelo Chicago 10-15-93

Early Tupelo June 30, 1989

an early Wilco show (St. Louis 1995)

Son Volt – Live on NPR Oct. 21st, 2005 (From Hear Rock City)

There is a fantastic Son Volt show over at Hear Rock City (Link on sidebar). Head on over there and look around, there is some great stuff in the archives too (including a great acoustic Uncle Tupelo radio show from ‘90!!) This guy makes his own CD art too, and it’s really good…..check it out:

It’s a great blog, highly recommended

Jay Farrar/Son Volt – The Picture (Video Clip)

This is a nice clip of Jay performing one of the songs off the new Son Volt album “The Search”.

Son Volt – B-Sides & Rarites

This is a nice collection of some unreleased and live songs. A few of these songs are available on the excellent Son Volt Retrospective (buy it if you don’t have it), but the majority of these are fairly hard to come by. The ones that are on the retrospective are indicated with an asterisk. Some standout tracks are the “Windfall” demo, the wonderful cover of Towne Van Zandt’s “Rex’s Blues” with Kelly Willis (This track is so good it’s worth having twice!), the acoustic version of “Drown”, the Byrds’ “Truck Stop Girl” (with Kelly Willis again)….pretty much all the Kelly Willis songs are outstanding. The live version of “Tear Stained Eye” is pretty damned good too. Also of note is the version of “Lookin’ At The World Through A Windshield” on here which is different from the one on the retrospective (which is from the Rig Rog Deluxe album).
  1. Route [Demo]
  2. Windfall [Demo]
  3. Tear Stained Eye [Demo]*
  4. Rex’s Blues (with Kelly Willis) [Red Hot + Bothered]*
  5. Tulsa County [Switchback EP]*
  6. Drown (Acoustic) [Switchback EP]
  7. Going Going Gone [Switchback EP]
  8. Ain’t No More Cane (with Kelly Willis) [Outtake]
  9. Old Dutch (David Boquist Vocal) [Outtake]
  10. Seven To A Room (Jim Boquist Vocal) [Outtake]
  11. Lookin’ At The World Through A Windshield [Pop Culture Flexi-Disc]
  12. Truck Stop Girl (with Kelly Willis) [Rig Rock Deluxe]
  13. Weighted Down [More Oar Tribute]
  14. Tear Stained Eye [Live]
  15. Holocaust [B-Side]*
  16. Last Time Around [Live]
  17. Straigtface [Live]
  18. Too Early [Live]
  19. Is Anybody Going To San Antone [Live]

Download Son Volt – B-sides and Rarities here

Gob Iron – Death Songs For The Living

I’ve been on a son volt/Jay Farrar kick here lately (thanks to the new son volt album), so I present you Jay’s side project from last year with Anders Parker……Gob Iron.

This album is as close to uncle tupelo that you can get with out hopping in a time machine and going back to 1991. Very reminiscent of UT’s “March 16-20″ album. These are mostly covers and re-interpratations of old folk songs. Standout tracks include Farrar’s “Death’s Black Train”, “Hard Times”, “Nicotine Blues”, & Parkers excellent “Hills of Mexico”. Also included is a another Carter Family cover like only Jay can do…….”East Virginia Blues”. So if you like acoustic Uncle Tupelo…….you will surely dig this…and if you like son volt, the last track “Buzz and Grind” is classic son volt material.

More Info

Buy It Here

EDIT: Download Link Removed

Son Volt – The Search

OK, so here’s a special post for you guys……The new Son Volt album, due out next week, but here right now for you to preview.

Upon a quick listen it’s a typical son volt album……Jay’s not breaking any new ground here (well except for those horns on “the picture”). Some tracks that immediately stand out: “Methamphetamine”, “Highways & Cigarettes”, and “Action” (which sounds like it could be a leftover from Okemah). Like most Son Volt/Farrar albums……this ones probably gonna be a grower. Enjoy

Buy it here

EDIT: Download Link Removed

Son Volt – Trace

So my first album on here might as well be the one from which this site takes it’s name from……that’s right, the Alt-Country masterpiece that is known to you and me as Trace.

This is a fantastic album and a great intro to this type of music. Standout tracks: Windfall, Tear Stained Eye, Ten Second News, Out of the Picture, Too Early, Drown…..pretty much the whole thing.

EDIT: Download Link Removed