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Winner of the V-Roys contest… Travis Hill, congrats! Thanks everyone for commenting, the answer of course was the band’s original name was The Viceroys but they had to shorten to The V-Roys due to the reggae band with the same name. I had never heard the Viceroy cigarettes story though…could it perhaps be a combination of both?

Really I think the V-Roys is a much better name so I think it worked out. To tie it back to reggae, enjoy this video of The V-Roys backing Steve Earle doing their version of  The Slickers classic song Johnny Too Bad.

V-Roys Contest

Wanna win an autographed copy of the just released V-Roys compilation Sooner Or Later (as shown to the left there)? It’s easy, all you gotta do is leave a comment below with your best answer to the following question: Why was the the first V-Roys album titled “Just Add Ice”?

The winner will be chosen at random, but the first person to answer the question correctly will receive adulation, personal satisfaction, and your name will get thrown into the hat twice. [EDIT: Scott Erickson has answered correctly and firstly, consider this your adulation. If anyone has any stories about the v-roys they want to share...please, do so in the comments. Also I should have mentioned, contest will run until next friday, Oct. 7th]

Good luck, and while you’re at it check out this killer video of Mary | facebook

V-Roys compilation and one night reunion (plus a bonus rare track)

This weekend I started hearing rumblings about some possible big announcement from The V-Roys and my mind instantly went to “reunion!”.  Now I’ve made it no secret on here that The V-Roys were, and remain one of my favorite bands. Matter of fact if my house was to burn down I think Just Add Ice would be a CD I would have to run back in the house to rescue despite the danger.

Well the announcement came early this morning, and while not a full reunion (yet) what we will get is a New Years Eve reunion show at the Bijou Theater in Knoxville, and a brand new compilation titled Sooner or Later featuring remaster versions of old songs and 5 unreleased songs due Sept. 27th.  The unreleased songs are mostly covers, but also 2 Mic Harrison originals. View the track listing here
Watch this video…

Needless to say, very excited to hear these songs, and I am already making plans to attend that New Years Eve Show. Enjoy the remastered version of Sooner or Later below, and as a special treat, a true V-Roys rarity which is their cover of Roger Miller’s Long Time Leavin’ which was featured on a compilation called Cowpunks back in 1996.
V-Roys – Sooner Or Later (Remastered)

V-Roys – Long Time Leavin’ (Roger Miller Cover)

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Show Report: Scott Miller @ Kirk Avenue Music Hall – Roanoke, VA 10/7/10

Wow, can’t believe this show was over a month ago. Long overdue posting about it. This was my first Scott Miller show and it was everything I expected Scott Miller solo acoustic to be. Definitely do not miss him if he comes to your area. A great performer, and an even better songwriter.

Scott has a christmas album out now called Christmas Gift. Of course he refused to play any of these songs because he said it wasn’t time for christmas, and if you buy the EP to wait until the appropriate time to open it. More info and stream the album here.

I will post a vid from this show taken with my cell phone but still better than expected (unlike that grainy pic to the side there). I still haven’t replaced my camera yet.

Random News: Last Rites sees release, Scott Miller gear stolen, Fox Hunt lineup changes

Just some quick news here:

  • Last Rites of Ransom Pride, the western starring Kris Kristofferson, Dwight Yoakam, and written by Ray Wylie Hubbard is finally being released…..straight to DVD. I noticed this at the Red Box yesterday as it was shown as an upcoming release. Very excited about this. Look for it next week at Red Boxes nationwide.
  • Scott Miller had a good portion of his gear stolen in Buffalo, NY earlier this week. Here is a blurb from Scott: Thanks for all the support folks, the good news – they didn’t get the guitars, the bad news they got my amp and assorted stomp boxes, cables etc. also got my back pack with all the song notes from this summer of writing for the next record. Check the notes for amp info if you are poking around ebay or Craig’s list. The best news, I’m still touring and the shows have been great. (The amp in question is a Roland AC 90A, serial no. ZW50442)
  • The Fox Hunt announced yesterday that Matt Kline will be leaving the band and Darrin Hacquard and Paul Young will be joining. Tonight’s show in Frostburg, MD is actually Matt’s last show with the band. He will be missed as his songs dominate almost half of the excellent Long Way To Go (Troublemakin’ Woman, Sinner’s Like Me, Get Back Home, Lower Than I Should Be, When The Roll’s Called). I look forward to hearing the new Fox Hunt and whatever Matt decides to do.
  • Just a quick note of some great shows of interest in and around the SW VA area this month:
    • Tim Barry tomorrow (Oct. 2nd) at Highland Dog Park in Roanoke around 4pm or so (dog and kid friendly show)
    • Scott Miller next thursday (Oct. 7th) at Kirk Ave Music Hall in Roanoke
    • Cadillac Sky will be returning to Kirk Ave Music Hall in Roanoke next Friday (Oct. 8th)
    • The Black Twig Pickers will be playing all over the area in support of their newest album Ironto Special. This includes Meadowbrook Library in Shawsville at 10am tomorrow, and at Gillies in Blacksburg tomorrow night (Oct. 2nd), The Cellar in Blacksburg on the 13th, Blacksburg Farmers Market on the 23rd, and Floyd Country Store on the 29th
    • Josh Ritter will be playing a solo acoustic show at Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg, WV next Friday (Oct. 8th)
    • The Avett Brothers will be playing the Roanoke Performing Arts Center on the 22nd
    • The Del McCoury Band will be playing The Jefferson Center in Roanoke on the 28th
    • The New Familiars will also be playing Roanoke on the 28th, at Kirk Ave Music Hall
    • Some upcoming Mountain Stage shows in Charleston, WV of interest:
      • Oct. 10th – The Hold Steady, Joe Pug, Crooked Still
      • Oct. 17th – Alejandro Escovedo, Felice Brothers
      • Oct. 24th – Jenny and Johnny, JJ Grey (and Mofro I’m assuming)
      • Oct. 31st – Carrie Rodriguez, Jimmy Webb

Scott Miller – 12th Man (video)

So High School football must be starting tonight because I can hear the familiar sounds coming over from the local High School (which is a high school whose football program is mentioned in a another Scott Miller song but I will have to talk about that later). Now I’m not a big follower of local sports (or major sports for that matter), but HS Football is a big part of small town America. As soon as I start to hear those distant marching bands and stuttered announcements I know that fall is approaching and I’m also always reminded of this Scott Miller song. One of the few songs out there about football.

Underloved Song of The Week: Mic Harrison – The Only Road

This weeks underloved song is Mic Harrison in honor of his new album Great Commotion that was released this week. This song is off his 2007 album Push Me On Home. It’s a revved up cover of his old V-Roys bandmate Scott Miller’s song The Only Road. You guys already know I’m a huge V-Roys fan, so no surprises here, but I really dig what Mic did with this version. My favorite part is the killer guitar solo after the second verse.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Mic Harrison & The High Score – The Only Road

Mic Harrison and The High Score are currently on tour in support of Great Commotion

Vintage V-Roys vids

As you guys know, I’m a huge V-Roys fan from way back. Matter fact I was telling someone the other day that I bet I played “Just Add Ice” more in the 90’s than any other album and it remains one of my favorite albums to this day.  So when I found these vintage V-Roys clips on youtube (posted by Scott Miller no less) I about shit a cinderblock.  Check them out, you got Mary, and the most interesting to me (because it’s never made it’s way to an album) is the Cold Cruel World clip.

While I don’t know if the V-Roys will ever get back together (I wish they would), fans in East Tennessee can get the next best thing as Scott and Mic will be playing a one of their legendary New Years Eve shows at the Bijou Theater in Knoxville. Coincidentally, the same night Virginia Tech plays Tennessee….bring it Scott!!!

Guy Clark post shut down = Guy Clark news, & more news

  • I was asked to pull down the Guy Clark post because Dual Tone is actually planning to release a proper pro mixed version of that show at some point. Can’t wait for that to come out, and hopefully it will have a DVD with it!
  • The other day I mentioned that Scott Miller was going to be releasing a new song on his site to help fund his new album (similar to what he did with Appalachian Refugee Demos). Well it’s going to be a series of songs and the first, Lo Sienta, Spanishburg West Virginia is now available for $1.49. The Scott Miller newsletter included a great essay about this song which I can’t seem to find on the site. Anyway, just know it’s very much in the vein of the Appalachian Refugee Demos and it’s about a real town called Spanishburg. Hey Scott, how bout next time your drive up to Athens, WV you stop off and do a show in Princeton? Even better drive 30 min. east to Pearisburg and the beer’s on me! (not that we would have any place to drink other than my basement)
  • This is just news I forgot to include in the other days post. The much anticipated new Gillian Welch album is not happening. What? Well we are getting a Dave Rawlings Machine album instead. Can’t say what the difference will be, perhaps dave is taking more lead vocals. Anyway, that album is called A Friend of A Friend and will be out Nov. 17th. Pre-order at Amazon

McMurtry winner, Ray Wylie Hubbard movie, Wrinkle Neck Mules, new Scott Miller track, Carolyn Mark & NQ Arbuckle, etc

  • jridgeway was the winner of the McMurtry CD/DVD. Thanks all for commenting and entering. Some great lyrics posted, some I have overlooked and will now be listening to more closely
  • Wrinkle Neck Mules latest album Let The Lead Fly was pushed back to to October 20th release date. That’s next Tuesday. It says in that story that it’s a great album for fall driving through the mountains…..true statement, as I have come to the same conclusion.
  • Scott Miller has a new track that will be available for download on his site and help fund his upcoming album. I don’t have the specifics cause dammit I lost the email. In the meantime, enjoy some of the killer vids he has made on his site.
  • Just wanted to give a heads up for the Carolyn Mark and NQ Arbuckle album Let’s Just Stay Here which comes out tomorrow. Carolyn is half of canadian supergroup The Corn Sisters (with Neko Case), and as you know, NQ Arbuckle made one of my favorite albums of 2008. The album also features an unexpected cameo from fellow canadian Corb Lund.