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Looking Backwards: 2010 (Songs of The Year)

So this will be my last of the 2010 posts, these are the songs I will call songs of the year for 2010. Just songs I dug, you have likely heard them all already cause I have put them on other mixes etc..but here they are all together. It was initially supposed to be a top 10 but hell I added one bonus song.

Bonus Track: 11. The Black Keys – Sinister Kid
This is what happens when the Black Keys FINALLY add some bass to the mix

10. Jamey Johnson – That’s How I Don’t Love You
I didn’t really talk about Jamey much on here because well…he get’s a lot of press everywhere else, but this song is haunting and fucking great

9. Will Kimbrough – Wings
Definitely one of the songs of the year, and probably the only uplifting song on this mix

8. Ray Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs – Beg, Steal or Borrow
A perfect updated throwback to 70’s country rock ala Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue

7. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – You Won’t Let Me Down Again
How good is this song? Fucking good…love the little screaming thing in the background

6. Ray Wylie Hubbard – Loose
With a line like “Even her momma said she was always trouble/promise him everything, give him half and charge him double” how could this not make the list?

5. The Fox Hunt – It Suits Me
John Miller continues to impress with his songwriting and singing. The band is on fire with this one

4. Glossary – Through The Screen Door
On an album full of killer songs hard to pick just one but this one particularly resonates with me

3. Justin Townes Earle – Slippin’ and Slidin’
I remember when I saw Justin on Mt. Stage prior to this albums release and he played this song. It has stuck with me since, add Isbell to the studio version and holy shit!

2. The Sadies – Tell Her What I Said (from iTunes Session)
This song off Darker Circles was one of my favorites, but when I heard this iTunes session version with one of the best guitar solos played I couldn’t stop playing it.

1. Kasey Anderson – I Was A Photograph (Blake’s Song)
This has been the song of the year since the first time I heard it, one of the most powerful songs you are likely to hear

Download the mix here

Looking Backwards: 2010 (The Sadies)

Here is the official video for the song Cut Corners off the Sadies psychedelic masterpiece Darker Circles

John Doe & The Sadies – Stop The World & Let Me Off (Video Clip)

A cool clip from their recent in-store appearance at Sonic Boom records in Toronto (read a review over at My Aimz Is True). Man I could listen to Dallas Good belt out the country licks all day long… tele player since Clarence White?……hmmmm I don’t know but he definitely makes a good case.

A Truer Sampler14 – The Sadies

Surf, bluegrass, byrdsian psychedelia, garage rock, country, spaghetti westerns, canada. If you like any 2 of those then odds are your gonna like The Sadies. If you like all of them then buddy you’re gonna love ‘em. Hailing from Canada The Sadies have been going at it since 1998. Core members are lead singer/guitarists Dallas and Travis Good, it’s like someone locked them in a room when they were kids with nothing but ventures, byrds, various garage rock records, and two guitars. What came out is damned good. They can play…..buddy can they play. Some of the best b-bender licks since Clarence White invented the damned thing. They are known as one of the best live bands around too. Whether they are backing Alt Country diva Neko Case, dirty soul legend Andre Williams, or punk rock twangster Jon Langford….all of whom they have toured with and released album collaborations with.

This was kind of tricky to do, cause their songs are best heard on their albums…with all the quirky instrumentals and all. I tried to include some of that feel by adding some of my favorite instrumentals on here but it’s still not the same…..the albums are great, get the albums. Their latest one New Seasons is in my opinion probably their best album and certainly one of the best albums of last year. Do not pass it up, if you like this get that album…it will not dissapoint.

An Afterthough: GO SEE ‘EM LIVE! (courtesy Rockstar Aimz)
Sadies Message Board
Buy their stuff here
Video for “The Horseshoe”
Sadies Interview

Download ATS14 – The Sadies here

The Sadies – Live in Brighton 10-26-04

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

This is the promised Sadies show with the steel guitar. It’s fair sound quality, definitely listenable, though not the greatest. What makes it special though is the oh so sweet steel guitar mixed in with the Good brothers guitar workouts. Love this set-up for them.

Dead Link

Andre Williams and The Sadies – Hot As Hell (Live at Roskilde 1999)

As far as bootlegs go, this one is what you might call a “released” bootleg. That is, it was released by one of those shady European record labels. The info I found said this was recorded in 1999 at Roskilde Festival in denmark and released on yellow vinyl. However, I could not for the life of my find any album art for this. So here is a cool pic of Andre Williams:

Andre Williams is a forgotten R&B/Rock singer from way back….very reminiscent of Screaming Jay Hawkins. He recorded a killer album with the Sadies in 1999 entitled Red Dirt that was put out by Bloodshot Records (it’s fantastic, go get it) and this show was obviously in support of that album.

  1. Surfin’ In Country Hell
  2. Alleluia/Proud Mary
  3. I Can Tell
  4. Car With The Star
  5. She’s Allright
  6. I Wanna Be Your Favorite Pair Of Pajamas
  7. Jail Bait
  8. Agile, Mobile, Hostile
  9. Tell Me Why
  10. Mustang Sally
  11. Let Me Put It In (Your Pussy Is Gut)

More info on Andre Williams


Andre Williams and The Sadies – Hot As Hell

The Sadies – Schubas Tavern Chicago, IL Dec. 2001

Here’s a cool little Sadies show from way back in ‘01. Pretty killer set here, and The Sadies aren’t known for their live shows for nothin’ boys. If you’re not familiar with The Sadies, they are killer instrumentalists who play their own mix of surfabilly-bluegrass-country-delic-gospelpunk…..check em out. This is a good place to start. They have an official live album that, while a killer album, is much like a modern rap record(:-P)… know, plagued with just a touch too many guest appearences (cough cough..jon spencer..cough).
I didn’t get much information with this one, so all I know is that it was recorded at Schubas Tavern in December of 2001. I have another Sadies boot I will be putting up that features some steel guitar and is equally killer, so look forward to that if you are a fan.