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Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Bobby Rambo – Live At The Three Teardrops Tavern 5-8-92

Someone left a comment asking where to start with Townes Van Zandt and if I have any shows of his….well of course I have some shows, and here’s a brand spankin’ new one. All I have to say about this one is DAMN!! The sound on this one….EXCELLENT, the performances on this….EXCELLENT!!
This is basically a Townes and Guy show with Ray Wylie and Bobby Rambo thrown as a bonus. After listening to this a couple times, I’m honestly surprised this hasn’t seen official release yet….it’s that good. The version of Townes’ “Marie” on here kills me. Other bonuses on here….learn a little back story to Guy’s L.A. Freeway, learn why they call it the Three Teardrops Tavern (now a Duccati dealership). Highlight is by far the Townes and Guy singing trading songs off and singing together at the end.
This is the first I’ve ever heard of Bobby Rambo, but I’m very impressed by what’s on here, an artist I will have to find more about. Oh and if you still want to know where to start with Townes, get Live at The Old Quarter (especially if you like this)

MP3 @ 192 (206MB)
Download Three Drops Tavern here

Ray Wylie Hubbard and The Cowboy Twinkies (out of print first album)

Here’s a super oldie but a goodie. This is Ray Wylie Hubbard’s first album from 1975. Very hard to find, and very out of print. Notice the early version of Portales on here. This is pretty different from his newer sleazy greasy beautiful blues type stuff, but not THAT much different…you can still tell it Ray Wylie. Fans of Jerry Jeff Walker and Guy Clark will definitely want to check this one out

  • West Texas Country Western Dance Band
    $60 Ford
    Bordertown Girl
    Lovin’ of the Game
    Blackeyed Peas
    Jazzbo Dancer
    He’s the One (Who Made Me #2)
    Belly of Texas

Ray Wylie Hubbard and The Cowboy Twinkies

or Download MP3’s from

speaking of Ray Wylie

Here’s a nice little interview from this past August.

Can’t wait for that new album….and a live version of Snake Farm wouldn’t be too bad either. That’s his son playing with him BTW. Some pretty good licks coming out of that young man. I’m excited about a new Ray Wylie album I tells ya

Ray Wylie Hubbard – Hideaway BBQ Raleigh NC 10-12-07

Here’s some new Ray Wylie. Not the greatest recording in the world, but listenable. What’s nice is the couple of new songs he throws in. And man the cover I made makes me huuuungry. Anybody else out there a fan of carolina style BBQ. If your not familiar with carolina style BBQ, it’s smoked dry, pulled, put on a bun, then you douse it yourself with your favorite vinegar sauce….which consists of tomato-y vinegar or vinegar-y vinegar (Lexington sauce….with spices). Top it off with some slaw on top…’s the only way to eat a BBQ sammich I tells ya.

MP3 @ 192
Ray Wylie Hubbard – Hideaway BBQ

Re-Post: A Truer Sampler 03 – Ray Wylie Hubbard

This is in honor of our 100,000 visitor. This is my favorite sampler plus my favorite artwork I have made to date, so I’m gonna re-post it.

Download in the original post

Ray Wylie Hubbard (with Gurf Morlix) – Live at the Everyday Inn 6-10-06

Sorry for the lack of posts folks. To make up for it, here is a killer show from Ray Wylie Hubbard. Download it, you’ll thank me later. This is a great show because the audience has…..really good taste in music :p (listen to it, and you’ll get that). Also a killer version of “wanna rock and roll” (more intense than any other version I’ve heard), and he finishes it off with one of the best versions of “The messenger” I have ever heard as well. Gurf is here too backing him up and playing some killer licks.

They call her Mother Hubbard cause that’s what and who she is

I’m almost speechless here, we have recieved a high profile visitor to our humble little site on the interweb. None other than Mother Hubbard, that’s right, Ray Wylie Hubbard’s wife…known colloquially as Mother Hubbard. She threw down her polecat, kicked the banjo back under the bed, turned off Reservoir Dogs and made a nice little visit to this here blog… least that’s how I’m gonna imagine it :)

Here is the comment she left for us with the Ray Wylie Hubbard Sampler post:

blackwidow00 said…
Thanks for the kind words…I will pass them on to the Wylie Llama. Just want to remind everyone if you like the stuff and want to order CD’s please do so off the artists websites. We never see the money from the record label when you order off the other sites…amazon, etc. This way we can buy milk for the baby, guitars for the poet and for mom…pay the pool guy:)Love,PeaceMother Hubbard

Mother Hubbard, tell Ray Wylie I’ve been turnin’ people left and right onto his music in VA and he has a small contingency of hardcore fans in these here mountains. Tell him can’t wait for his new album to come out either…..has he thought about doing a DVD, would love to see something like that.

Thanks for pointing out that we should be ordering music off the artists websites. I wasn’t aware that was the best way to do it. Lord knows in these days of wild west music distribution, I want as much of my money going to a deserving artist as possible.

I have went and changed all the links I had made to amazon to now point to the artist’s direct store, and will do so with all future links. Thanks for the info, and thanks for leaving a comment….you really made my day.

A Truer Sampler 03 – Ray Wylie Hubbard

OK, this one was really hard to whittle down to 80 minutes. But I think what I came up with is a good overview of an artist I can only describe as a lyrical genius. Ray Wylie Hubbard is my latest musical obsession, download this sampler to find out why. Nasty grooves, gruff vocals, killer slide guitar, and some of the best damn lyrics you’re likely to ever hear. Now on this disc I had to leave out his most famous song (made famous by Jerry Jeff Walker in the 70’s) “Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother” but you can find a killer version of it on the Stingaree bootleg I previously posted. I also did not put a song off his first album after his reinvention as, what I like to describe as “a mystic troubador”, 1992’s “Lost Train of Thought”. Though It has some good songs on it, the flow was better without them.
Now I seriously love Ray Wylie Hubbard….I think he is the best artist out there performing and recording right now. I first heard of him a long time ago….with the aforementioned song “Redneck Mother”. I kind of thought he just faded into obscurity during the 70’s never to be heard from again. Fast forward to a couple of years ago, I hear the song “Choctaw Bingo” on a DBT station I created on “Holy Shit, this song is amazing” I thought, so I did a little research and found out that he had in fact faded into obscurity & drug addiction during the 70’s and 80’s, only to clean himself up and be “musically reborn” in the early 90’s. He took his first guitar lessons, and learned to play the blues like Lightnin’ Hopkins….and man he can play it too. Then he started putting out killer album after killer album….I went out and bought them all (well I had to order most of them). Every album was fantastic, I especially like “Eternal and Lowdown”. I would call that his masterpiece, it’s just a perfect album from start to finish. And “Choctaw Bingo” though it’s a James McMurtry song, is in my top 10 of greatest songs ever….it’s a song I wish would never end….I just want to hear more and more, and when Ray Wylie sings it you believe every last word of it
Buy His Stuff Here
MP3 @ 192
ATS03 – Ray Wylie Hubbard

Ray Wylie Hubbard – Stingaree Music Festival – April 13th, 2007

I’ve made no secret of my love for Ray Wylie Hubbard, I will get to that in more detail in my RWH sampler post. But first here is a killer bootleg from the Stingaree Music Festival, or as Ray calls it “Hayesapalooza”. This was the first stingaree festival, the brainchild of Hayes Carll (I love that guy too) to showcase some of his friends and favorite artists and held in his “base camp” town of Crystal Beach, Texas. And man what a lineup they had….I would have loved to have gone: Todd Snider, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Hayes Carll, Corb Lund, The Dedringers….man talk about a killer line up. This is the first of what I hope is many bootlegs from this festival.
And what a great one it is too….Ray Wylie puts on one hell of a show and has some of the best banter you will hear. This also contains probably THE BEST version of “Wanna Rock And Roll” I have heard to date.
MP3 @ 192
Download RWH – Stingaree 2007 here

Hayes Carll & Ray Wylie Hubbard – Chickens (Live from Stingaree) (Video Clip)

Two of my absolute favorites together