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Free Music Alert: Chance McCoy and The Appalachian Stringband – Debut Album

Chance McCoy, newest member of Old Crow Medicine Show, former member of Old Sledge is offering up his debut album, a mighty mighty fine slice of old-time fiddle and dance tunes. If fiddle tunes might not be your thing, check out the killer version of Gospel Plow.

Download/stream here | facebook

Thanks to John for the heads up on this one.

Old Crow Medicine Show – Troubles Up and Down The Road EP (Out Of Print)

Might as well throw this in while I’m at it. This is a limited edition EP that was released in 2001, I’m guessing sometime after Eutaw. This is one of my favorite Old Crow discs…’s just a young eagar band playing good old timey music. The first track Rub Alcohol Blues is killer. Alos features probably the earliest recorded version of Wagon Wheel (barring Bob Dylan’s original) that has a nice steel guitar on it.

1. Rub Alcohol Blues
2. Big Sciota
3. Blue-Eyed Girl
4. Darlin’ Corey
5. Little Sadie
6. Wagon Wheel

(excerpt from liner notes) The Old Crow Medicine Show was kicking around the foam house in Whites Creek the other day. All the boys were there and all their dogs too, hanging round the hoods of various junk cars, spitting and smoking, laughing and joking. Someone started talking about Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack which is down the way from the old Crows nest on Dickerson Rd. Dill pickles and greasy chicken laid over two slices of Bunny Bread. Of course we immediately started thinking about our buddy Dub who kept Prince’s in business through some of the lean years. Then someone remembered a recording we made for Dub back in September, the Dub dub as it was then known.

MP3 @ 128

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Old Crow Medicine Show – Live at the World Cafe EP

‘kay, so I was gonna post their second album Eutaw which I thought was out of print. Well turns out they just re-released it a couple weeks ago….Check it out. If you enjoy Old Crow, you’ll surely like that. What I can give you though is this live EP from iTunes they put out shortly after OCMS became a runaway success. It’s a pretty good EP I have to say, good slow plucked banjo version of Wagon Wheel on here.

  1. CC Rider
  2. Wagon Wheel
  3. Tell It Me
  4. Wrecking Ball
  5. Odd N Ends
MP3 @ 320
Old Crow Medicine Show – Live At The World Cafe