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In 2009 I resolve to…..

Buy more Neil Young of course (hope you guys got the blu-rays from santa :P )

Neil Young Archives, potentially the greatest box set in the history of box sets (yes, could be better than Sojourner), is set to be released in less than 2 months….on Feb. 24th, 2009. And buddy, it ain’t cheap either, here’s the listing here (make sure to watch the video)

Now Neil has always been pretty vocal about his disdain for the compact disc, and he thinks he has finally found a media that it better than oh so sweet vinyl…..that’s right, Neil is going out of the black and into the blu (oh God….sorry about that people….). I’m pretty excited about this myself as it is uncharted water for any artist and a HUGE…..I mean GRANDIOSE project. I am not however excited about the price tag, but if this thing delivers….it just might be worth it. One of the coolest aspects I think is the ability to update the data on the Blu-Rays much like one would update software or a video game. Hopefully with such a hefty price tag, the updates and extra material will not incur additional fees.

Now for those worried about this being a blu-ray only release, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. First off I’m sure some of the music is bound to see CD release….if not, you know it won’t be a week before someone has ripped the audio and leaked it to the internets. So don’t fret folks….I for one am going to start saving….

Neil Young & The International Harvesters – Austin City Limits 1984

Here’s a sweet Neil Young boot from Austin City Limits 1984. Now I searched and searched for a proper cover for this but could not find one (which is strange when it comes to Neil Young boots). So I’m thinking somebody must have dicked with the track list or sequencing at some point. Regardless, it’s a killer set full of country rock goodness…….big emphasis on the COUNTRY part of that statement. Check out the country version of Hawks & Doves on this thing.
1. Are You Ready For The Country?
2. Hawks & Doves
3. Comes A Time
4. Bound For Glory
5. Let Your Fingers Do The Walking
6. Are There Anymore Real Cowboys?
7. Heart Of Gold
8. Amber Jean
9. Roll Another Number (For The Road)
10. Southern Pacific
11. Needle and The Damage Done

MP3 @192 (56MB)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Danny By The River/Winterlong (2-25-1970)

Alright, so sorry about that last post :) I had been sitting on that a long time and just couldn’t help myself. Hopefully this will make up for it. This is one of my personal favorite Neil Young boots. Now I have it as “Danny By The River”, but the info I found on it has it listed as “Winterlong”, so I just grabbed the artwork from that. This one reminds me of the best parts of Massey Hall & Live at the Fillmore. Like most Neil Young boots the first disc is acoustic and the second electric. Features blistering versions of Down By The River and Cinnamon Girl.

1-1 On the Way Home
1-2 Broken Arrow
1-3 I Am a Child
1-4 Helpless
1-5 Dance Dance Dance
1-6 Sugar Mountain
1-7 Don’t Let It Bring You Down
1-8 The Old Laughing Lady
2-1 The Loner
2-2 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
2-3 Winterlong
2-4 Come on Baby Let’s Go Downtown
2-5 Wonderin’
2-6 It Might Have Been
2-7 Down by the River
2-8 Cinnamon Girl

2-9 Outro

MP3 @ 192
Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Danny By The River/Winterlong

Neil Young – Tonight’s The Night Acetate

Many say tonight’s the night is Neil’s magnum opus….I don’t know about that, but it’s certainly a contender. This is a studio acetate of an early version of this album including a few songs that didn’t make the final cut (though they did make it to other albums, like the superb On The Beach). Here is some more detailed info I found about this:

This is worth having for the unreleased Bad Fog Of Lonliness alone (if you’re a Neil Completist….c’mon I know you are)

MP3 @ 192

Neil Young – Tonight’s The Night Acetate

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Well Known Secret (Boston 11-22-76) + Bonus Disc

As promised some more Shakey, as I said before I just can’t get enough of him lately. This one is killer…..great sound (though of course it can’t rival his damn near perfect official live releases), and great set. Discs 1 and 3 are solo acoustic, and discs 2 and 4 are with Crazy Horse. Killer version of Cortez on disc 2 (contender for my favorite Neil Young song) followed by an extended Cinnamon Girl jam that is equally killer. Check out Roll Another Number on disc 3, and the whole shebang is wrapped up with a rollicking Southern Man. This is a killer boot folks.


This thing came with a bonus disc entitled Electric Live in NYC that is a Neil Young and Crazy Horse show from 2 days before this show. A nice treat I gotta say. The sound is not as good but there is a sweet electric version of Helpless at the end that I can’t stop listening to.

MP3 @ 192

Dead Link

Been on kind of a Neil Young kick lately….

as if you couldn’t tell….

Both songs from “Time Fades Away”….call it a preview if you will.

More classic Neil (last song is also from Time Fades Away….just to keep tying it together)

Neil Young – Time Fades Away (Out of Print)

This is reportedly Neil Young’s least favorite album. Must conjure up bad memories for him….whatever the case this album has been out of print since shortly after it’s release in 1973. Known as the first album of Neil’s “Ditch Trilogy” (which includes On The Beach & Tonight’s The Night) after reaching success with Harvest and not knowing how to handle it… quote Neil he “headed for the ditch”. It’s a pretty good album and a shame that it’s officially unavailable. That may be remedied sometime soon what with all the Neil Young Archive releases coming out (and damn how good was Fillmore and Massey Hall….amazing releases).
More Info
MP3 @ 192
Neil Young – Time Fades Away

for the thought that I caught that my head is the event of the season…

God I love this. Love it when Neil stands up and they just rip into Mr. Soul….also gotta love those mutton chops and moe howard hairdo