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Magnolia Mountain – Hellbound Train (vid)

Here is the official video of Hellbound Train from Cincinnati’s finest Magnolia Mountain. This thing is a straight up rockabilly rave-up. Love the guitar and harp work on this one, especially that slide. This is off their latest Redbird Green which is damn good and available here. You canĀ sample a few tracks here.

If you remember I posted a while back about this band using kickstarter to fund the vinyl release of Redbird Green, well that was a huge success, so they band is now doing the same thing with their 2009 album Nothing As It Was. Click here if you want to donate to see this album in sweet sweet vinyl format.

Magnolia Mountain – Redbird Green Vinyl Project

This evening I had the pleasure of hanging out with Mark and Jordan from Magnolia Mountain, a roots band based out of Cincinnati. Not only are they great guys, but they also make some damned fine music (see below:)

Now, I wanted to help them get the word out about a cool thing I think they are doing which is putting out their upcoming album on vinyl. Well I should say they are TRYING to put out their upcoming album on vinyl. That’s where folks like you and me would come in. See they have a backer system in place where 25 bucks will not only get you a copy of the album on Vinyl (double album I might add), but also helps finance the making of said album! How sweet is that. There are other backer levels such as the $100 level which will get you a producer credit, the $300 level which will get you a homecooked meal and a private acoustic set, or the $1000 level which will get a song in your honor on a future Magnolia Mountain record.

The way I see it is if you are going to buy the album on vinyl anyway, might as well throw down now and be a backer. Better hurry though, there are only 18 slots available for the $25 vinyl album level. Go to the site either below or here for more info.