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Free Music Alert: Kasey Anderson & The Honkies – Sample This

Here is a great little sampler of Kasey Anderson, who recently released the EP Heavy Heart (which can be found here along with other Kasey Anderson music)

This sampler is worth downloading if for no other reason than the song I Was A Photograph. One of the best songs dealing with the Iraq War, and of the last 10 years.

Kasey just wrapped up a tour with Counting Crows, and is about to embark on a west coast tour with Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit. Definitely check them out if they are coming nearby.

Download/stream here | facebook | twitter | itunes

Free Music Alert: Kasey Anderson – Textiles on Mainstreet EP

Kasey has recorded an EP of covers and is so kind as to give it away on his website. Listen/download here, and check out his latest LP with The Honkies, Heart of A Dog

01. Atlantic City
02. Hang With Me
03. LA County
04. Downtown Train
05. Loretta/Rex’s Blues (Live) | twitter | facebook

Kasey Anderson – The Wrong Light (video)

I’m in the middle of packing for a move, listening to my own sampler from last month in the background, and this song from Kasey came on and just cut through. This is one of those songs that hit me at just the right time, and I wanted to share the music video for it. Kasey sounds like he was listening to a lot of Peter Case when he wrote this song. Get his latest Heart of A Dog here, listen to and/or download his amazing Daytrotter Session here (if you only listen to one, listen to For Anyone)

Looking Backwards: 2010 (Songs of The Year)

So this will be my last of the 2010 posts, these are the songs I will call songs of the year for 2010. Just songs I dug, you have likely heard them all already cause I have put them on other mixes etc..but here they are all together. It was initially supposed to be a top 10 but hell I added one bonus song.

Bonus Track: 11. The Black Keys – Sinister Kid
This is what happens when the Black Keys FINALLY add some bass to the mix

10. Jamey Johnson – That’s How I Don’t Love You
I didn’t really talk about Jamey much on here because well…he get’s a lot of press everywhere else, but this song is haunting and fucking great

9. Will Kimbrough – Wings
Definitely one of the songs of the year, and probably the only uplifting song on this mix

8. Ray Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs – Beg, Steal or Borrow
A perfect updated throwback to 70’s country rock ala Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue

7. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – You Won’t Let Me Down Again
How good is this song? Fucking good…love the little screaming thing in the background

6. Ray Wylie Hubbard – Loose
With a line like “Even her momma said she was always trouble/promise him everything, give him half and charge him double” how could this not make the list?

5. The Fox Hunt – It Suits Me
John Miller continues to impress with his songwriting and singing. The band is on fire with this one

4. Glossary – Through The Screen Door
On an album full of killer songs hard to pick just one but this one particularly resonates with me

3. Justin Townes Earle – Slippin’ and Slidin’
I remember when I saw Justin on Mt. Stage prior to this albums release and he played this song. It has stuck with me since, add Isbell to the studio version and holy shit!

2. The Sadies – Tell Her What I Said (from iTunes Session)
This song off Darker Circles was one of my favorites, but when I heard this iTunes session version with one of the best guitar solos played I couldn’t stop playing it.

1. Kasey Anderson – I Was A Photograph (Blake’s Song)
This has been the song of the year since the first time I heard it, one of the most powerful songs you are likely to hear

Download the mix here

Looking Backwards: 2010 (Kasey Anderson)

Kasey’s Nowhere Nights was one of the strongest albums of the year and his best to date. I thought he had done some videos for “I Was A Photograph” which is certainly the song of the year 2010 (more on that later), but I did find this equally killer vid from the incomparable folks over at Music Fog of Sooner/Later

Kasey Anderson – Live 2005-2008

As promised, some Kasey Anderson live stuff. A little delayed because of the game of virtual tummy sticks Kasey and I were playing trying to get these files up.

This is really damned good. Matter of fact I told Kasey he needs to put out an official live album. I love the stripped down essence of the songs on here, I love the between song dialog and the rapport he has with the audience, and I especially love the version of Sooner Later on here where he switches effortlessly between some songs from his inspirations and back into his own composition.

Highly recommended listening!

1. Save It For Later
2. Bellingham Blues
3. Don’t Look Back
4. Home
5. Sooner/Later
6. Union Square
7. Emaline

Download Kasey Anderson – Live 2005-2008 here

Also worth mentioning is Kasey is offering up a free digital sampler on his website. All you have to do is choose any 4 songs you want, email him, and you will get a link to whatever custom sampler you have created. Pretty cool idea.

Album Review: Kasey Anderson – Nowhere Nights

Here is a review I’ve been needing to write for a while now. The album, released on Kasey’s own Red River Records comes out next Tuesday but has been available via pre-order for some time now and includes a download card so you can listen to the songs early. I would recommend picking up the vinyl as it’s wonderfully pressed and sounds oh so good (you will also get a download card with that as well). The album is also available right now via iTunes.

Now, I’ve had this album for quite a while….actually I have had it so long that when I listen to the album now all the songs have that type of familiarity that only great albums offer after repeated listening. Now, I know a lot of bloggers and writers like to shy away from easy comparisons, not me. I embrace the easy comparison. Matter of fact I think the easy comparison is great for letting potential fans know that “hey, I might dig this”. With all that said, the obvious easy comparison for Kasey is Steve Earle. I’m talking fresh out of prison and kicking ass Steve Earle, not “I’m holding onto the last few hairs on my head and  hate republicans” Steve Earle.  Matter of fact, I bet ol’ Steve wishes he would have written a song about the Iraq War as potent and inspiring as Kasey’s “I Was A Photograph”. Which I’ve mentioned multiple times on here, and I still think it is not only the stand out track on this album, but the song of the year (I’m calling it right now!).  I will post this link again, because it is a story that needs to be read : Story of I Was A Photograph

But wait, that’s just one song…..and well worth the album price, but lucky for us Kasey saw fit to put 10 other killer songs on this thing.  The other songs on the album share a common theme of leaving and trying to find one’s place. There is a good reason for this, as the album was written while Kasey was in the midst of moving from his longtime home of Bellingham, Washington to spend a year in Germany (from which he just returned). The opening track, aptly titled Bellingham Blues sets the tone for the whole album and states “This ain’t ever been my home/I woke up here one morning and 15 years were gone”.  Later in the album on the title track  Nowhere Nights he sings “I used to walk around like they built the damn town up around me while my back was turned”….man I love that line.

Now I know journalists are supposed remain objective, but fuck it, I’m not a journalist and I never claimed to be. Me, I’m a blogger and more importantly a music fan. As a music fan I love Kasey Anderson’s music. As a blogger I have forged somewhat of an online friendship with Kasey. Most of you know he is one of the bloggers over at, and some of you may have interacted with him on Twitter or Facebook as well. Judging by his online self, he is one of the nicest musicians and folks you could ever have the pleasure to meet. He is also one of the most prolific online motherfuckers I believe I have ever seen. He has so many blogs and sites that I can’t even keep track. I do know that he deleted his old blog which is a shame because it had a song by song write-up for Nowhere Nights, which you are going to want to read after you listen to these songs. Kasey, if you are paying attention, put those posts back up!

Listen to Kasey Anderson – Bellingham Blues here
Listen to Kasey Anderson – From Now On here

OfficialBlog - Facebook - Myspace

Additional note: Look for some Kasey Anderson live stuff that will be posted tomorrow

Kasey Anderson – Nowhere Nights LP & Shirt Giveaway

As promotion for his upcoming album Nowhere Nights, Kasey Anderson is giving away 3 LP/T-Shirt bundles and he asked a few of us bloggers to help him out. But Kasey doesn’t want to just give them away, where is the fun in that, he wants you to earn them. So somewhere in this post, and in the other blog’s posts (hint: Start at Red River Records) are a series of clues that will lead you to the prize.

If you are playing the game, well, then after me you need to head over to My Aimz Is True for the next clue.
But Wait! There’s More! As a thank you to us bloggers for playing along, he has also given each of us exclusive demo tracks from the album to share. The one he gave me is called All Lit Up, and I love it. Really excited for this album because everything I’ve heard from it has been incredible. From the absolutely phenomenal I Was A Photograph to this demo track here, definitely an album to look out for! (and thanks to Kasey you now have a chance to win the album almost 6 months early!)
Kasey Anderson – All Lit Up (Demo)
Check out The Kasey Anderson twinterview from last week while you’re at it.

The Kasey Anderson twinterview

Ladies and gentlemen, folks and friends…on Aug. 27th, 2009 history was made. The worlds first twinterview (that is, an interview done solely through Twitter) was conducted between myself, and singer-songwriter/label owner/one man media machine Kasey Anderson. Well at least we thought it was the first. Come to find out we were not, according to the Google search I did that returned 40,000 hits. Of course, in google terms that’s barely a ripple in the ocean, so I will still consider us pioneers. And as Kasey said in response to the news “if we weren’t the first twinterview, we were the best”. (he also said at the very least we were historically annoying for the folks following us.)

Presented here is a slighty edited version (for continuities sake) of the twinterview (you can read the transcript on Kasey’s blog). Other than a few cases of the twinterviewer (that’d be me) getting a little ahead of himself, it worked out fairly well.

If you are unfamiliar with Kasey, then head on over to his site and listen to the killer killer track “I Was A Photograph (Blake’s Song)“, a song inspired by the famous photo of Lance Cpl. James Blake Miller…oh hell, just read Kasey’s own blog post about it to get the story from the horses mouth. This song folks…..this song is one of the best songs of the year….well I guess technically next year. Regardless, it’s an incredible song that needs to be heard, and story that also needs to be told (so be sure to read his blog post too).
Kasey has also just released 2 fantastic digital only albums of well chosen covers called Way Out West, and The Seeker EP respectively. You can listen to some samples tracks from those albums (and others) here
So without further delay, here is the groundbreaker twinterview. (of course, our first order of business was figuring out what to call it)
Truersound: Ok, so first question, Twitterview, or Twinterview?

Kasey Anderson: Oh man. Pulling no punches. The tough questions right out of the gates. Twitterview. Yes…. no. Yes. Twitterview.

TS: too bad, I like Twinterview better.

KA: You’re right. It’s Twinterview. Just the hard-hitting nature of that first question really had me on my heels. Twinterview.

TS: 09 has been a big year, Way Out West, The Seeker EP, Red River Records, and new album. You must have a big work ethic

KA: Some of it is work ethic, some of it is feeling like lightning struck – repeatedly – for the first time in about three years.

TS: Striking while the iron is hot so to speak. The Seeker EP came out this Tuesday, correct? tell me about it.

KA: Yeah, digital only, just like its companion piece Way Out West. All home-recorded covers done on my laptop between gigs…

KA: I wanted to hold people over until Nowhere Nights was released, and I’ve been playing these tunes for years. Seemed obvious.

TS: a companion EP to Way Out West so to speak. I guess I’m not the first to say Way Out West doesn’t sound like a covers album

KA: No, you’re not, and that was the point. I had been playing these tunes for years so it was only natural to sort of inhabit them.

TS: I love the way you reworked the songs into your own. What are some of your favorite cover songs?

KA: Wow, too many to list. John Cale’s “Hallelujah.” Pearl Jam’s “Fuckin’ Up,” Cat Power’s “She’s Got You.” Yours?

TS: I really love complete reworkings, such as Vanilla Fudge’s “Keep Me Hangin’ On”, and Steppenwolf’s “The Pusher”

KA: Vanilla Fudge! Well played. I don’t love that new Dead Weather record, but their take on “New Pony” is pretty cool.

TS: So what actually made you decide to record Way Out West and The Seeker on your laptop, and do an all digital release?

KA: Necessity for the laptop. I’m living and touring in Europe for most of this year and wanted to make a record on my own, for fun.

KA: Digital-only: Nowhere Nights is gonna get the all-hands-on-deck PR treatment, and these were just stopgaps for fans…

KA: so it was quick and easy to put them out that way. I’m one of a dying breed who still likes to unwrap a record when I buy it.

TS: Well I think it was a good play for you, you seem really tuned in to finding a niche in the changing music biz

KA: Thank you. People really seem to dig the covers thing. I was shocked, frankly. It was a gas to record. As for the business…

KA: people who don’t/won’t/can’t adapt get left behind. I love the way blogs have changed media. You’ve seen that firsthand, right?

TS: Definitely. I like to think of music bloggers as the new DJs and Zines all rolled into one. Although a little more chaotic

KA: But it has really opened things up. People interact instead of just being told that something is good or bad, y’know?

KA: Used to be, “oh DeRogatis hates this record, it sucks or he sucks or whatever.” Now there’s dialogue.

TS: Yes, such as what we are doing now. The lines between fan, artist, and media are getting a little blurry

KA: How is Twitter going to change things for everyone? People can critique shows as they happen, post MP3s hours later, etc.

KA: To my knowledge, this is the first Twinterview. Blurred lines can mean more of a community, or more bickering and backbiting.

TS: Twinterview pioneers, going down in history!

TS: It’s certainly an exciting time to be a music fan, how do you feel about the internet/blogs/mp3’s/etc.. as an artist?

KA: I think it’s great. Anything that gets people involved in making or discussing art is great. I still listen to records, but…

KA: the iPod (or any MP3 player) has changed the way people listen to music. Anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves.

KA: And blogs and Twitter allow for the dialogue I mentioned, so it’s great. The more people listening, free or not, the better.

TS: very nice insights. I also still enjoy records…vinyl records. That is my favorite trend in music nowadays….

TS: Vinyl records with digital downloads. Such as what your doing with your upcoming LP

KA: Mine too. One of the first things I bought when I moved over here for the year was a portable turntable and some records.

KA: Weird to see vinyl at those big box stores now, though. Vinyl is one of those things, they got it right the first time, y’know?

TS: Haven’t any records at the box stores around here yet, but nothing like the record experience in my opinion

KA: Yeah, it’s a whole ritual, unwrapping the record, dropping the needle. Such a warm sound. I saw vinyl at Barnes and Noble.

KA: Since we’re using Twitter now, I gotta ask: who are your five favorite follows?

TS: 5 Favorite follows, I would say you, @kellywrobison, @JasonIsbell, @ThatKevinSmith, and @donttrythis. That was hard, yours?

KA: 5 favorite follows. Damn. For music, I love yours, @autopsy4 and @Rockstar_Aimz. @SarahKSilverman and @michaelianblack kill me.

TS: Yep, I enjoy all those too. So yeah, tell me about the new album Nowhere Nights

KA: and I’m adding two other favorite follows. In terms of people who “get it,” @shaneheadboy (great blog, too) and @ERIKAjaneC.

KA: Recorded Nowhere Nights at Jackpot! in Portland, with Eric Ambel who produced Dead Roses and The Reckoning.

KA: Essentially, it’s about all of the personal wreckage I left behind when I moved back to Portland from Bellingham, WA.

KA: It’s the first record I’ve made that’s entirely about my own shit, with one exception…

KA: The song “I Was A Photograph” is about Lance Cpl. James Blake Miller. Look him up. I’m incredibly proud of that song.

TS: as you should be. That’s an incredible song, one of your best in my opinion. Glad to hear it will be on the new one

KA: Album comes out February 2010, but we’ll be sneaking out a few vinyl copies this fall as a warm-up

KA: Thank you. Highlight of my life as a musician was learning that Blake heard that song and liked it.

TS: I think it’s one of those career defining songs. Has NPR called yet?

KA: Ha. Not yet. But here’s hoping they get wind of it. More people should hear Blake’s story. Those words are his as much as mine.

TS: so what made you decide to start your own label, and where does the name come from?

KA: I was pretty fed up with working with labels. I figured if somebody was going to fuck things up for me, it might as well be me.

KA: The name comes from a Dylan song, “Red River Shore” which was unreleased until he put out Bootlegs Vol. 8.

KA: I’m excited about the label. We’re putting out records by Chip Robinson (Backsliders) & Eric Ambel next year, along w/ mine.

TS: I did not know that. Dylan, Waits, Springsteen, I also hear a lot of Steve Earle, who else are you major influences?

TS: oops, did not know that about the Dylan song,never heard it. Let’s talk about Chip and Eric before getting to your influences

KA: Sure. Chip’s record is phenomenal. Just phenomenal. I loved the Backsliders and it’s an honor to be putting out his record.

KA: Eric Ambel played guitar w/ Joan Jett, he was a Del Lord, played in Earle’s band, produced the Bottle Rockets, Blue Mountain…

TS: Those guys are legends in my opinion. Been a Backsliders fan from way back & Eric has been involved with many of my favorites

KA: Exactly. They’re legends. Especially in the circles I travel in. I’m ecstatic to be releasing their records.

TS: I’m excited to hear them. Just hope their record label doesn’t f’ them over

KA: “Red River Records: Take the Money and Run.”

KA: Influences: Dylan, Waits, Earle, Springsteen, Townes, Prince, Redding, Cooke, Tom Russell, Pearl Jam.

KA: I grew up listening to Earle, Dylan, Pearl Jam and the Stones. I got real lucky with my folks’ record collection.

TS: so who or what made you actually want to start writing and recording songs?

KA: My grandfather played in a big band – The Many Sounds of 9 – in the 40s & 50s. He died when my mom was 18, before I was born…

KA: so music was sort of a way to get in touch with that. And the other thing that made me really want to write songs was…

KA: hearing Earle and Dylan at such a young age, knowing exactly what songs could be when done right

KA: Oddly enough, this may be the most enjoyable interview I’ve ever done. I gotta split soon, though, it’s 2:30 AM in Germany…

KA: And I’ve been getting up at 5 to make my girlfriend breakfast before she goes to work.

TS: understand, I’ve been enjoying it too. In closing, summarize yourself in 140 characters

KA: Define myself in 140 characters. “Kasey Anderson: A man among other, different men.” Hey, look at that, characters to spare.

TS: Hey, I’ll let you go and thanks for your time. Twinterview history…..made

KA: Thank you, man. It was really my pleasure. Holler soon.

Random news: Ransom Pride Trailer, Todd Snider Book, Chris Knight Pre-Order, etc…

Just some random tidbits here:

  • Last Rites of Ransom Pride (outdated and non-representative of the real movie) trailer is now online and viewable, this is the movie that stars Kris Kristofferson, Dwight Yoakam, and script by Ray Wylie Hubbard (more info on the site) EDIT: According to Judy Hubbard this is not the trailer for the movie, rather a scene that was shot last year to drum up support for the movie. The real movie is set to debut at this year’s Toronto Film Festival in September. More info here. Here’s to hoping an official trailer comes out soon.
  • Todd Snider divulged in a recent interview with Paste that he is working on a book based on his infamous stories. Said he gave the writer Dennis Cook a copy of the Moondawg’s Tavern boot, a few phone numbers, and told him to find the “real story”. Book is going to be called “Almost Everything I Say Is True
  • Chris Knight announced The Trailer Tapes II will be released this September, but….BUT!…you can pre-order now and get an immediate download & get the physical CD in the mail (some have already gotten their’s, and early reviews are that this thing is as good as the first Trailer Tapes)
  • Good news for you Backsliders fans out there. Chip Robinson (lead singer of The Backsliders) has a new one coming out in November on Red River Records called Mylow, which can also be pre-ordered and they will feature custom packaging, signature, and early shipment
  • Speaking of, Red River Records is run by Kasey Anderson, who has announced an EP of four additional songs taken from the session for his Way Out West album released earlier this year. EP will be available on August 25th, and pre-orders get access to an exclusive bonus track