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Movie Night: The Road To Nashville

well my makeshift posting schedule lists saturdays as “movie night” (among other things I scribbled down). For now we will make it movie night. This movie below is available for free to watch on Hulu and while cheesy as all get out (from 1967, it must’ve been done by the same folks who did The Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres), it has some great performances on it. Check it out fans of classic country. Featuring Waylon (that’s his clean cut mug in the preview below), Johnny Cash, Porter Wagoner, Hank Snow, The Carter girls, etc…

Johnny Cash winners plus Happy Birthday to the Man In Black

The winners are Mr. Blur for the first prize, and Ro for the second prize. Thanks everyone for your comments, I really enjoyed reading them all. Johnny Cash will always mean a lot to me and it’s good to see he’s had such an impact on just about everyone who is a real music fan.
I’m posting this vid for Johnny’s birthday and think it’s timely with all the uprest (is that word….it is now, I just invented it) in the world and nation right now. RIP Man In Black we all miss you everyday.

Johnny Cash – From Memphis to Hollywood: Bootleg Vol. 2 (+ Giveaway X 2)

Do you like Johnny Cash? Hell I love Johnny Cash, and I was still not aware that this was coming out. It’s another collection from those promised Johnny Cash archives that started with Personal File (which they now call Bootleg Vol. 1). Personal File featured 2 discs of demos from the 70’s, and is well worth getting if you are a Johnny Cash fanatic like I am. This one however really starts to get into the proverbial meat and potatoes of Johnny Cash rarities.

What we have here is disc one featuring a live show, demos and rarities from the 50’s Sun era, and disc two featuring rarities from the 60s Columbia era. Some of these demos are pretty stark, featuring just Johnny and a guitar evoking the stipped down American Recordings from late in his career. The sun demos are particulary worthwhile, just listen to the demo version of Walk The Line: [content removed per request]

Disc two is not without it’s gems either, probably the most interesting song on the whole collection is the theme song to the James Bond movie Thunderball (<click that for an idea of what the JC intro would have looked like). Of course it wasn’t used and a Tom Jones song was used instead, don’t think it would have fit the movie but a cool addition to the Johnny Cash catalog. Probably my favorite song on this set is The Folk Singer, co-written with Charlie Daniels and released as a B-side to the live version of Folsom Prison Blues in ‘68 (the recording credited with re-surging his career in  the late 60’s). Give it a listen, such a great song and great to finally hear it: [content removed per request]

Now for the next part of this, the folks at Columbia Legacy (for some reason) have given me a prize pack to give away that consists of  the Bootleg Vol. 2 CD, poster and T-shirt, American IV: The Man Comes Around CD, and American V: A Hundred Highways CD. That’s the first prize pack, the second prize pack is a copy of Bootleg Vol. 1 on CD, the one known as Personal File. All you have to do is leave a comment talking about some memory of  Johnny Cash, for instance I remember as a kid sitting with my Grandfather watching Johnny Cash on Hee-Haw, not even sure the song but I vividly remember that memory. Another is I remember driving to work the day Johnny Cash died and the DJ played the song Tears in The Hoston River…let me tell you there were tears in the Nissan Sentra as well friends! Make sure to put an email which you can be reached at, and I will pick the two winners randomly.

From Memphis to Hollywood: Bootleg Vol. 2 comes out tomorrow, the 22nd. I will draw the winner on Saturday the 26th (Johnny Cash’s birthday) at 10 pm EST.

Looking Backwards: 2010 (Johnny Cash)

ok so Johnny Cash’s final album American VI: Ain’t No Grave came out this year….and well…naturally it fucking smokes. I did not know about this Johnny Cash Project deal to create this video but very interesting. Watch this version for the info on the project to create the video below. Very powerful song/video

Song for Veteran’s Day

Thought I would throw a song up for Veteran’s Day too. This is Johnny Cash doing Tom Russell’s song Veteran’s Day. It’s not from the album “Ragged Old Flag” pictured to the left, but from Wounded Heart Of America which is a collection of Tom Russell covers. I put that Ragged Old Flag pic there because, well it’s badass. This version is a little slower than Tom Russell’s version but I figured most haven’t heard Johnny’s take on it.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Random Records: Johnny Cash – One Piece At A Time

Here’s a feature I haven’t done in a while, but looks like it will be a weekly (or maybe bi-weekly) feature this summer. This is Johnny Cash’s 1976 album One Piece At A Time.  Now everyone should be familiar with the title cut, as it’s one of Cash’s finest and most popular. It was also the last song Cash ever recorded to reach #1 on the Country Singles chart (which says a lot more about country music singles than it does Mr. Cash). Now I’ve talked before on here about how I think Cash’s 70’s output is overlooked and this album is probably the finest of his 70’s albums. Certainly his most known from this era.

The strongest song on here is of course One Piece At A Time, which was so popular that Johnny Cash’s people actually got a salvage yard in Nashville to build a replica of the car using the song as a blueprint (watch this video from The Johnny Cash Show to see the real car). I would love to know where the hell that car is now, check out the promo pic below.

Psychobilly Cadillac

But don’t think this album only has one good song on it in my opinion the whole thing is a solid album front to back. Matter of fact some of these songs were revived later with the candid tale of a mental illness and drug addiction “Committed To Parkview” showing up on the first Highwaymen album, and “Go On Blues” showing up later as part of the promo single for “Delia’s Gone” on the first American Recordings album. My favorite song off this however is also one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs (which is a LONG list friends) called “Love Has Lost Again”….which instead of me talking about, you can listen to by clicking the little grey triangle below…

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Johnny Cash – Love Has Lost Again

Johnny Cash – Strawberry Cake (Out of Print and Rare 1976 live album)

While this may not be the best Johnny Cash live album (that distinction goes to either Folsom or San Quentin depending on who you ask and on what day), it’s certainly the most interesting. Interspersed with stories and dialouge and pure interaction with the audience. This album makes you realize that Johnny Cash’s career did not suddenly end in 1970 and pick back up in 1994 as some would like to believe. No, The 70’s were a fruitful time for the Man In Black, while certainly not as classic and legendary as his 50’s and late 60’s performances and albums, he was certainly at the top of his game as a performer.

This album is a testament to that, and it’s a wonder in this day and age how an album like this remains out of print. If you are looking for Johnny Cash singing the hits, look elsewhere, no Folsom Prison Blues performed at this show (could this be the only Johnny Cash live album to NOT have Folsom on it?). Only hits to speak of are Big River and possibly I Got Stripes (with the band yelling out between verses). Includes an amazing rendition of Rock Island Line which he plays for Lonnie Donegan (who had a hit in the UK with Rock Island Line) who is in the crowd.
The most interesting part of the show however is when June starts to sing Church In The Wildwood but is interrupted as the theater (the London Palladium) must be evacuated for an IRA bomb threat.
MP3 @ 192
Johnny Cash – Strawberry Cake

Johnny Cash Tribute – Austin City Limits Festival 9-20-03

Well like I said in my guest post over at High Noon Saloon, this year seems to be the year for tribute and cover albums… what better time to post this Johnny Cash Tribute from just a week after his death back in 2003 (damn, has it been that long :( ). I’ve actually been sitting on this one for a while, but I had no information on it, and it was one long track. I’m not even sure where or when I got it, but it seems to me like I’ve had it since about late 2003 sometime. After some detective work I was finally able to figure out the venue, then the correct artists, even found a nice little review of the show. It’s not the best recording, but I think it’s significant enough to matter. I mean where else are you going to get a version of Mike Cooley singing “Give My Love To Rose” (my personal highlight of this set), or DBT and Old 97’s on the same show for that matter?

Johnny Cash Tribute

Johnny Cash – The Beast In Me (Austin 12-8-94)

If you know your Johnny Cash, you know that 1994 was the year of Johnny Cash’s 3rd rebirth. Hot on the heels of now classic “American Recordings” this was the hottest gig in town at the University of Texas on this cool December night. Apparently this is a pretty famous gig too….maybe the first gig he did after “American Recordings”….I could be wrong on that one. Some guy remastered this and did a killer job. Made the artwork too, as cliched as it is, it’s still pretty killer artwork. Good sound on this one, Cash had gotten hungry again and it shows….there may not be as much electricity in the air as was at folsom or san quentin, but there is definitely something in the air.


Johnny Cash – The Beast In Me

The Fabulous Johnny Cash Show – Houston, TX 3-14-61

Talk about a rare treat, this one’s for you old time country fans. This is a fantastic recording of a Johnny Cash Show concert in it’s entirety from 1961. Featuring George Jones, and Roger Miller before they became household names, and also features old time country songbird Rose Maddox. The sound of this is incredible considering it’s a bootleg from 1961. Sure there are some hiccups here and there, but overall it’s great. John R. was in fine form this night too, as his set is just how you would imagine a 1961 Johnny Cash concert to sound. This is a must download for any country music fan.
Sorry folk, but I didn’t make a back cover for this, ’cause I wanted to hurry up and just get it up here for you.

Disc 1
01 Johnny Western “When the Grass Turns Green”
02 Johnny Western “It Only Hurts for a Little While”
03 Johnny Western “Ballad of Paladin”
04 Roger Miller “Footprints in the Snow”
05 Roger Miller “Invitation to the Blues”
06 Roger Miller “That’s the Way that I Feel”
07 Roger Miller “Half a Mind”
08 Roger Miller “Tall Tall Trees”
09 Roger Miller “Billy Bayou\Home”
10 Roger Miller “In the Summertime”
11 Roger Miller “Where Your Arms Used to Be”
12 Gordon Terry “Wild Honey”
13 Gordon Terry “Almost Alone”
14 Gordon Terry “Orange Blossom Special”
15 Gordon Terry “The Mule” (clip)
16 (clip) Claude Gray “Start Draggin’ the River for Me”
17 Claude Gray “I Just Want to be Alone”
18 Claude Gray “Family Bible”
19 Claude Gray “I’ll Just Have a Cup of Coffee, Then I’ll Go”
20 Claude Gray “My Son Calls Another Man Daddy” (?)
21 George Jones “Ragged but Right”
22 George Jones “Accidentally on Purpose” (breaks up, not good quality)
23 George Jones & Roger Miller “Ways of the Word, Ways of a Woman”
24 George Jones & Roger Miller “Long Time to Forget”

Disc 2
01 George Jones “White Lightnin’”
02 George Jones “Window Up Above”
03 George Jones “Treasure of Love”
04 Rose Maddox “Down Down Down”
05 Rose Maddox “Kissing My Pillow”
06 Rose Maddox “I Want to Live Again”
07 Rose Maddox “North to Alaska”
08 Rose Maddox “Tramp on the Street”
09 Rose Maddox “Gotta Travel On”
10 Rose Maddox “Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down”
11 Rose Maddox “Philadelphia Lawyer”
12 Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three “Big River”
13 Johnny Cash “I Guess Things Happen That Way”
14 Johnny Cash “Rock Island Line”
15 Johnny Cash “Instumental” (?)
16 Johnny Cash “Five Feet High and Rising”
17 Johnny Cash “I Got Stripes”
18 Johnny Cash “Folsom Prison Blues”
19 Johnny Cash “I Walk the Line”
20 Johnny Cash “Lead Me Father”
21 Johnny Cash“Ballad of Harp Weaver”
22 Johnny Cash“The Rebel Johnny-Yuma”, spoofs of Ernest Tubb, Eddy Arnold,
and Elvis, gunshots!
23 Johnny Cash “Luther’s Boogie”
24 Johnny Cash “Goodbye Little Darling”

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