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Glossary Kickstarter

They have already met their goal, but you can still donate if you may be planning on purchasing the album later, and just consider it a pre-order. Can’t wait for this, more info here

Looking Backwards: 2010 (Songs of The Year)

So this will be my last of the 2010 posts, these are the songs I will call songs of the year for 2010. Just songs I dug, you have likely heard them all already cause I have put them on other mixes etc..but here they are all together. It was initially supposed to be a top 10 but hell I added one bonus song.

Bonus Track: 11. The Black Keys – Sinister Kid
This is what happens when the Black Keys FINALLY add some bass to the mix

10. Jamey Johnson – That’s How I Don’t Love You
I didn’t really talk about Jamey much on here because well…he get’s a lot of press everywhere else, but this song is haunting and fucking great

9. Will Kimbrough – Wings
Definitely one of the songs of the year, and probably the only uplifting song on this mix

8. Ray Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs – Beg, Steal or Borrow
A perfect updated throwback to 70’s country rock ala Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue

7. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – You Won’t Let Me Down Again
How good is this song? Fucking good…love the little screaming thing in the background

6. Ray Wylie Hubbard – Loose
With a line like “Even her momma said she was always trouble/promise him everything, give him half and charge him double” how could this not make the list?

5. The Fox Hunt – It Suits Me
John Miller continues to impress with his songwriting and singing. The band is on fire with this one

4. Glossary – Through The Screen Door
On an album full of killer songs hard to pick just one but this one particularly resonates with me

3. Justin Townes Earle – Slippin’ and Slidin’
I remember when I saw Justin on Mt. Stage prior to this albums release and he played this song. It has stuck with me since, add Isbell to the studio version and holy shit!

2. The Sadies – Tell Her What I Said (from iTunes Session)
This song off Darker Circles was one of my favorites, but when I heard this iTunes session version with one of the best guitar solos played I couldn’t stop playing it.

1. Kasey Anderson – I Was A Photograph (Blake’s Song)
This has been the song of the year since the first time I heard it, one of the most powerful songs you are likely to hear

Download the mix here

Looking Backwards: 2010 (Glossary)

So this is the official video for Glossary’s “Save Your Money For The Weekend”

Glossary – Save Your Money for the Weekend from Stewart Copeland on Vimeo.

Free Music Alert: Kelly Kneiser EP (Glossary)

I first heard of this album a few months back and was very excited for it, seeing as how much I love Glossary’s latest Feral Fire. If you remember in that review I said that Kelly was Glossary’s secret weapon and it’s really nice to hear her doing a few songs by herself. She has a beautiful voice. The only thing missing from this in my opinion is Joey Kneiser (her ex-husband and Glossary frontman) doing those gorgeous harmonies with her that are all over Feral Fire. Sort of a Dave Rawlings Machine type of thing where the roles are slightly reversed but the effect is the same. My favorite songs off this is initially “Temptation” which has that same sweet soul vibe that “Pretty Things” off Feral Fire has.

If you like Glossary, you are going to want to get this….if you are curious about Glossary you are going to want to get this along with Joey’s recent solo album, and Glossary’s album Better Angel’s of Our Nature as well (hey, they are ALL free)

Get Kelly Kneiser – EP here

Album Review: Glossary – Feral Fire

It is a rare thing for a rock band to have a sound that is unique. That holds especially true in this era where an actual honest to God rock band is just about as hard to find. On Feral Fire Glossary not only perfect a unique sound, but also a sound that is at once familiar, fresh, and extremely easy on the ears. The album starts off with a count off and feedback before kicking into a catchy overdriven guitar riff that let’s you know what you are in store for on this album.

Joey Kneiser leads the band with his raspy yet silky vocals (does that even make sense…eff it, I’m running with it), but the secret weapon of the band is in my opinion his ex-wife Kelly Kneiser who’s voice blends perfectly with Joey’s in all the right spots. The way she finishes the verses and fills out the chorus is reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac I want to say, but also of Merle Haggard’s early recordings with Bonnie Owens.

Now I already compared them to Fleetwood Mac, well that’s not really a very good comparison, but there is certainly some elements of that in there. In fact I find it hard to pin point an easy comparison for Glossary, there are many obvious influences such as Tom Petty and Thin Lizzy, but there is no one influence that shines above the others…they just sound like….Glossary. And that is truly the mark of a great band.

Now you folks know I would rather let the music speak for it’s self, so here are a couple tracks below. The tracks I chose are the steel guitar workout “Bend With The Breeze”, and my favorite off the album “Pretty Things”. I’m a sucker for sweet soul music and Pretty Things has that southern rock country soul thing down in spades. One other thing I would like to mention is I love how the album is sequenced like a great album should be. I know it’s not available on vinyl but it is sequenced perfectly for the 33 1/3 format. Side one would be packed with mostly rockers but ending with the soft ballad “The Sweet Forever”, and side two kicking off hard and fast with “Bend With The Breeze” only to wind you down slowly until the final lines of the sublime “Hope and Peril”. This is truly a great album with not a single bad song on it. One of my favorites of the year.
Buy Glossary – Feral Fire here or on iTunes

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Glossary – Bend With The Breeze

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Glossary – Little Things

Official Site | Twitter Facebook

Glossary – Visulite Theater (Charlotte, NC) 2/23/10

I’ve held off on posting this because I didn’t think the sound quality was up to standards. That is, it sounds like a bootleg…you know what I mean. However after listening to it a couple times, I fell in love with it much like I have fallen in love with their latest Feral Fire. It’s the kind of record that starts out in 5th gear and just gets better from there and is one of my favorite albums of the year so far. Now Glossary have been the subject of two recent Free Music Alert posts, and both free downloads are still available. Between that and this boot, you really have no excuse not to be familiar with this band. Really one of the best touring rock bands out there. Fans of Tom Petty, Lucero (who they were opening for on this show), Drive-By Truckers, Thin Lizzy, even Fleetwood Mac (whom they do a great cover of  on this one as well) would do well to check this out. Sound is a B, but the performance is a solid A+ and makes getting over the sound quality very easy.

If you recognize that cover image, it’s because I ganked it from a post over at ninebullets that was a review of this very show. Check it out

Download Glossary – Visulite Theatre 2/23/10 here

EDIT: I should also point out that Glossary has just released an honest to god music video for Save Your Money For The Weekend for you viewing pleasure

Free Album Alert: Joey Kneiser (of Glossary) – The All-Night Bedroom Revival

For those who enjoyed the free Glossary album I posted about a few months ago, I’ve got good news. Glossary frontman Joey Kneiser is offering up his brand new solo album for free as well. It’s DAMN good folks, especially to be so free!! As to be expected, this is little quieter, introspective and personal than the Glossary stuff

Here’s a big thanks to Joey and Glossary for offering up free goodies like this!

Download Joey Kneiser – The All Night Bedroom Revival here (you can also still download the Glossary album The Better Angels of Our Natures if you missed it the first time)

Don’t miss this folks. The price is right and it’s fucking good!

Free Album Alert: Glossary – The Better Angels Of Our Nature

So, saved the best for last here. I got hipped to this via an e-mail from one of the fine readers of ATS a little while back. First thing I thought was HOW THEY HELL DID I MISS THESE GUYS! This is really good stuff guys. Very melodic, very twangy, very much something you will not regret checking out.

Here is a what the Glossary official site has to say:

Ten years into their career, Murfreesboro, TN rock denizens Glossary have learned a few things. The band’s latest offering of bleeding heart defiance and optimism, The Better Angels of Our Nature, represents those attributes in both exhibition and execution. Rather than suffer the trappings of the record industry’s broken business model, the latest chapter in Glossary’s long legacy is available directly from the band completely free of charge. No strings attached, no cut corners, no hassle, just a band enthusiastic about what they’re doing. From the opening lilt of “Only Tell Will Tell” to the matter-of-fact declaration of “I’m still holding on to rock ‘n roll” on album closer “Blood On the Knobs,” there’s plenty on Better Angels about which to be excited. Having crashed the Glossary website the day of release due to the sheer volume of downloads, the band’s fifth full-length finds the septet ascending even higher above their simple Southern roots — exploring the beauty, nuance, conflict and contradictions of life in Dixie. The vitality found in these songs transcends whatever medium through which they might be presented, putting Glossary in a position of utmost importance during a cross-section in music’s history. <The Better Angels of Our Nature will also be made available on CD on Oct 23, pressed in a series of short runs featuring artwork courtesy of local Middle Tennessee artists and designers, with a vinyl release to follow in early 2008.

The band is gearing up for a tour with Drive-By Truckers, and are planning a fall release of the album Feral Fire on Lucero’s record label Liberty and Lament.

Download Glossary – The Bettery Angels of Our Nature here