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Show Report Round-Up – Chris Knight, Dave Rawlings Machine, Tom Russell, Firecracker Festival

I have quite a few show reports in the backlog and just thought I would go through and talk about them all in one post. These shows are months old but the main reason for this post is to show some of the vids.

Chris Knight @ Kirk Avenue Music Hall – Roanoke, VA 5/1/10
I was really excited about this show, being my first time seeing Chris Knight. This was pretty much a solo gig, just him on acoustic with Chris Clark on acoustic and sometimes accordion. The opener was a local guy named Corey Hunley who did a damned good job (watch vids of him here & here). The crowd was mostly good ol’ boys and pretty rowdy, this being a Saturday night show and all. I bet 90% of the folks in there were singing the words to every song. The ones who weren’t singing along had likely just started dating whoever they came with. One highlight of the show for me was this accordion version of North Dakota….it was killer. (more Chris Knight vids from that night here)


Dave Rawlings Machine @ Jefferson Center – Roanoke, VA 6/10/10
Another show I was super excited about. This one took place at the larger Jefferson Center which to me is a big venue but most would consider it small. It used to be an old school’s auditorium and the acoustics in there are amazing, even Gillian commented on how well it sounded. I was up in the balcony for this, and I don’t think I was prepared for just HOW GOOD they were gonna be. I mean WOW! They were joined on stage by Ketch Secor and Morgan Jahnig of Old Crow Medicine Show. This was mostly a Dave Rawlings showcase (as the billing implied) but Gillian was there singing those beautiful harmonies the whole time and she did do a couple old favorites (like Miss Ohio). Was surprised that after the show they came out into the crowd and were two of the friendliest and genuinely nicest people I think I have ever had the pleasure to talk to. Definitely go see them if you get a chance. This vid below (of the unreleased song Throw Me A Rope) goes kind of off center because I had the screen off on the cam to cut down on the distracting light and didn’t like looking through the viewfinder the whole time. Even though the acoustics at the show were amazing…they did not transfer as well to the cam. Too far away I guess. Here is another vid of Ruby.


Tom Russel @ Kirk Avenue Music Hall – Roanoke, VA 6/11/10
That’s right, this was the following night and Roanoke is an hour drive for me but how could I skip a Tom Russell show? Again another highly anticipated show. Tom was AMAZING! He was with Thad Beckman who as Tom said, was a master of all americana guitar styles. The crowd at this show was a little different from the one at the Chris Knight show…this one was mostly older folks, and they hung on every word. Rightfully so. Tom loosened up shortly after playing and working the crowd a bit to see what kind of crowd he had…he told great great stories to every song, we all ate it up, and the show was just a real treat. I will definitely go see him any time he comes back through. I took a whole slew of vids for this one but I will only showcase the one for Ash Wednesday below. If you want to see the others, go here.


6th Annual Firecracker Festival @ The Cactus Cafe – Austin, TX 7/3/10
I like to think I lucked into seeing this show, as I never would have known about it had I not asked Betty-Soo on twitter where I might be able to catch her live while I was in Texas. I was actually trying to weasel my way into some private gig I saw she had in Dallas, but so glad she told me about this one. The Firecracker Festival is sort of an annual tradition around the 4th of July at the Cactus Cafe in Austin that features female singer-songwriters. This year was Bettysoo’s first year as the master of ceremonies, having had it handed off to her from Charlie Faye I think (sorry if that’s wrong, I’m going by a memory from over a month ago here). Edit: It was indeed wrong. Abi Tapia was the host from 05-08 and this was Bettysoo’s second year as host.

Bettysoo was the only artist I had heard of prior to the show. The performers were, in order of appearance: Mo McMorrow, Vanessa Lively, Jean Synodinos, Barbara Kay, Bettysoo, and Noelle Hampton. ALL were amazing. As a matter of fact Vanessa Lively, likely the youngest of the bunch, performed a south american song off her latest album that was the most passionate performance of a song I have ever seen. I got that on film too…but you know what…I lost my effin’ camera card. There was no beer involved in that, just pure dumbassery. I did manage to upload one video from the night before I lost the card, and it’s a good one too. It was the last song of the night where everyone got on stage and sang Noelle Hampton’s Hallelujah as a sing-along with everyone out in the crowd (not to be confused with THAT Hallelujah).

I will say I was VERY impressed with Barabara Kay. She used to be one half of the group Timbuk 3 (famous in the 80’s for The Future’s So Bright I Got To Wear Shades). She reminded me of kind of a cross between Lucinda Williams and James McMurtry. Just HUGE energy and talent coming from her. Special mention to the sidemen of the night:  Richard Bowden (who I was told is an Austin staple) on fiddle, Noelle’s husband Andre Moran on guitar, and Bettysoo’s husband Dave Terry on drums.

A note: the above video is the last video you will see from my lost camera. RIP Fujifilm Finepix, you had a good run.

Guy Clark post shut down = Guy Clark news, & more news

  • I was asked to pull down the Guy Clark post because Dual Tone is actually planning to release a proper pro mixed version of that show at some point. Can’t wait for that to come out, and hopefully it will have a DVD with it!
  • The other day I mentioned that Scott Miller was going to be releasing a new song on his site to help fund his new album (similar to what he did with Appalachian Refugee Demos). Well it’s going to be a series of songs and the first, Lo Sienta, Spanishburg West Virginia is now available for $1.49. The Scott Miller newsletter included a great essay about this song which I can’t seem to find on the site. Anyway, just know it’s very much in the vein of the Appalachian Refugee Demos and it’s about a real town called Spanishburg. Hey Scott, how bout next time your drive up to Athens, WV you stop off and do a show in Princeton? Even better drive 30 min. east to Pearisburg and the beer’s on me! (not that we would have any place to drink other than my basement)
  • This is just news I forgot to include in the other days post. The much anticipated new Gillian Welch album is not happening. What? Well we are getting a Dave Rawlings Machine album instead. Can’t say what the difference will be, perhaps dave is taking more lead vocals. Anyway, that album is called A Friend of A Friend and will be out Nov. 17th. Pre-order at Amazon

David Rawlings Machine – Tangiers Restaurant (Los Angeles, CA 10/4/07)

If there is one thing that needs to happen in 2009, it’s that Gillian Welch and David Rawlings need to make a new album. Sure they have been busy producing killer album after killer album, and guesting on killer album after killer album…but c’mon….we sometimes we need to drink straight from the well. It’s been almost 6 years since Soul Journey….in that time they have given us Old Crow Medicine Show to fill the gap, they have toured with Emmylou Harris, Buddy Miller and Patty Griffin, indie darlings Rilo Kiley, recorded a song with Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley) for the movie Bolt, made surprise appearences with She & Him (actress Zooey Daschenel and M. Ward), with the Decemberists, guested on Del McCoury, even Bright Eye’s albums, and toured themselves under the name David Rawlings Machine….hell seems like they have been doing everything but making a new album. Well rumor is we may be graced with a 2009 Gillian Welch album…until that time, here be the most recent show of theirs I have to keep us occupied and remind us of their genius. Sound is a little iffy on this one, but a great boot none the less.
MP3 @ 192 (144MB)
David Rawlings Machine – Tangiers Restaurant

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings – Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 10-6-07

Here’s a nice little Gillian and David set to tide you over till the (finally) put a new album out. Word is have been working on it and on this very show here is a new song (Knuckleball Catcher). You even get to hear a little Emmylou & Gillian harmonizing on this set (God I love it when they do that). I also love the picture I used for the artwork of this. An actual picture from the show as they were preparing to take the stage. Just an awesome picture that evokes all those country rock promo shots from the late 60’s and early 70’s.


Gillian Welch & David Rawlings – Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2007

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings – The Revival Demos

This is a cool little disc of what the Gillian Welch masterpiece album Revival sounded like at one time. To me this sounds like they were channeling alot more Gram than Maybelle, and it makes for an interesting comparison. Some of the songs sound pretty good, but some of them just don’t work well at all. I’m glad they took the minimalist approach to the final album…..either way these are great songs and it’s really hard to mess them up. Just compared to the released album they don’t compare… least not to my ears.


Gillian Welch – Revival Demos

Steve Earle, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings – Sin City (Video Clip)

video from the TV show of the same GP Tribute

Gram Parsons All Star Tribute Sessions

This is a great recording of TV special that was made for the gram parsons tribute album “Return of The Greivous Angel”. Featuring Emmylou Harris as the anchor point around a revolving door of Alt-country & Roots music superstars playing Parsons’ greatest hits, this is a must hear for any fan of Country Rock & Alt Country alike.

Return of the Grievous Angel – Emmylou Harris & Ryan Adams
High Fashion Queen – Chris Hillman & Steve Earle
dialog – John Hiatt & Emmylou Harris
Hickory Wind – Gillian Welch & David Rawlings
Hot Burrito #1 – The Mavericks
dialog – Hiatt & Harris
Sin City – Earle & Welch
100 Years From Now – Wilco*
dialog – Hiatt, Harris, & Chris Hillman
Juanita – Sheryl Crow & Harris
dialog – Hiatt, Harris, Hillman
Wheels – Hillman & Jim Lauderdale
dialog – Hiatt, Harris, Hillman
A Song For You – Whiskeytown
In My Hour of Darkness – Victoria Williams w/All

House band:
Bernie Leadon (mandolin, elec. guitar)
Greg Leisz (guitars, lap and pedal steel)
Buddy Miller (bass)
Paul “Wix” Wickens (keyboards, accordian)
Ethan Johns (drums)


Gillian Welch & David Rawlings – Caleb Meyer

What’s next, here’s a hint

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings – Live and Obscure

Some more acoustic type stuff. This is a collection of live covers from Gillian & David, you may know Gillian from her work on the “O’ Brother” soundtrack, and she also had a bit part in that movie. They are doing their thing here, which is rootsy folk music in the old time style of the Carter Family. Some of my favorite cuts off this are Lefty’s “Long Black Veil”, a killer version of Townes Van Zandt’s “White Freightliner Blues” (they also do Townes’ “Pancho & Lefty), the standard “I’ll Fly Away”, and my favorite off this “Dusty Boxcar Walls”.
I don’t really care for the artwork, but I found it online at this site which also has some more info on this album.
Info on Gillian

Buy her albums here (I would recommend Time The Revelator & Revival)