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Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Well Known Secret (Boston 11-22-76) + Bonus Disc

As promised some more Shakey, as I said before I just can’t get enough of him lately. This one is killer…..great sound (though of course it can’t rival his damn near perfect official live releases), and great set. Discs 1 and 3 are solo acoustic, and discs 2 and 4 are with Crazy Horse. Killer version of Cortez on disc 2 (contender for my favorite Neil Young song) followed by an extended Cinnamon Girl jam that is equally killer. Check out Roll Another Number on disc 3, and the whole shebang is wrapped up with a rollicking Southern Man. This is a killer boot folks.


This thing came with a bonus disc entitled Electric Live in NYC that is a Neil Young and Crazy Horse show from 2 days before this show. A nice treat I gotta say. The sound is not as good but there is a sweet electric version of Helpless at the end that I can’t stop listening to.

MP3 @ 192

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Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks (The New York Sessions)

It’s a Dylan two-fer. Probably my other favorite Bob Dylan album. The story on this is that Bob Dylan recorded the whole album in New York but scrapped most of the songs, then went back to Minneapolis and re-recorded them with his brother. This here be the original sessions.

More info here
and here

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Bob Dylan – Highway 61 Revisited Again (Outtakes)

Here we have some excellent outtakes from one of my favorite Dylan albums. This is good stuff here folks. The accompanying info says this was dubbed off studio acetates. I promised this a while back so just thought I would (finally) deliver.

All you ever wanted to know about Highway 61 Revisited

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Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue – New Orleans 5-3-76

Here is a fantastic little bootleg. A Bob Dylan Rolling Thunder Revue show from 1976 in it’s entirety. The mid 70’s has always been my favorite Dylan era, so this is a special treat for me as well. Plus look at all those guests…..Bob Neuwirth (who assembled the Revue), Roger McGuinn, Kinky Friedman, T-Bone Burnett, Joan Baez, and Dennis Hopper….bet that was a hell of a party.
For some reason I made the covers blue but they came out tan when I posted them….oh well, I think I like the tan better anyway. Don’t like what it did to Bob’s picture on the back cover, but hell I don’t feel like redoing it. Enjoy this guys, cause I know I am.

MP3 @ 192
(I guess now would be a good time to say I plan on making all the shows I post on here @ 192 while if it’s a mix it will still get the 128 treatment… it a new years resolution)

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Drive By Truckers – The Dirt Underneath Iowa 10-18-07

Killer little DBT boot here from there just wrapped up (I think) Dirt Underneath tour. Now if you don’t know, the Dirt Underneath tour was a laid back tour (hence the sit down performances) and featured Soul Session legend Spooner Oldham. There are a few new songs on here worth checking out too, not to mention some seldom heard oldies… my favorites “panties in your purse” and “tails facing up”. Can’t wait for the new album to come out. It’s called “Brighter Than Creation’s Dark” and it’s due to be released January 22nd of ‘08.

Downlaod DBT – The Dirt Underneath I O W A here

The Bottle Rockets – Springfield, IL 7-7-07

Heres a decent Bottle Rockets boot. Starts out with a lot of echo on the vocals, but it smooths out (or you get used to it) after a bit. Cool version of Radar Gun on here too.

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The Gourds/Shiny Ribs – Pickathon 2007

This is really fuckin’ good. The Gourds & Gourds’ side project Shiny Ribs from this past August at Pickathon 2007. Man, I’d never heard of Shiny Ribs, but apparently it’s just what they are calling themselves when they do acoustic shows…..seems like it’s mostly acoustic, might as well be the Gourds. Maybe it’s Kevin Russell’s solo project, I couldn’t ever find any clear info. All I know is there is a song on here that is Kevin Russell solo called War that is so damn good. Also the Gourds have a new album out this year that is also damn good. Download this, if you like it….go buy their new album. It’s called Noble Creatures.

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The Sadies – Live in Brighton 10-26-04

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This is the promised Sadies show with the steel guitar. It’s fair sound quality, definitely listenable, though not the greatest. What makes it special though is the oh so sweet steel guitar mixed in with the Good brothers guitar workouts. Love this set-up for them.

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The Fabulous Johnny Cash Show – Houston, TX 3-14-61

Talk about a rare treat, this one’s for you old time country fans. This is a fantastic recording of a Johnny Cash Show concert in it’s entirety from 1961. Featuring George Jones, and Roger Miller before they became household names, and also features old time country songbird Rose Maddox. The sound of this is incredible considering it’s a bootleg from 1961. Sure there are some hiccups here and there, but overall it’s great. John R. was in fine form this night too, as his set is just how you would imagine a 1961 Johnny Cash concert to sound. This is a must download for any country music fan.
Sorry folk, but I didn’t make a back cover for this, ’cause I wanted to hurry up and just get it up here for you.

Disc 1
01 Johnny Western “When the Grass Turns Green”
02 Johnny Western “It Only Hurts for a Little While”
03 Johnny Western “Ballad of Paladin”
04 Roger Miller “Footprints in the Snow”
05 Roger Miller “Invitation to the Blues”
06 Roger Miller “That’s the Way that I Feel”
07 Roger Miller “Half a Mind”
08 Roger Miller “Tall Tall Trees”
09 Roger Miller “Billy Bayou\Home”
10 Roger Miller “In the Summertime”
11 Roger Miller “Where Your Arms Used to Be”
12 Gordon Terry “Wild Honey”
13 Gordon Terry “Almost Alone”
14 Gordon Terry “Orange Blossom Special”
15 Gordon Terry “The Mule” (clip)
16 (clip) Claude Gray “Start Draggin’ the River for Me”
17 Claude Gray “I Just Want to be Alone”
18 Claude Gray “Family Bible”
19 Claude Gray “I’ll Just Have a Cup of Coffee, Then I’ll Go”
20 Claude Gray “My Son Calls Another Man Daddy” (?)
21 George Jones “Ragged but Right”
22 George Jones “Accidentally on Purpose” (breaks up, not good quality)
23 George Jones & Roger Miller “Ways of the Word, Ways of a Woman”
24 George Jones & Roger Miller “Long Time to Forget”

Disc 2
01 George Jones “White Lightnin’”
02 George Jones “Window Up Above”
03 George Jones “Treasure of Love”
04 Rose Maddox “Down Down Down”
05 Rose Maddox “Kissing My Pillow”
06 Rose Maddox “I Want to Live Again”
07 Rose Maddox “North to Alaska”
08 Rose Maddox “Tramp on the Street”
09 Rose Maddox “Gotta Travel On”
10 Rose Maddox “Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down”
11 Rose Maddox “Philadelphia Lawyer”
12 Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three “Big River”
13 Johnny Cash “I Guess Things Happen That Way”
14 Johnny Cash “Rock Island Line”
15 Johnny Cash “Instumental” (?)
16 Johnny Cash “Five Feet High and Rising”
17 Johnny Cash “I Got Stripes”
18 Johnny Cash “Folsom Prison Blues”
19 Johnny Cash “I Walk the Line”
20 Johnny Cash “Lead Me Father”
21 Johnny Cash“Ballad of Harp Weaver”
22 Johnny Cash“The Rebel Johnny-Yuma”, spoofs of Ernest Tubb, Eddy Arnold,
and Elvis, gunshots!
23 Johnny Cash “Luther’s Boogie”
24 Johnny Cash “Goodbye Little Darling”

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Todd Snider – Ohio River Valley Folk Festival 5-19-07

You want more Todd, you’ve got it. This is one you can listen to with the kiddies, probably the cleanest Todd Snider show I’ve ever heard. He cleans up all the songs and even comments on it during a couple of songs (“if worms had daggers, birds wouldn’t….act so overly aggresive towards them”). Makes for an interesting listen, and doesn’t really take that much away from the songs. I actually respect that he cleaned his show up due to the large portion of children in the audience…..I think that shows alot of class. There are some pretty good stories on here too, and the sound is fantastic.
Todd Snider – Ohio River Valley Folk Festival