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Free Music Alert: Centro-Matic/South San Gabriel 24-Song Sampler

This came via Centro’s twitter feed and I haven’t been able to find any other reference to it so I will just re-post what they said:

FREE DOWNLOAD! Centro-matic & South San Gabriel 24-song sampler. Please share with your friends!

Get it here, and check out their new album The Candidate Waltz | twitter | facebook

[EDIT: link repaired]

Free Music Alert: Misra Legacy Compilation Vol. 1

Got a bunch of free music alerts to post throughout the week here. First up is this compilation from the recently re-launched Misra Records featuring tracks from Misra’s back catalog chosen by artists such as Patterson Hood, The Lemonheads, Deer Tick, and many others.  Song choices include tracks from Phosphorescent, Centro-matic, Mendoza line, Great Lake Swimmers and more.

info, streaming audio, and the download can be found here

Centro-Matic (with Jason Isbell) – The Mercy Lounge, Nashville TN August 24, 2007

I know I’ve got some Centro fans out there, this ones for you guys. This is pretty interesting, Centro-Matic with Jason Isbell on guitar. The sound is very clear, very good, and I’m sure you Centro fans will eat this up. Jason Isbell fans, there’s not really much on here for you guys, as these are all Centro-Matic (I.E. Will Johnson) songs. But it makes an interesting listen none-the-less.
Jason and his band The 400 unit are currently touring with Centro-Matic. They both have put out good albums this year. Isbell’s “Sirens of the Ditch” and Centro’s EP “Operation Motorcide“.
Centro-Matic (with Jason Isbell) – The Mercy Lounge

Old 97’s/Funland – Stoned/Garage Sale

Continuing on with the old Centro stuff, here is a split 10″ single from 1995 of Old 97’s and Funland. Now most of you guys who come to this blog probably know who the Old 97’s are, but who the hell are Funland? Well Funland were Peter Schmidt(vocals/guitar/bass), ClarkVogeler (guitar), Mike Hosty (slide guitar) & Will Johnson (drums/background vocals). That’s right, Funland was Will Johnson’s band prior to Centro-Matic. Also worth mentioning is that guitarist Chuck Vogeler went on to join the band Toadies (after Possum Kingdom), and Peter Schmidt is a thriving solo artist in Texas.
So this is supposedly Old 97’s first split 10″ single (released after Hitchhike To Rhome) and they teamed up with their good friends Funland and they decided to cover each other’s songs. So what you end up with is Old 97’s doing their song “Stoned” and Funland’s “Garage Sale”, and Funland doing their song “Garage Sale” and Old 97’s “Stoned”. Their take on “Stoned” is pretty good too, so fans of Old 97’s, Centro-Matic, & Will Johnson will want to check this out.

MP3 @ 128
Old 97’s/Funland

REQ: Centro-Matic – Line Connection Aim

As promised, Centro-Matic’s out of print 1997 cassette “Line Connection Aim”. Now I don’t like this one near as good as the other one, but there are some cool songs on it like the beatlesesque “Most Everyone Will Find”, “The Little Guitars”, and “Nothing Could Be Better”. I love how you can hear the phone ringing in a few spots too.
Oh, and a correction from the other post….I said they were one of Patterson Hood’s Favorite bands…..well apparently they are his favorite band. You can read all about it on their myspace page (linked below).

  • 1. The Injury Specialist (2:15)
    2. Nothing Could Be Better (3:57)
    3. Huge In Every City (4:10)
    4. Sure Grip Maximum (1:52)
    5. The Massacre Went Well (1:29)
    6. Most Everyone Will Find (2:00)
    7. If We Had Our Say (3:09)
    8. They Tell Us That They’re Loaded Out (2:15)
    9. The Little Guitars (1:39)
    10. Line.Connection.Aim (2:57)
    11. Say Something (95 Frowns) (3:28) (There’s a nice write up about them by Patterson Hood on there)

MP3 @ 192


REQ: Centro-Matic – Non Directional Jetpack Race

Okay, this is Centro’s first right here. From a cassette released in 1995, it has been long out of print…..but luckily for us has been floating around the internet for a while. Centro-Matic is led by the prolific Will Johnson (who has a thriving solo career) and the entire band is in the side band South San Gabriel (for the quieter stuff). Actually Centro-Matic itself could be considered by some a side project for Will Johnson but I guess that depends on who you ask. Now I don’t know much about Centro, just that they are one of Patterson Hood’s favorite bands and that they lean more towards the “alt” side of alt country. But these two out-of-print early albums (the other one will be next) are pretty decent, and hint at a band on their way to something good.

  • 1. Scoreless Tie #2 (4:02)
    2. Fall Of The Scenester Girl (3:28)
    3. Quart Date (2:17)
    4. Slip Away (2:31)
    5. My Supermodel Girlfriend Gone AWOL (2:12)
    6. Caught Between Us (2:33)
    7. Misunderstanding Surplus In The Getaway Car (3:16)
    8. Hit The Sky, Hit This Guy (2:56)
    9. My Test (4:16)
    10. Livingston (3:38)
    11. Unnamed (0:55)
    12. Ride It Out (1:16)
    13. The Execution Of Some Sixty-Odd Drummers (2:05)
    14. Fan In My Car [Baboon] (4:46)
    15. Sack Of The Gorgon Empire (3:44)
    16. Vincent Goes Important (2:46)
    17. Pretty Wholesome Is The Eggplant II (3:24)
    18. We Are Wrecking This Show (3:27)
    19. Keep The Phoenix In Slow Motion (2:50)
    20. A Common Display (3:58)
    21. Calling Up The Bastards (2:22)
    22. Call The Legion In Tonight (3:04)
    23. The Day Of The Rock Show (Curb Your Turbulence) (2:27)

Goodbye Nashville, this is for you…..if you would post the new one I would greatly appreciate it.

MP3 @ 192