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Buddy Miller – Merlefest 5-1-05

Got this one with the artwork and all (love it when that happens). This is a nice little set, although the drums are a little heavy in the mix at the beginning. Really it’s hard to go wrong with Buddy Miller though, and on this set he’s got a full band behind him so some of it gets a little more rockin’ than usual. Buddy is a highly underrated artist in a sea of underrated artists. Cool version of “That’s How I Got To Memphis” on here too.

Buddy Miller – Merlefest 5/1/05

Buddy & Julie Miller – Portland, Oregon 8-31-02

Here’s a really, really good show from husband and wife team Buddy & Julie Miller. The notes that came with this say this is actually a show that Buddy gave to a fan, that’s pretty cool if you ask me. Also in the notes it says that this disc is in memory of Anna Aviles who died of cancer, and was the fan that Buddy gave this show to.
Give it a listen, it’s really good. If you don’t know who Buddy or Julie Miller is, well Buddy is probably more famous as a producer and Julie is his wife……they are both damned good singers & songwriters too. They put out a damned good album together in 2001 that is essential, along with various solo albums each. (You can find some of their solo studio work on the 1990 – 2000 samplers below :P )


Gram Parsons All Star Tribute Sessions

This is a great recording of TV special that was made for the gram parsons tribute album “Return of The Greivous Angel”. Featuring Emmylou Harris as the anchor point around a revolving door of Alt-country & Roots music superstars playing Parsons’ greatest hits, this is a must hear for any fan of Country Rock & Alt Country alike.

Return of the Grievous Angel – Emmylou Harris & Ryan Adams
High Fashion Queen – Chris Hillman & Steve Earle
dialog – John Hiatt & Emmylou Harris
Hickory Wind – Gillian Welch & David Rawlings
Hot Burrito #1 – The Mavericks
dialog – Hiatt & Harris
Sin City – Earle & Welch
100 Years From Now – Wilco*
dialog – Hiatt, Harris, & Chris Hillman
Juanita – Sheryl Crow & Harris
dialog – Hiatt, Harris, Hillman
Wheels – Hillman & Jim Lauderdale
dialog – Hiatt, Harris, Hillman
A Song For You – Whiskeytown
In My Hour of Darkness – Victoria Williams w/All

House band:
Bernie Leadon (mandolin, elec. guitar)
Greg Leisz (guitars, lap and pedal steel)
Buddy Miller (bass)
Paul “Wix” Wickens (keyboards, accordian)
Ethan Johns (drums)