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Bottle Rockets doing Radar Gun on Conan circa 1995

Check this out…I had forgotten how weird we all dressed in 1995. Great performance too

From The Archives: Brian Henneman – Live Solo 10-10-01

Another request, I haven’t listened to this in forever and just listened to it. Man some great acoustic Bottle Rockets, great sound to this one too. If you missed this the first time (way back in June of ‘07) you are going to want to grab this. Some skips in Welfare Music, but that’s how I got it folks. If anyone has a clean version of that track (it’s obvious it’s skipping from the rip-job) please send it to me and I will update the zip file.

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Coffee Creek – Cicero’s Basement – June 11th, 1992

It’s time for the site to get back to what it does best, which is post killer bootlegs, and this Coffee Creek is one I’ve been meaning to post for a long time.

If you are not familiar with Coffee Creek, they were the side project of Uncle Tupelo & Brian Henneman of The Bottle Rockets (of course this was before he formed that band). The band went by the name Coffee Creek so they could play their favorite dive Cicero’s again, as Uncle Tupelo had become such a draw they had outgrown the venue. The band played all covers, and mostly classic country. Vocal duties were primarily handled by Henneman and Farrar, with Tweedy singing the CCR song “Wrote A Song For Everyone”. The band only played 4 shows over the course of 3 years and the project dissolved when Uncle Tupelo itself dissolved in 1993. As we all know, Tweedy formed Wilco, Farrar & Heidorn formed Son volt, and Henneman formed The Bottle Rockets. According to Uncle Tupelo fan site, the band was thinking of recording an album prior to the split, but the only official recording is a cover of Hank Snow’s “Movin’ On”¬†for the compilation 20 More Smash Hit Explosion something or other.

If anyone has a copy of that, I would love to hear it!

MP3 @ 320
Download Coffee Creek – Cicero’s 6/11/92 here

The Bottle Rockets – Hard Times (Vid)

Here is a killer in-studio version of one of the songs off the new Bottle Rockets album Lean Forward

The Bottle Rockets – Dust and Wrath Demos (1990)

The final in the Bottle Rockets Demo Trilogy. This one is from 1990 and features a few songs that will be familiar to B-Rox fans. The majority of these however however have never been released officially. Shame too cause there are some good songs on here.

As I said earlier, The Bottle Rockets have a new album entitled Lean Forward due out early next month (Aug. 11th to be exact). And if you are interested at all in reading about the history of Henneman and The Bottle Rockets, I found the wikipedia article to be the best (most of it was copied verbatim from
Happy 4th y’all
MP3 @ 192

The Bottle Rockets – Brian Henneman Demos (1991)

The second Bottle Rockets demo of the trilogy I will be posting. Kind of a followup to the Uncle Tupelo demo trilogy. This one is Brian Henneman backed by Jay and Jeff from Uncle Tupelo. Really cool banjo version of “Wave That Flag” on here with what I’m assuming to be Jay Farrar on the banjo.

MP3 @ 192
Bottle Rockets – Brian Henneman Demos

The Bottle Rockets – Brooklyn Side Demos

You didn’t know it, but you’re smack dab in the middle of a 4th of July post extravaganza here at A Truer Sound. And well, what’s else says 4th of July better than bottle rockets? Unfortunately these bottle rockets here won’t blow your thumbs off, only rock your socks off. This is a demo that I am not really sure where I even got. I can’t find any info on it but it’s a great demo of one the seminal Alt Country albums The Brooklyn Side. The demos here are a more subdued affair than the rocking Brooklyn Side, but very very cool, and quite a few unreleased songs. Really love the little intros to the songs too….such as the intro to I’ll Be Comin’ Around where Henneman explains the song is the result of listening to too much fleetwood mac while thinking about his friends girlfriend. Really love the last song on this thing “Gravity” as well. Don’t know why it has never made it to an official album.

The Bottle Rockets have a new album titled Lean Forward due out Aug. 11th by the way, and have just filmed a live DVD due out sometime soon. Read about it here

MP3 @ 192

The Bottle Rockets – Springfield, IL 7-7-07

Heres a decent Bottle Rockets boot. Starts out with a lot of echo on the vocals, but it smooths out (or you get used to it) after a bit. Cool version of Radar Gun on here too.

Dead Link

A Truer Sampler 07 – The Bottle Rockets

OK, we’re having a 4th of July blowout on Bottle Rockets!! The Bottle Rockets are the band of former Uncle Tupelo roadie/member Brian Henneman. He formed The Bottle Rockets just before Uncle Tupelo broke up and they actually opened for them on their final show (which I will be posting sometime soon). So in that respect, The Bottle Rockets are another band formed in the wake of Uncle Tupelo…..Son Volt, Wilco, & The Bottle Rockets…..the Big 3. Of those 3, the B-Rox are probably the most straigtforward rock band…..mid west style roots rock that is, and their first 3 albums are among the best in the whole genre of this thing somebody decided to call alt-country. Check out the song ‘Radar Gun’, one of my favorite songs of theirs off their 1995 masterpiece “The Brooklyn Side”. If that don’t make you a fan, well maybe ‘Welfare Music’ will, off the same album. The B-Rox are still going strong too, still touring, still putting out albums, check the links below.
Buy Their Stuff Here
ATS07 – The Bottle Rockets

Brian Henneman (of the Bottle Rockets) – Live Solo Oct. 10th, 2001

I got a request for some live Bottle Rockets, well I’ll get to that, but here is a killer Brian Henneman solo show. Brian Henneman is the leader of the Bottle Rockets, and he writes all their songs…..he also used to play with Uncle Tupelo and is all over Wilco’s first album (you know the one that doesn’t completely suck :P ). The Bottle Rockets are a great band, and if you’re not familiar with them, I will be doing a sampler of them here soon. This is also a good intro to them, though it’s not quite as rockin’ as they can be.
On this boot Henneman runs through some of my fave BoRox songs….particularly “Idiot’s Revenge” & “Perfect Far Away”…..not to mention “1000 Dollar Car”, “Wave That Flag”, & “Turn For The Worse”.
Brian Henneman – Live Solo 10-10-01