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Celebrate WV day with a freebie from Big Bullet Records

Was reminded that today is West Virginia day, the anniversary of the day those non-slave owning bastards decided if Virginia can secede from the US, then by-god they can secede from Virginia. Best way to celebrate besides snorting pills off your dead gramma’s head? How about downloading the awesome new sampler from West Virginia’s own Big Bullet Records. Featuring killer new tracks from former Fox Hunt member Matt Kline, current Fox Hunt Member John Miller, The Demon Beat, and a great cover of one of my favorite songs Rock, Salt and Nails by Fox Hunt/Demon Beat side project Prison Book Club. Not to mention all the other great artists one here, digging the Right As Rain track especially.

Preview/Download Big Bullet Records: Terminal Ballistics Vol. 2 here
and Terminal Ballistics Vol. 1 here

Free Music Alert: Big Bullet Records – What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Big Bullet Records is a favorite here at A Truer Sound, they are a fairly new record label out of northern West Virginia, and they always have something interesting worth checking out. Here we have a free valentines day compilation (I know, I know it’s over a fucking week late…..but it’s still good).
Now this is not typical “alt-country/americana” fare but I love Big Bullet Records and there is bound to be some crossover on some of this stuff. I mean I know some of you guys are into the punk stuff and who doesn’t like a good cover song anyway?
Highlights on here include Greg Loftus’ version of Nirvana’s “Molly’s Lips”, a listenable version of the titanic theme song by a band called The Goddamn Hills that sounds like it could be a Ryan Adams outtake, and thestripped down exile-on-mainstreet-esque version of “I Just Want To Make Love To You” by The Demon Beat and Dandelion Snow.

Download Big Bullet Records – What’s Love Got To Do With It? here

(Poke around the Big Bullet Records site for other free download offers)