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Free Music Alert: The Black Keys vs Big Boi – The Brothers Of Chico Dusty

Ok, this one is WAY different than most of you would expect from this site, but I know I got some Black Keys fans on here and likely some Outkast fans…I would like to think so anyway. Alot of you folks have to be open minded about music or you never would have found this site in the first place. Plus it’s my site so I can post what the shit I want :)

What this is, is a mashup of some songs off the incredible new Black Keys album Brothers (if you haven’t heard this album WTF is wrong with you, best rock album of the year by far), and some songs of Outkast member Big Boi’s latest The Son Of Chico Dusty. The result is nothing short of spectacular and must be heard. Give it a listen/download here