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Looking Backwards: 2010 (Peter Case)

Really really dug Peter Case’s appropriately named album Wig!, here is a killer vid of him doing New Old Blue Car in the studio

Looking Backwards: 2010 (Guthrie Kennard)

Guthrie Kennard was new to me, and Matchbox hit me like a ton of bricks, really dig this album and think it’s one of the best of 2010. Here is a little mini doc on the album

Looking Backwards: 2010 (Ray Wylie Hubbard)

No secret I’m a huge Ray Wylie fan, this is another killer vid from the Music Fog crew of Ray performing Drunken Poet’s Dream off A: Enlightenment, B: Endarkenment, Hint: There Is No C

Looking Backwards: 2010 (Otis Gibbs)

This is the official video for Kansas City off Joe Hill’s Ashes…a great fucking album

Looking Backwards: 2010 (Justin Townes Earle)

Harlem River Blues has really hit me these last few weeks, and this performance from letterman featuring Jason Isbell on guitar is so, so fucking good!

Looking Backwards: 2010 (Kasey Anderson)

Kasey’s Nowhere Nights was one of the strongest albums of the year and his best to date. I thought he had done some videos for “I Was A Photograph” which is certainly the song of the year 2010 (more on that later), but I did find this equally killer vid from the incomparable folks over at Music Fog of Sooner/Later

Looking Backwards: 2010 (The Sadies)

Here is the official video for the song Cut Corners off the Sadies psychedelic masterpiece Darker Circles

Looking Backwards: 2010 (The Black Keys)

Awesome video from what I think is the best rock album of 2010. This is The Black Keys with Tighten Up

Looking Backwards: 2010 (Glossary)

So this is the official video for Glossary’s “Save Your Money For The Weekend”

Glossary – Save Your Money for the Weekend from Stewart Copeland on Vimeo.

Looking Backwards: 2010 (The Fox Hunt)

Ok, as promised…a series of vids from each of the albums I listed as my favorites. These will get posted every hour throughout the day today.

here is The Fox Hunt doing It Suits Me on Mt. Stage