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The Backsliders – Live in Chapel Hill, NC 1997

Man I love the hell out of The Backsliders. Matter of fact in the mid to late 90’s there were primarily 5 bands that ruled my world…..The V-Roys, The Backsliders, Red Star Belgrade, Southern Culture On The Skids and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. 3 out of 5 of those bands were from what I called the “Chapel Hill scene”, the scene that produced now famous acts like Ryan Adams and Ben Folds. With that said, now would be a good time to note that this is The Backsliders from Raleigh, NC…for some reason no one told the other 3 bands who decided to call themselves The Backsliders that the name was already taken by a much better band.

The Backsliders to me are pretty much theĀ epitomeĀ of rowdy barroom honky tonk rock and roll. Great songs, great vocals, killer playing with perfectly overdriven twang….the kind of music that just makes you want to grab a cheap beer with one hand and a cheap woman with the other and shake your ass the best way you know how (cheap beer helps). This is a pretty decent recording (though there seems to be a ton of reverb) of a great show. Highlights include killer guitar leads with liberal use of the wammy bar, kicking some asshole called Paco out of the club right before Hey Sheriff, and the super obscure Radio Birdman cover to close the show. This is just damn fine music people, download it.

The Backsliders split up in 1999, but frontman Chip Robinson (@TheRudestCat) has a new solo album out this year called Mylow (you should have heard the title track on the spring Truesounds), that is worth checking out if you dig this (listen here).

Also worth noting is Backsliders guitarist Brad Rice went on to perform with Son Volt, Tift Merrit, Whiskeytown, Ryan Adams, Jason Boland & The Stragglers, Cory Morrow, Peter Case, and most recently, on the upcoming Shinyribs album by Gourds frontman Kevin Russell.

MP3 @ 192
Download The Backsliders – Live in Chapel Hill, NC 1997 here

Random news: Ransom Pride Trailer, Todd Snider Book, Chris Knight Pre-Order, etc…

Just some random tidbits here:

  • Last Rites of Ransom Pride (outdated and non-representative of the real movie) trailer is now online and viewable, this is the movie that stars Kris Kristofferson, Dwight Yoakam, and script by Ray Wylie Hubbard (more info on the site) EDIT: According to Judy Hubbard this is not the trailer for the movie, rather a scene that was shot last year to drum up support for the movie. The real movie is set to debut at this year’s Toronto Film Festival in September. More info here. Here’s to hoping an official trailer comes out soon.
  • Todd Snider divulged in a recent interview with Paste that he is working on a book based on his infamous stories. Said he gave the writer Dennis Cook a copy of the Moondawg’s Tavern boot, a few phone numbers, and told him to find the “real story”. Book is going to be called “Almost Everything I Say Is True
  • Chris Knight announced The Trailer Tapes II will be released this September, but….BUT!…you can pre-order now and get an immediate download & get the physical CD in the mail (some have already gotten their’s, and early reviews are that this thing is as good as the first Trailer Tapes)
  • Good news for you Backsliders fans out there. Chip Robinson (lead singer of The Backsliders) has a new one coming out in November on Red River Records called Mylow, which can also be pre-ordered and they will feature custom packaging, signature, and early shipment
  • Speaking of, Red River Records is run by Kasey Anderson, who has announced an EP of four additional songs taken from the session for his Way Out West album released earlier this year. EP will be available on August 25th, and pre-orders get access to an exclusive bonus track

The Backsliders – Southern Lines (Out of Print)

You wanted more Backsliders…you got more Backsliders. This is their final album from 1999, and while not as good as it’s predecessor it’s still damned good. This is another group I wish would get back together (take a page from Blue Mountain’s book guys) and put out a killer album. As mentioned in the comments section of previous backsliders posts, there are numerous bands who have this band name. A blues band from Texas, a rock band from Australia…but to me, the Backsliders will always be a BAR BAND FROM NORTH CAROLINA!!


Out Of Print: The Backsliders – Throwin’ Rocks At The Moon

So I think I’m going to start throwing up some…what I’m calling out of print classics, starting with this one. This was The Backsliders, from Raleigh, NC’s first full length album from way back in 1997, and buddy it’s a good one. Fans of the Bottle Rockets, and just loud twangy bar band country rock will surely enjoy this one. Standout tracks: the title track, Hey Sheriff, Paper Doll World, Last Train, If you Talk To My Baby, Broken Wings, and hell just about the whole damned thing.

1. My Baby’s Gone
2. Throwin’ Rocks At The Moon
3. Lonesome Teardrops
4. Crazy Wind
5. Paper Doll World
6. Last Train
7. If You Talk To My Baby
8. Hey Sheriff
9. If I Was King
10. Broken Wings
11. Cowboy Boots



The Backsliders – From Raleigh, North Carolina EP

Had some interest in The Backsliders a while back, so here’s a nice little out of print EP….a live EP I might add. It’s damned good too…..short but sweet. Features one of my favorite songs of thier’s (which was only released on this EP) “Yep!”. Also features their classic “Hey Sheriff”…..overall this is a killer EP from a great little forgotten band.

1. The Pain Of Love
2. Number 5
3. Lexington Avenue
4. Hey Sheriff
5. High Fashion Queen
6. Yep!


The Backsliders – From Raleigh, NC EP

Buick MacKane (AKA: Alejandro Escovedo) – Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC 10-16-97

I’ve always been a fan of Alejandro’s more rockin’ stuff…..which is typically live. Well in the mid 90’s, he formed a side band specifically to “rock out” so to speak…that band was called Buick MacKane (and you will find no strings here). Named after a T-Rex song, they deliver. Alejandro squeezes every perfect not out of his guitar and reworks some of his famous solo songs. This is a damned good boot, and if you’re not very familiar with Alejandro Escovedo, download this….It’s a killer show….twangy, loud, country-rock. This was recorded at the Cat’s Cradle outside Chapel Hill, NC and they were opening for Son Volt (wouldn’t that have been a killer show). His little brother sings a few songs towards the end, and then Chip Robinson & Brad Rice of the Backsliders join them on stage for a rollicking rendition of Powderfinger.
Download Buick MacKane – Cat’s Cradle here