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Movie Night: Pilot Episode of Austin City Limits w/ Willie Nelson

I thought this was insanely cool, so had to share it. From Oct. 7th, 1974….the first episode of Austin City Limits featuring…who else…Willie Nelson. So glad this show is still on even though sometimes they feature artists that make me scratch my head…still one of the best music shows on TV.

Watch the full episode. See more Austin City Limits.

Steve Earle – Austin City Limits Festival 9-15-07

I guess some of you may have been wondering what that last post was all about…..well it was foreshadowing man! Here we have a super fresh Steve Earle boot from less than a week ago. Pretty interesting too, as the first half is mostly solo and older stuff (and features and excellent tribute to TVZ at the beginning I might add). While the second half is stuff off his upcoming album “Washington Square Serenade” and feature his wife (Allison Moorer) on a couple tracks, and a DJ providing backbeats on almost all of them. That’s not as weird as it sounds either, it actually blends in with the songs pretty well, and before you know it, you forget it’s there. I do love the fact that the DJ is named appropriately, “DJ Duke” :) .
Steve Earle – ACL Festival 2007

Old 97’s – Live Mix

This 2-disc set is comprised of a full concert at the Crocodile Cafe on May 29, 1999. Their full Austin City Limits set from Jan. 26, 1998, and a few tracks from the Gypsy Tea Room on an unknown date which are primarily Buck Owens covers. The highlight here is definitely the Austin City Limits set which is all songs from Too Far To Care. The Crocodile Cafe concert is good in it’s own right, as I think the songs off Fight Songs sound much better live than in studio.
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Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Billy Joe Shaver, Kimmie Rhodes, & Kris Kristofferson – Outlaw Country Live From Austin TX

In Honor of my favorite show on saturday nights, I present to you a recording of one of my favorite episodes of Austin City Limits.

Recorded in 1996, this honky tonk supergroup gave us a performance much like what you would expect this gathering to sound like on any one of their front porches. They sit around joking singing songs back and forth, trading licks….trying to one up the next guy. Highlights on this disc include well all of it, but specifically the middle part where they play a game of one upmanship with spiritual songs, the all-together sing along of “on the road again”, and my favorite…..Waylon’s “I’d have been out of jail”. Give it a listen or two.

Austin City Limits

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