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Adam’s House Cat (AKA Drive-By Truckers) – Live at Nuci’s Space December 1, 2006

Adam’s House Cat was the VERY early incarnation of Drive-By Truckers which included current DBT members Patterson Hood, & Mike Cooley. They reunited for this show which was a benefit for Sabina Hartley-Burke and this is probably the only place to hear these songs unless you have one of the original demo tapes from back in ‘89.
This is a nice little acoustic set which features Hood, Cooley, & DBT drummer Brad Morgan. Rumor has it that the as yet unreleased Adam’s House Cat album from 1990 may see the light of day this year. We can only hope. Until then if you are like me and crave more DBT this will have to tide you over. There are a couple of killer Patterson songs on here like “Troubled Waters”, “Runaway Train”, and “6 o’clock Train”. Also some equally killer Cooley songs like “Three on the Tree”, and a stripped down version of “Women Without Whiskey”. But the real prize here is the stories which give a great insight into the beginnings of Drive-By Truckers.

Disc One:
01) Intro
02) Cemeteries
03) Cancelling Dates
04) Troubled Waters
05) 6 O’Clock Train
06) Buttholeville
07) Three On The Tree
08) Elvis Presley Stole My Car
09) Picture Of Elvis Cured My Cancer
10) Uncle Frank
11) Runaway Train

Disc Two:
01) Child Abuse
02) Love Really Sucks
03) One Of These Days
04) Long Time Ago
05) Women Without Whiskey
06) Lookout Mountain
07) E:) Airplane Screams
08) Tornadoes
09) Shut Up And Get On The Plane

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Ryan Adams – Live at Das Haus October 17, 2006

Ryan Adams also has a new album coming out in a month or so, so here is one of his live shows. Pulled from, this is a REAL laid back show even though he has a full band behind him. If you’ve never heard Ryan sing “Magnolia Mountain” you need to give it listen…..great, great version with some sweet, sweet pedal steel. This recording is very “Grateful Dead-like” with some slowed down versions of “To Be Young” and “Kiss Before I Go”. This is not the rousing honky tonk of Jacksonville City Nights but it has it’s place. I especially love the sweet, sweet pedal steel throughout all the songs (did I already say that :P ). Nice version of “Let it Ride” to finish it off too.
Disc 1:
01 Intro
02 Magnolia Mountain
03 > Hallelujah
04 Blue Hotel
05 To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High)
06 New York, New York
07 She Wants to Play Hearts
08 Chin Up, Cheer Up
09 Freeway to the Canyon
10 Harder Now That It’s Over
11 [Fade Out]

Disc 2:
01 [Fade In]
02 Damn Sam (I Love a Woman That Rains)
03 Easy Plateau
04 Peaceful Valley
05 Trouble On Wheels
06 Firecracker
07 Why Do They Leave?
08 A Kiss Before I Go
09 Dear John
10 Cold Roses
11 Bird Song [Jerry Garcia]
12 > Wild Flowers
13 Let It Ride

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Scott Miller – Live at Smith’s Olde Bar Jan. 29, 2004

I’m getting pumped up for his new live album that comes out in a couple weeks so I’ve been listening to alot of his shows over at and here is one of my favorites. Sound Quality on this one is excellent. This one has a cool version of “Miracle Man” on it, other highlights include “Daddy Raised a Boy”, “Only Everything”, “Pull Your Load”, Roger Miller’s “Train of Life”, the civil war epic “Highland County Boy”, “Loving That Girl”, the V-Roy’s “Cry”, Neil Young’s “Homegrown”, “I Won’t Go With You” and of course “Amtrak Crescent”

Disc One:
01 Daddy Raised a Boy
02 Anything That’s Rock & Roll (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) ->
03 It Didn’t Take Too Long ->
04 Anything That’s Rock & Roll [Reprise] ->
05 Raised by the Graves
06 Amtrak Crescent
07 Second Chance
08 Yes I Won’t
09 Miracle Man
10 Ciderville Saturday Night
11 Pull Your Load
12 Chill, Relax, Now
13 Only Everything [solo]
14 Highland County Boy [solo, Scott @ drums]
15 Across the Line

Disc Two:
01 Train of Life (Roger Miller)
02 Dear Sarah
03 (I Want to Build A) Jumbo Ark (Nick Lowe)
04 Cry
05 Loving That Girl
06 Goddamn the Sun
07 Is There Room on the Cross for Me?
Encore One:
08 I Won’t Go With You [solo]
09 Homegrown (Neil Young)
10 Absolution
Encore Two:
11 The Rain [solo]
Encore Three:
12 Won’t Get Fooled Again (The Who)


Some More Live Shows (Dale Watson, Wayne Hancock, Sean Reefer, Hank III)

Well, I haven’t had a chance to up anything lately so to tide you over here’s a few more live shows from These are some hardcore honkytonk sounds right here (well at least ’til you get to Hank III’s second set).

Dale Watson – At Murphy’s April 6, 2005

Dale Watson tearin’ it up at Murphy’s in North Carolina. Some of my favorite tracks off this are “Ain’t A Cow In Texas”, “Truckin’ Queen”, the classic “That’s Country My Ass”, and his take on “Fox on the Run”……there’s a lot of great truckin’ songs on this set too. If you don’t know who Dale Watson is, he sounds kinda like Junior Brown…..but a lot rowdier and more whiskey…..You know that scene in blues brothers where they play at the honky tonk with the chicken wire and the beer bottles flyin’…….Dale Watson would have been the house band for that place.

Wayne Hancock – At The Continental Club Sept. 20, 2003

This is a great set from Wayne “The Train”. Give it a listen to find out how he got that nickname. This is pure honky tonk music…..bass fiddle and all. This is the guy Hank III got his country act from. If you like Hank Williams, you will like Wayne Hancock.

Sean Reefer & The Resin Valley Boys – At The Continental Club April 24, 2004

Have you ever wondered what Hank Williams would have sounded like if he sang about smokin’ dope instead of drinkin’…….well now you know. If you like Hank III (the country version) and Wayne Hancock….there’s a pretty good chance you’ll like this. This also kind of reminds me of BR5-49, so if you like them check this out. They do some pretty mean Hank covers too.

Hank III – At The Lincoln Theatre April 8, 2006

This was the last show of his tour last year and III goes all out on this one…….he sounds ROUGH on this one boys…..I mean I ain’t ever heard him sound like this. His voice is on the verge of being shot….either from all the touring, 5 shots or rot-gut whiskey, or he just took a monster bong hit of the sticky icky……probably all three. Anyway this is a great set, probably my favorite I have heard from him, and I have heard alot……really raw… June says to Johnny in Walk the Line……”Sharp like a razor, steady like a train”.
The first set of this is where he shines….I’m not too big on his hellbilly and assjack stuff……but the country stuff is so good I’m willin’ to overlook it.
Hank III sounds just like how you would expect the bastard grandson of Hank Williams to sound.

Some Live Shows (Hayes Carll, DBT, Corb Lund)

Here’s a few of my favorite live shows over at

Hayes Carll – At the Continental Club Jan. 21, 2006

If you haven’t heard Hayes Carll, then you owe it to yourself to check this guy out. Hands down one of the best singer-songwriters I have heard in years. In the vein of Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, Ray Wylie Hubbard, & Buddy Miller. The fact that this guy is largely unknown outside of Texas boggles my mind. This guy is the future of real music.


Drive-By Truckers – At Smith’s Old Bar May 1, 2004
A nice little acoustic set from the truckers from 2004 featuring then new songs from “Decoration Day”


Corb Lund – At Cheatham Street Wharehouse Nov. 30, 2006
Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans hail from Alberta Canada and are putting out some of the best country you can get now adays. This show was a double bill with Hayes Carll (his performance is also available on archive) and just like him it’s a damn shame more people don’t know about him. Some of my favorite cuts from this show: Roughest Neck Around, Hurtin’ Albertan, and Time to Switch to Whiskey.