Old 97’s – Wreck Your Life

So in keeping with the theme of Alt-Country classics, I present the Old 97’s 1995 masterpiece “Wreck Your Life”

Standout tracks include: Victoria, Doreen, Dressing Room Walls, Big Brown Eyes, Bel Air….there is really not a bad cut on this one. It also includes my favorite Old 97’s song and one of my favorite songs of all time “The Other Shoe”. Enjoy

EDIT: Download Link Removed

Son Volt – Trace

So my first album on here might as well be the one from which this site takes it’s name from……that’s right, the Alt-Country masterpiece that is known to you and me as Trace.

This is a fantastic album and a great intro to this type of music. Standout tracks: Windfall, Tear Stained Eye, Ten Second News, Out of the Picture, Too Early, Drown…..pretty much the whole thing.

EDIT: Download Link Removed

First Post

well Hi Y’all, I’m new to this but thought I would throw my hat in the ring.

This blog will be dedicated to country music that doesn’t suck. None of that pop country bullshit you hear on the radio.