A Truer Sound is a southwest Virginia located music blog. We* cover all music we like, but specifically music with strong roots.

Email: truersound@gmail.com

Review policy:

We try to listen to everything we get and post things we like. It’s a lot to go through though, so don’t get offended if your stuff isn’t featured or even if your email goes unanswered. Albums or songs we dig will either be featured in a full review post, a combined “album review roundup” post, or used on a mixtape/sampler. Materials for review can be emailed digitally, sent to ReviewShine, or if you wish to send physical media, email for address.

Music Hosting Policies:

All individual MP3s, mixes, and samplers are hosted for 6 months. Bootlegs/Out of Prints/Rarities will either be hosted indefinitely or for 6 months, and sometimes both. If you have a problem with something I have posted or hosted, please just shoot me an email to let me know.  If a link has expired on something you wish to download, just leave a comment on that post letting me know and I will add it to the pile of things to re-host.



(* By “we”, I of course mean me and my dog Roxie)

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