Sleazefest ‘94

Ok, this one is for RYP @ Twighlightzone. If you haven’t checked his sight out, and you like trashy, surfy, twangy, garage rock sounds…..then you really need to check it out. Anyway, this is the official CD recording of the inaugural Sleazefest in Chapel Hill, North Carolina which took place late August 1994. Organized by Rick Miller of Southern Culture on The Skids as an answer to all the “lollapalooza” and “woodstock ‘94″ type festivals happening that year, he assembled a who’s who of trash rock, rockabilly, and garage rock, called it Sleazefest, and held it at a local BBQ joint. Just listening to this you can tell this must have been one hell of a party, and I guarantee you there was more than one guitar neck covered in BBQ sauce fingerprints before this was over. Here is a link to more info, pics and the liner notes.

  1. Hang Up – The Strychnines
  2. Hitch – Chrome Daddy Discos
  3. I Got Your Number – The Woggles
  4. My Baby Likes To Boogaloo – The Woggles
  5. Boo Boo The Cat – Hasil Adkins
  6. Head On The Wall – Hasil Adkins
  7. Class With A Capital K – Hillbilly Frankenstein
  8. High Class To Trailer Trash – Hillbilly Frankenstein
  9. Intermission
  10. Red Roses – The Subsonics
  11. Shady Side Of The Street – The Subsonics
  12. I Made You A Clown – The Subsonics
  13. Pneumonia – The Bassholes
  14. You’re Never Gonna Be Alone – Dexter Romweber
  15. Hurricanes A-Comin’ – Dexter Romweber
  16. Vamp Camp-Patina In Em – Family Dollar Pharoahs
  17. Shake It Some More – Santo’s Helpers
  18. Mudbuggy – Southern Culture On The Skids
  19. Hubcap Hunch – Southern Culture On The Skids & Hasil Adkins
  20. Leaves In Autumn – Hasil Adkins

MP3 @ 192


  • AG

    September 21st, 2010


    Hey All, could you repost this CD! Would love to finally hear it; it’s a tough one to track down. Thanks!

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