Old 97’s/Funland – Stoned/Garage Sale

Continuing on with the old Centro stuff, here is a split 10″ single from 1995 of Old 97’s and Funland. Now most of you guys who come to this blog probably know who the Old 97’s are, but who the hell are Funland? Well Funland were Peter Schmidt(vocals/guitar/bass), ClarkVogeler (guitar), Mike Hosty (slide guitar) & Will Johnson (drums/background vocals). That’s right, Funland was Will Johnson’s band prior to Centro-Matic. Also worth mentioning is that guitarist Chuck Vogeler went on to join the band Toadies (after Possum Kingdom), and Peter Schmidt is a thriving solo artist in Texas.
So this is supposedly Old 97’s first split 10″ single (released after Hitchhike To Rhome) and they teamed up with their good friends Funland and they decided to cover each other’s songs. So what you end up with is Old 97’s doing their song “Stoned” and Funland’s “Garage Sale”, and Funland doing their song “Garage Sale” and Old 97’s “Stoned”. Their take on “Stoned” is pretty good too, so fans of Old 97’s, Centro-Matic, & Will Johnson will want to check this out.

MP3 @ 128
Old 97’s/Funland

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  • [...] Next we have the Funland version of the Old 97’s song Stoned. They give the song a bit more of a punk edge, and features Centro-Matic’s Will Johnson on drums. Off the long out of print Stoned/Garageland split single (that you can get right here) [...]

  • [...] Per this a.m.’s heads-up, the band — last seen ’round these parts headlining Homegrown in downtown Dallas last month — will be joined by the Old 97′s, Pleasant Grove, the Quaker City Nighthawks and Somebody’s Darling. For starters. More acts will be added in coming months. But I do like the 97′s on that bill. Shades of 1995, when the 97′s and Vogeler’s former band, the late-great Funland, split the “Stoned/Garage Sale” single down the middle. (Don’t remember that. Well, now you do.) [...]

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