REQ: Centro-Matic – Line Connection Aim

As promised, Centro-Matic’s out of print 1997 cassette “Line Connection Aim”. Now I don’t like this one near as good as the other one, but there are some cool songs on it like the beatlesesque “Most Everyone Will Find”, “The Little Guitars”, and “Nothing Could Be Better”. I love how you can hear the phone ringing in a few spots too.
Oh, and a correction from the other post….I said they were one of Patterson Hood’s Favorite bands…..well apparently they are his favorite band. You can read all about it on their myspace page (linked below).

  • 1. The Injury Specialist (2:15)
    2. Nothing Could Be Better (3:57)
    3. Huge In Every City (4:10)
    4. Sure Grip Maximum (1:52)
    5. The Massacre Went Well (1:29)
    6. Most Everyone Will Find (2:00)
    7. If We Had Our Say (3:09)
    8. They Tell Us That They’re Loaded Out (2:15)
    9. The Little Guitars (1:39)
    10. Line.Connection.Aim (2:57)
    11. Say Something (95 Frowns) (3:28) (There’s a nice write up about them by Patterson Hood on there)

MP3 @ 192


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