REQ: Centro-Matic – Non Directional Jetpack Race

Okay, this is Centro’s first right here. From a cassette released in 1995, it has been long out of print…..but luckily for us has been floating around the internet for a while. Centro-Matic is led by the prolific Will Johnson (who has a thriving solo career) and the entire band is in the side band South San Gabriel (for the quieter stuff). Actually Centro-Matic itself could be considered by some a side project for Will Johnson but I guess that depends on who you ask. Now I don’t know much about Centro, just that they are one of Patterson Hood’s favorite bands and that they lean more towards the “alt” side of alt country. But these two out-of-print early albums (the other one will be next) are pretty decent, and hint at a band on their way to something good.

  • 1. Scoreless Tie #2 (4:02)
    2. Fall Of The Scenester Girl (3:28)
    3. Quart Date (2:17)
    4. Slip Away (2:31)
    5. My Supermodel Girlfriend Gone AWOL (2:12)
    6. Caught Between Us (2:33)
    7. Misunderstanding Surplus In The Getaway Car (3:16)
    8. Hit The Sky, Hit This Guy (2:56)
    9. My Test (4:16)
    10. Livingston (3:38)
    11. Unnamed (0:55)
    12. Ride It Out (1:16)
    13. The Execution Of Some Sixty-Odd Drummers (2:05)
    14. Fan In My Car [Baboon] (4:46)
    15. Sack Of The Gorgon Empire (3:44)
    16. Vincent Goes Important (2:46)
    17. Pretty Wholesome Is The Eggplant II (3:24)
    18. We Are Wrecking This Show (3:27)
    19. Keep The Phoenix In Slow Motion (2:50)
    20. A Common Display (3:58)
    21. Calling Up The Bastards (2:22)
    22. Call The Legion In Tonight (3:04)
    23. The Day Of The Rock Show (Curb Your Turbulence) (2:27)

Goodbye Nashville, this is for you…..if you would post the new one I would greatly appreciate it.

MP3 @ 192


  • Ernie

    June 5th, 2013


    as of this writing (2013-06-05) all links are dead, including the torrent. would love to get this, can’t find it anywhere. — recent will johnson addict.

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