Free Music Alert: Big Bullet Records – What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Big Bullet Records is a favorite here at A Truer Sound, they are a fairly new record label out of northern West Virginia, and they always have something interesting worth checking out. Here we have a free valentines day compilation (I know, I know it’s over a fucking week late…..but it’s still good).
Now this is not typical “alt-country/americana” fare but I love Big Bullet Records and there is bound to be some crossover on some of this stuff. I mean I know some of you guys are into the punk stuff and who doesn’t like a good cover song anyway?
Highlights on here include Greg Loftus’ version of Nirvana’s “Molly’s Lips”, a listenable version of the titanic theme song by a band called The Goddamn Hills that sounds like it could be a Ryan Adams outtake, and thestripped down exile-on-mainstreet-esque version of “I Just Want To Make Love To You” by The Demon Beat and Dandelion Snow.

Download Big Bullet Records – What’s Love Got To Do With It? here

(Poke around the Big Bullet Records site for other free download offers)

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