Album Review: Kasey Anderson – Nowhere Nights

Here is a review I’ve been needing to write for a while now. The album, released on Kasey’s own Red River Records comes out next Tuesday but has been available via pre-order for some time now and includes a download card so you can listen to the songs early. I would recommend picking up the vinyl as it’s wonderfully pressed and sounds oh so good (you will also get a download card with that as well). The album is also available right now via iTunes.

Now, I’ve had this album for quite a while….actually I have had it so long that when I listen to the album now all the songs have that type of familiarity that only great albums offer after repeated listening. Now, I know a lot of bloggers and writers like to shy away from easy comparisons, not me. I embrace the easy comparison. Matter of fact I think the easy comparison is great for letting potential fans know that “hey, I might dig this”. With all that said, the obvious easy comparison for Kasey is Steve Earle. I’m talking fresh out of prison and kicking ass Steve Earle, not “I’m holding onto the last few hairs on my head and  hate republicans” Steve Earle.  Matter of fact, I bet ol’ Steve wishes he would have written a song about the Iraq War as potent and inspiring as Kasey’s “I Was A Photograph”. Which I’ve mentioned multiple times on here, and I still think it is not only the stand out track on this album, but the song of the year (I’m calling it right now!).  I will post this link again, because it is a story that needs to be read : Story of I Was A Photograph

But wait, that’s just one song…..and well worth the album price, but lucky for us Kasey saw fit to put 10 other killer songs on this thing.  The other songs on the album share a common theme of leaving and trying to find one’s place. There is a good reason for this, as the album was written while Kasey was in the midst of moving from his longtime home of Bellingham, Washington to spend a year in Germany (from which he just returned). The opening track, aptly titled Bellingham Blues sets the tone for the whole album and states “This ain’t ever been my home/I woke up here one morning and 15 years were gone”.  Later in the album on the title track  Nowhere Nights he sings “I used to walk around like they built the damn town up around me while my back was turned”….man I love that line.

Now I know journalists are supposed remain objective, but fuck it, I’m not a journalist and I never claimed to be. Me, I’m a blogger and more importantly a music fan. As a music fan I love Kasey Anderson’s music. As a blogger I have forged somewhat of an online friendship with Kasey. Most of you know he is one of the bloggers over at, and some of you may have interacted with him on Twitter or Facebook as well. Judging by his online self, he is one of the nicest musicians and folks you could ever have the pleasure to meet. He is also one of the most prolific online motherfuckers I believe I have ever seen. He has so many blogs and sites that I can’t even keep track. I do know that he deleted his old blog which is a shame because it had a song by song write-up for Nowhere Nights, which you are going to want to read after you listen to these songs. Kasey, if you are paying attention, put those posts back up!

Listen to Kasey Anderson – Bellingham Blues here
Listen to Kasey Anderson – From Now On here

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Additional note: Look for some Kasey Anderson live stuff that will be posted tomorrow

  • Eli

    February 9th, 2010


    awesome, looking forward to the live stuff…..I write over at Twangville and couldn't agree more about being a fan, not an objective critic

  • David

    February 10th, 2010


    I can't wait to get this album. I am new to Kasey and everything i'm taking in is just blowing me away about this guy. Looking forward to the live stuff as well.

  • Rockstar Aimz

    February 13th, 2010


    I swear to Hank's Ghost that I did not read your review before I wrote mine. Dammit.

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