From The Archives: The Meat Purveyors – Live on KUT 2002

Here’s another I got a request to re-up because the sharebee site is malicious. This is a really good set. Anybody who likes bluegrass will surely dig this.


How would I describe The Meat Purveyors, well “frantic lesbian bluegrass” is my favorite way to describe it. These guys are good, damned good. They take traditional bluegrass and add just the right amount of punk abandon to it. And did I mention they can play……some damn fined instrumentalists. Anyway, give it a listen if you dig bluegrass. Even if you don’t dig bluegrass, give it a listen, they just might convert you.
Fans of “The Gourds” & “Bad Livers” will probably dig this as well.
MP3 @ 320
Download The Meat Purveyors – Live on KUT
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