Guy Clark – The Belcourt Theater (Nashville, TN 9/23/09)

So as most are probably aware Guy Clark has an album that just came out called Someday The Song Writes You. I haven’t spent much time with the album but I really like the lead single The Guitar. Really cool song about finding a guitar of destiny in an old pawn shop. This show here is Guy Clark running through all the songs on the new album, and a few old standbys. The sound is about a B+, nowhere near as good as the Keepers Outtakes, but still damned fine and worth listening to if you are interested in his new album. For a well written review of this show, look no further than No Depression’s own Peter Blackstock who was in attendance for this show. And here is another review from fellow blogger Too Much Country who was also at the show.

Download removed per request (see here)
  • Martin Luther Presley

    June 23rd, 2010


    I just listened to this one again (I fortunately got it in time) and hope Dualtone is still going to release it. Guy Clark is my favorite songwriter of all time (along with TVZ) and while I don’t like the latest album as much as the couple of ones before that I still think it’s pretty damn good. As far as I’m concerned Hemingway’s Whiskey is one of his best ever and The Guitar and Maybe I Can Paint Over That are further favorites.

    Anyway, I never liked Keepers too much (exaggerated for dramatic reasons), I don’t like the bass playing in particular. So it’d be great if there was an alternative official live release.
    Oh, I almost forgot about ACL. That’s a good one, too!

  • Samantha Vallar

    April 6th, 2012


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