Slobberbone – Crow Pot Pie (Original Version)

Slobberbone’s first album Crow Pot Pie is no doubt a classic in the Alt-Country genre. It has all the hallmarks of a great Alt-Country album, twang, crunchy guitars, rough vocals, punk rock edge, country rock sensibilities, songs about drinking and death… That album came out in 1996 on Doolittle Records, and has since been re-released on New West (who purchased Doolittle Records) in 2003.

This here is the original version of that seminal album, recorded a full 2 years prior and with a slightly different line-up (drummer Tony Harper and singer Brent Best being the only members on both versions). This version also features a slightly different cover, same picture but the Slobberbone logo and album name location are different. The music itself is slightly different as well, just a little rougher around the edges and with a differing track order. Not to mention a few songs omitted or replaced on the 1996 version.
The band recorded the album and distributed it themselves hoping to garner up support for gigs and maybe some radio airplay. The disc gained the attention of Doolittle and the rest as they say is history. Since 2 years had passed since the original recording, and the line-up had changed, the band decided to re-record the album for Doolittle, and that’s the one that became the 1996 version….the now classic album Crow Pot Pie.

(the tracklist on the version I have differs slighty from what is listed on the Slobberbone website, I have left it as I recieved it)
Slobberbone disbanded in 2005 with most band members reforming as The Drams. However the band is currently in the midst of a Reunion Tour (although I think today is the last date….for now…)
MP3 @ 192
Slobberbone – Crow Pot Pie (Original Version)
  • Midwesterner72

    February 26th, 2010


    Please fix the link to the Dunk You In The River track! Thanks for posting this. This version of Shoot You Dead absolutely makes the Doolittle version sound lame by comparison. Freakin' killer, man! LOve the unreleased tracks, too, and the early versions of the Barrel Chested songs.

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