Kris Kristofferson – Live in Hultsfred 2004

Ok, on to some “thinking man’s” country, or rather, some “working man’s” Dylan.

Kristofferson is a living legend, a man who can put more story, power and emotion into a 3 minute song than most novelists can put into 300 pages. This set is an intimate, low-key, acoustic affair. Just Kris, an acoustic guitar and those lyrics….ahhh man, those lyrics. Really hard say much about this other than Kristofferson is on, the crowd is great, and it’s killer. It’s just something you need to listen to….especially on this sunday morning coming down. Download it.
Kristofferson has a new album coming out at the end of the month called Closer To The Bone. You can pre-order it on that link. Can’t wait for it! Kris will also be appearing in the upcoming Ray Wylie Hubbard scripted movie Last Rites of Ransom Pride.
And thanks to my buddy (and Kristofferson fanatic) Jan for sending this my way many months ago.
MP3 @ 128

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