Guest Post: Waffles The Shape of Texas: A High Noon Saloon Compilation

If you guys have been keeping up, you know that I recently did a guest post of a covers compilation over at High Noon Saloon. Well I asked Dangerbird if he would like to return the favor and he did so with a covers comp of his own!

Lots of not just songs but artists that were new to me. Favorite discovery off this is Death Cab For Cutie doing Fortunate Son. I never have checked out Death Cab For Cutie, because….well I thought the name was horrible (I know, lame coming from someone who loves bands named Wrinkle Neck Mules & Drive By Truckers), and I just assumed they were some kind of Fall Out Boy band (though I’m not sure I know what they sound like either). Also loving this Nirvana song on here…..never heard it before.
Looking at the cover Dangerbird made for this, makes me wonder where one might find a waffle iron shaped like Texas…..cause that is fucking sweet!
Here is Dangerbird’s writeup:

Following on from the success of the first Smothered, Covered & Peppered compilation, A Truer Sound offered me the opportunity to respond with a compilation of my own. I loved Smothered… so much I thought I’d stick with the theme. Now, waffles aren’t as common in Australia as they are in the States – indeed late night takeaway is restricted to but a few isolated cafes in the cities – but I do love me a good cover.

I too stuck with predominantly newer artists doing classic tracks from a bygone era, with a few notable exceptions. For example, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott is by no means a ‘newer’ artist, though he is making a bit of a comeback after a half-decade on the folk circuit.

Followers of High Noon Saloon may recognise some of these tracks from previous mixtapes (Calexico’s version of ‘Tulsa Telephone Book’, Hank III’s ‘Atlantic City’). I make no apologies for including them again, as it’s tracks like these that have informed High Noon’s direction.

Raise a glass!

1. Wagons – I’ve Never Been To Spain (Orig. by Hoyt Axton. Made famous by Elvis Presley)
2. Mike Noga & The Gentlemen of Fortune – Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You (Orig. by Bob Dylan)
3. Todd Snider – Maybe You Heard (Orig. by Kris Kristofferson)
4. Calexico – Tulsa Telephone Book (Orig. by Tom T. Hall)
5. Whiskey Folk Ramblers – Ramblin’ Man (Orig. by Luke the Drifter, a.k.a. Hank Williams)
6. Wilco & Feist – The Jolly Banker (Orig. by Woody Guthrie)
7. Naama Hillman – Ring of Fire (Orig. by Johnny Cash)
8. Vetiver – Standin’ (Orig. by Townes Van Zandt)
9. Dixie Chicks with Ricky Skaggs – Walk Softly on this Heart of Mine (Orig. by Bill Monroe)
10. Ramblin’ Jack Elliott with Lucinda Williams – Careless Darling (Orig. by Ernest Tubb)
11. Old Crow Medicine Show – Union Maid (Orig. by The Almanac Singers)
12. Hank III – Atlantic City (Orig. by Bruce Springsteen)
13. Steve Earle & The V-Roys – In The Jailhouse Now (Orig. by Jimmie Rodgers)
14. Bruce Springsteen – I Ain’t Got No Home (Orig. by Woody Guthrie)
15. Cowboy Junkies – I’m So Lonely I Could Cry (Orig. by Hank Williams)
16. Paul Kelly – Pastures of Plenty (Orig, by Woody Guthrie)
17. Michael Vermillon – Waiting Around to Die (Orig. by Townes Van Zandt)
18. Death Cab For Cutie with Sean Nelson – Fortunate Son (Orig. by Creedence Clearwater Revival)
19. Nirvana – Ain’t It A Shame (Orig. by Leadbelly)
20. Jason & The Nashville Scorchers – Hello Walls (Orig. by Faron Young)
21. Scott H. Biram – Muleskinner Blues (Orig. by Jimmie Rodgers)
22. Ground Components – Jackson (Orig. by Johnny Cash & June Carter)
23. Hater – Blistered (Orig. by Billy Edd Wheeler)
24. Blitzkid – I Walk the Line (Orig. by Johnny Cash)
25. Uncle Tupelo – Sin City (Orig. by Gram Parsons)

Waffles The Shape of Texas
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