Uncle Tupelo – Not Forever, Just For Now (1989 Demo Tape)

Here’s a slice of music history right here. Uncle Tupelo’s last demo tape, assumably the one that got them signed to Rockville (formerly Giant). If anyone has the elusive Colorblind & Rhymeless…..please email me!

So this is very similar to the first UT album, a lot of early versions of those tracks on here. Only a little less polished, a little rougher around the edges. I really like the version of Whiskey Bottle and Screen Door on this thing. I tried and tried to find a picture or something of the original artwork (if there was any) but came up empty handed. I got the pictures used in the artwork from the excellent factorybelt.net. If you want to waste some time peep into the articles section and check out some of the early articles on Uncle Tupelo in there. Also got to love the beer rating article (I liked it so much I put it on the back artwork!).

MP3 @ 192
Uncle Tupelo – Not Forever, Just For Now (Demo Tape)

Thanks to DownSouth who provided me with a scan of the original artwork for this guy, there it is right there. Also want to point out that this demo was the one that got UT labeled Best Unsigned Band in America by CMJ.

  • Jason

    August 16th, 2012


    Hi, just found your download. Love UT. I’d love a copy of the actual DownSouth scan if possible? Also did the Colorblind & Rhymeless demo ever show? Keep up the good work.

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