A Truer Playlist – Sept. ‘12

Here is something new I’m going to try, frequent Spotify playlists of artists I’ve been talking about, just discovered, or maybe I’m just digging at the moment, etc. I know some artists don’t particularly like spotify because it doesn’t pay but neither does radio, and essentially they both are there to serve the same ends…to get your music heard, and into the ears of potential fans, and corporate radio has failed us all long ago in that aspect. So in that spirit, enjoy the following 20 songs, and if you hear an artist you like, I urge you to explore, check their schedule, go to their shows, buy some merch, tell your friends…as the sign says, whatever you gotta do.

Full Playlist:
Someday Sometime – Scott Miller & Rayna Gellert
California Bars – Tim Easton
Chicken Wire – Jonathan Byrd
Homegrown Tomatoes – Ray Wylie Hubbard
Hello Cruel World – Gretchen Peters
Poor House – Great American Taxi
410 – Rod Picott
Blue Truck – Larry Hooper
Muddy Waters – If Birds Could Fly
Levi – Old Crow Medicine Show
Hobo Lullaby – Tim Barry
Slither – Mandolin Orange
West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown – Todd Snider
Pour ‘Em Kinda Strong – Corb Lund
Jack of Diamonds – Jon Dee Graham
Danville Girl – Old Sledge
1922 Blues – Charlie Parr
Rain And Snow – The Lonesome Sisters
I’ve Endured – Ola Belle Reed
Policeman – Foghorn Stringband

  • O.B. Dan

    September 5th, 2012


    Damn…just when ATS was finally making a serious rebound, along comes Spotify. This requires installing yet another sporadic-use program that brings with it (for some systems) a host of issues.

    Why Spotify?

  • Truersound

    September 6th, 2012


    hmmm, I didn’t realize you would have to have a spotify account just to listen from the little widget. That’s kind of annoying.

    Don’t worry though, there will still be “truersounds” comps, they just likely won’t have any “big names” on them anymore as I will be securing permissions, etc. Going legit is kind of a pain ;)

  • ronny

    September 6th, 2012


    New Corb kicks ass. I love every thing that guy puts out. Thanks for the mix. Don’t go legit…

  • AenM

    September 10th, 2012


    Great playlist. I do hope more will follow.
    But than I’m already a frequent spotify-user.

    Here’s one of mine:

  • O.B. Dan

    September 11th, 2012


    I’m good with the no-names and lesser-names in ATS comps and posts. It’s how I get to hear artists before they roll into town on the bar or festival circuit.

    So…can you re-post this comp in a different server?

  • Chris P

    October 31st, 2012


    I came to your site tonight to see if you joined the spotify revolution. Most of the music I listen to these days is on spotify. I hoped to see a new halloween mix from you that I could stream from spotify. Currently playing the last two.

    I encourage you to at least duplicate your standard mixes on the service.

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