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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few days I’m sure you’ve heard of this open letter that David Lowry has written about the current state of affairs within the music industry, particularly regarding illegal downloading. The letter raises some damn good points, and regardless of what you think about it (there have already been many rebuttals), it has gotten a discussion started that needed to be started. The proverbial elephant in the room if you will.

Now a good bit of this letter hit home as over this past year or so I have become friends with a few area musicians and from that began to question some of my practices in the past. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been about trying to get artists exposure and to turn people on to new music, but I’ve often done so without regard to how the actual artist feels about it. This has posed a moral dilemma for me. On one hand I want to respect the artists wishes, it is their art after all, and on the other I want to give the readers of this site some actual substance.

In the past I have went with a “beg for forgiveness” stance on this. That is, if an artist has a problem with something I have posted, I will gladly remove it, and I have in those instances. Now I am not exactly sure how I will be moving forward but I am going to try to be more sensitive to the artists wishes themselves. Oh damn did I just say “sensitive”, fuck I must be growing up. This is what fatherhood does people!

Look for more on this in the upcoming weeks, and believe it or not I actually have quite a few things I’ve been meaning to post. Likely won’t be any mixes until I sort this out but I will do my best to re-post some of the requested boots.

And I also want to thank you guys for sticking it out with me during these sloooooow days. I’m not gonna make any promises to yall because at this point I’ve broken more promises than a backsliding meth head.


  • Shaun

    August 7th, 2012


    Why not just post your mixes to a streaming site like Rdio?

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