Out Of Print: The Backsliders – Throwin’ Rocks At The Moon

So I think I’m going to start throwing up some…what I’m calling out of print classics, starting with this one. This was The Backsliders, from Raleigh, NC’s first full length album from way back in 1997, and buddy it’s a good one. Fans of the Bottle Rockets, and just loud twangy bar band country rock will surely enjoy this one. Standout tracks: the title track, Hey Sheriff, Paper Doll World, Last Train, If you Talk To My Baby, Broken Wings, and hell just about the whole damned thing.

1. My Baby’s Gone
2. Throwin’ Rocks At The Moon
3. Lonesome Teardrops
4. Crazy Wind
5. Paper Doll World
6. Last Train
7. If You Talk To My Baby
8. Hey Sheriff
9. If I Was King
10. Broken Wings
11. Cowboy Boots



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