Stream the upcoming Old 97’s album Grand Theater Vol. 2

Just gave this a quick skim, and have to say I’m really digging it more than I thought. Lacking the in your face punk punch of the early Old 97’s stuff, but heavy on the honky tonk melody and catchiness the Old 97’s have become known for. Fans of early old 97’s will want to check out the irish drinking ditty White Port. Listen here

[EDIT: what I wanted to say, is it reminds me of Drag It Up crossed with Wreck Your Life]

  • Katie

    June 28th, 2011


    There’s little I like more than the Old 97’s, and in some ways I feel like this one’s a return to form. I don’t know that I think it lacks their early punch– I just think they’ve gotten better at what they’re doing. (Plus Rhett’s vocals on “The Actor” are flat-out MEAN awesome.)

  • mr blur

    June 28th, 2011


    I think it’s punky as all get out. I also think that any of these songs could have been lifted from or added to their first three, all of which I love. way way better than vol 1, which was purty danged good.

  • Truersound

    June 29th, 2011


    It’s nice, I like it. Perhaps poor choice of words and I hastily wrote it. I edited it to say what I couldn’t think of when I wrote it which was what two albums it reminded me of

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