A Truer Easter

Who says songs about Jesus have to suck. Here’s a good set of mostly straightforward gospel songs (mostly). First I want to talk about the cover image I used. Now these three crosses, exactly like those in the picture are all over this area….every road just about you will see them. They first started appearing around here in the mid to late 80’s and there were many local legends about them. These legends state that a local millionaire had a near death experience during which he had a vision of God who told him he would spare his life if he spent the rest of it building these wooden crosses and placing them beside highways. Other parts of the legend state that some folks didn’t take too kindly to these crosses being on their land or near their land or what have you and tried to tear them down. Supposedly one guys tractor suddenly caught on fire, one guy’s boat engine died and he was stranded in a lake. One guy even supposedly had a heart attack whilst trying to remove the wooden crosses. There were also stories of lightning striking them but nothing happening, and them surviving forest fires, floods and hurricanes.
Now I don’t know how true those last parts are, but a little research has confirmed that the man in question was indeed a succesful businessman from Craigsville, WV named Bernard Coffindaffer. He had a heart attack in 1982 which was when he recieved his holy vision and life’s mission. Pretty interesting stuff I thought.

Here is an article about his death in the NY Times

There is even an organization that carried on his mission after his death called “Christian Crosses

Here is some more history about Mr. Coffindaffer

Have a good Easter folks, and in the words of Billy Joe; “If you don’t love Jesus go to hell”

01 Ralph Stanley – Sing Songs About Jesus
02 The Dillards – Somebody Touched Me
03 Johnny Cash – Wildwood in the Pines
04 Ray Wylie Hubbard – When She Sang Amazing Grace (Live)
05 Billy Joe Shaver – Jesus Christ Is Still The King
06 The Byrds – Jesus Is Just Alright
07 Old Crow Medicine Show – God’s Got It
08 Uncle Tupelo – Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
09 Link Wray – Backwoods Preacher Man
10 Tom T. Hall – Me and Jesus
11 The Gourds – Hallelujah Shine
12 Scott H. Biram – Only Jesus
13 Billy Joe Shaver – If You Don’t Love Jesus
14 Slobberbone – Trust Jesus
15 The Meat Purveyors – Working on a Building
16 Jim Lauderdale – I Met Jesus In A Bar
17 Bobby Bare – Dropkick Me Jesus
18 Steve Earle – Elijah’s Church
19 Scott Miller – Is There Room on the Cross for Me
20 Buddy Miller – This Old World
21 J. D. Souther – Jesus In 3/4 Time
22 Dillard and Clark – I Bowed My Head And Cried Holy
23 Earl Scruggs Revue -Gospel Ship
24 Ralph Stanley, Emmylou Harris – Great High Mountain
25 Johnny Cash – It Was Jesus
26 The Carter Family – Let the Church Roll On

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Download A Truer Easter here

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